Oct 31, 2012

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Special Town Meeting Warrant Includes Hockey Rink Studies, Strong Chief Law
On Nov. 15 there will be a Special Town Meeting to discuss and vote on the 22 articles on the Town Meeting Warrant which was approved by the Board of Selectmen last week. Article 5 on the warrant addresses the feasibility and traffic studies on the ...
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Smoke-Free Workplace Laws Provide Blueprint for Prevention
HealthLeaders Media
New studies suggest that workplace smoking bans are proving to be remarkably effective tools for reducing a number of smoking-related illnesses, both among smokers and those affected by second-hand smoke. A study out this month in the Journal of the ...
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Rich people break more traffic laws, statistics show
The Copenhagen Post
Members of Denmark's upper class are far more likely to be charged with a traffic violation than the general population according to a new study by left-leaning economic think-tank AE. The study is based on data from 1985 to the present and collected ...
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Governor Fallin Issues Reminders Regarding New œOpen Carry Law
Governor Fallin Issues Reminders Regarding New œOpen Carry Law. OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Mary Fallin remindeds citizens who plan to take advantage of Oklahoma's "Open Carry" law to study the law and remain in compliance. Under the new law, ...
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Reform law drives up healthcare costs, study says
Costs associated with the health reform law just keep growing, according to a new study from the American Action Forum. For example, the cost of providing subsidies so people can buy insurance continue to increase, rising almost 25 percent since the ...
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Quarterly power price hikes work best: Study
Jakarta Post
Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry director general for electricity Jarman Sudimo said on Thursday that the government was initially given three options to implement a legal mandate stipulated on the 2013 State Budget Law concerning energy subsidies.
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With paychecks, size matters
Los Angeles Times
According to a National Employment Law Project study released in August, the majority of new jobs created in the last two years pay just $13.83 an hour or less. Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz recently said, "Increasing inequality means a ...
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New Wis. law: New drivers can't use cellphones
Janesville Gazette (blog)
A 2010 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 11 percent of all people killed in accidents that involve distracted driving are age 20 or younger. 32 states ban cell phone use by new drivers, the Governor's Highway Safety ...
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Utah law: Disaster no reason to halt election
Salt Lake Tribune
"Seven other states have addressed this issue and given state election officials authority to add flexibility" during disasters, Powell said about a study by legislative staff. "I think Utah ought to study those policies and enact something similar. I ...
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Study on Factors Increasing Health Care Costs
Legal issues complicate efforts to slow spending. Doctors sometimes prescribe tests or treatment out of fear of facing a lawsuit, the report says. Fraudulent billing is another concern. The report notes that laws sometimes limit the ability of medical ...
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Hurricane Sandy Linked To New York's Gay Marriage Law, Claims Rabbi Noson ...
Huffington Post
The American Family Association evangelist sounded off on a controversial study about gay parenting, which claimed to find disadvantages for children raised by same-sex parents. Fischer spoke about the study on his "Focal Point" talk show, labeling ...
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Mexico study: US legalization cuts cartel profits
Charlotte Observer
One is a campaign-finance question that has no force of law, and the other is a revision to little-understood employee protections for state employees. The light ballot is unusual for a state where it's easy to petition onto ballots. Both sides of the ...
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Online vigilantes can slow police investigations, UBC study on Stanley Cup ...
Vancouver Sun
"While we are not able to comment on requests from specific law enforcement agencies, I can tell you that we do work with law enforcement bodies globally to promote safety," she said. Facebook may provide police stored contents of any account — which ...
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Voters tire of negative Senate race ads
Pioneer Press
According to one study, it's almost the most negative Senate campaign in the country. A Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday shows Baldwin's standing has improved in the wake of one of the most negative ads in the race questioning ...
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Law firm cost prediction could improve retention
The Global Legal Post
... slams merger litigation abuse. A new study from the US Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform accused plaintiff lawyers of extracting millions of dollars a year in fees at the expense of company shareholders by challenging mergers in state and ...
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ED GOLDMAN: Another alarming study
Bizjournals.com (blog)
Not just sitting in front of the television, especially if it's on, but also sitting at your desk, at live performances, and, while the study didn't mention it, I'm going to add in front of firing squads and oncoming trains. The study's stunning ...
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Study Committee Approves Criminal Code Recommendations
Indiana Public Media
Greg Steuerwald, who will sponsor the bill in the House, says he expects the General Assembly to pass the law next session. "We still have some finishing touches to make and we hope to have an amendment that's going to be taken to the committee on ...
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Indiana Public Media
Complex Case Law eDiscovery: Is Predictive Coding a panacea?
Broadcast Newsroom
These eDiscovery issues and more are discussed with guest, Shannon Capone Kirk, eDiscovery Counsel at Ropes & Gray where she focuses exclusively on eDiscovery law. Shannon is a ... According to a new study by pixmania.com. British workers spend ...
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Premiere Elder Law Firms Partner to Offer Extraordinary Service to Florida and ...
Law Firm Newswire (press release)
White Plains, NY (Law Firm Newswire) October 31, 2012 – According to a study from the University of Florida, New Yorkers comprise the single largest population of Florida's temporary residents. New York Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Bernard ...
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Law Firm Newswire (press release)
Chilmark selectmen hire group to study Lucy Vincent erosion
Martha's Vineyard Times
The goal of the study is to come up with the least aggressive and most cost-effective solutions to slowing erosion along Chilmark Pond and Lucy Vincent Beach. .... Selectmen also voted to adopt a single tax rate for fiscal 2013, as required by the ...
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Martha's Vineyard Times
Using Myriad as Case Study, Paper Urges Europe to Ensure Greater Access to ...
The co-authors on the paper include John Conley, a professor of law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Center for Genomics and Society; James Evans, a professor at UNC's Department of Genetics; and Dan Vorhaus, an attorney with ...
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The Viking Voice: Barack Obama Bio
He then went on to pursue his academic studies at Harvard, where he became the first African-American editor of Harvard Review Law. In addition to this, he also began teaching at the University of Chicago Law School. The President later on married an ...
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Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley says racial profiling study seeks ...
Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com
It is not easy to discuss race and law enforcement, but absent of those difficult discussions hard feelings continue to prevail, which impedes effective policing and community," the Public Safety chief said. Hadley said Wednesday that if the study ...
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Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com
Sneak Attack
Tucson Weekly
Those are words that come up again and again when confronting the wave of voter-identification laws that has swept through more than 30 Republican-dominated state Legislatures in recent years. The measures sound innocuous enough: When ... But study ...
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Tucson Weekly
Treasurer blasts proposed federal online poker law
Boston Herald
Earlier this year, Grossman convened an Online Products Task Force to study the impacts of the potential introduction of online lottery sales in Massachusetts. The panel reached no conclusion, yet Grossman stressed that protecting the interests of the ...
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Saul Levmore: Monopolies as an Introduction to Economics
Big Think
Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200: Monopolies as an Introduction to Economics Saul Levmore, William B. Graham Distinguished Professor of Law at The University of Chicago In the study of economics, the big questions recapitulate the little ones.
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Same-sex marriage opponent makes outrageous claims
Baltimore Sun (blog)
But Delegate Marshall ignores the law he is sworn to uphold. And why not? In addition to the law of the land, he's also allergic to facts. The New Family Structures Study, which he uses to support his position, has come under scrutiny for slipshod ...
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Report highlights ongoing violence
It found that judges are often not following law and procedure in child contact cases where domestic violence is an issue, with only one in 10 legal professionals saying judges fully comply with court practice in dealing with domestic violence. The ...
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A Guide to California's Law Enforcement Propositions
Voice of San Diego
There is plenty of debate over the issue of cost: A study updated this year says California's death penalty system cost $4 billion since 1978 over what it would have cost to house the prisoners for life. San Diego Connections: District Attorney Bonnie ...
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Uranium Resources Announces Positive Results of Groundwater Study
Except as required by law, the Company disclaims any obligation to update or publicly announce any revisions to any of the forward-looking statements contained in this news release. Investor Contact: Kei Advisors LLC Deborah K. Pawlowski, 716-843-3908 ...
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Charter a successful course
Deccan Herald
... oral/postal tuition scheme imparted by the Board of Studies, are eligible to take the Intermediate Examination. The Examination has the following subjects: Group I: Accounting, Law, and Auditing; Group II: Cost accounting, Income-Tax and Central ...
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Deccan Herald
Drones, My Lai, and Prosecuting the Powerful
Antiwar.com (blog)
A study last month from the Stanford and NYU schools of law found that the drone program is "terrorizing" the civilian population of Pakistan and that it is having a "counterproductive" impact, effectively creating more enemies than it eliminates ...
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LA porn stars have more STDs than Nevada prostitutes
Los Angeles Times
Christian Mann, general manager of Evil Angel Video, said he did not think the study justifies Measure B. He said he believed performers would continue to not use condoms on set, and that the law, if passed, could jeopardize the stability of the ...
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Russia passes a new law on high treason
Agenzia Giornalistica Italia
... converted into law, it needs the already assured signature of President Vladimir Putin. The bill was presented by the Government last month upon the initiative of the FSB, the Russian secret service that succeeded the infamous KGB, after conducting ...
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Glacier County and BTBC officials discuss law enforcement agreement
Cut Bank Pioneer Press
Finally, DesRosier said Bur-lington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) was planning to tear down the Browning depot, but the Glacier County Commis-sioners intervened and re-quested more time to conduct a community study about pre-serving the structure.
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Putting an end to political dynasties
Philippine Star
These brave, and frustrated, petitioners are asking the Supreme Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to compel Congress to enact a law prohibiting and defining political dynasty as provided for in Article II, Section 26 of the Philippine Constitution ...
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Think tank questions same-day voter registration
"No one supports or wants to see something that allows a lot of voter fraud," said Bob Phillips, director of the North Carolina chapter of Common Cause, a nonprofit group that pushed for the same-day registration law. "But this (Civitas study) is ...
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Smoking bans cut hospitalizations
Clinical Advisor
The metaanalysis involved 45 studies evaluating hospitalizations or deaths for smoking-related illness in areas with or without anti-smoking laws, or comparing rates before and after a law was introduced, and included a total of 33 smoke-free laws. A ...
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A Tsunami of Students Hits German Universities
Sacramento Bee
Most popular are still the degree programs: Business Administration, German Studies, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science and Law. The proportion of foreign students is approximately 11%, while the largest group is Chinese, followed by students from ...
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UC Davis MIND Institute gets grant to study brains and ADHD
Sacramento Business Journal
Researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute have received a four-year grant of almost $3 million to study brain development and self-control among teens and young adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Kathy Robertson: Senior Staff Writer ...
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SANOFI : Genzyme Announces Publication of LEMTRADATM (alemtuzumab ...
CARE-MS I and CARE-MS II (Comparison of Alemtuzumab and Rebif® Efficacy in Multiple Sclerosis) are randomized Phase III studies comparing the investigational treatment alemtuzumab to a standard of care MS treatment, Rebif, in patients with relapsing ...
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West Study Aids Now Available Online to all College of Law Students
By Leslie Pardo
West Study Aids are now available online to all Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law students. Gilbert Law Summaries, Concise Hornbooks, Nutshells, Sum & Substance Quick Reviews, Exam Pro Series, and others covering more than 350 ...
Ross-Blakley Law Library Blog
New Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) offered to eligible ...
By a1144849
Adelaide Law School Dean Professor John Williams said this exciting development would enable University of Adelaide law students to seamlessly continue their law studies and graduate studies under the new arrangement. The course ...
Adelaide Law School

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ebookop - so many law study aid materials, but how to log in
http://www.ebookop.com. In this website there are so many study aid materials ( Gilbert, Acing and etc.), I want to download some files from it but it requires a log ...

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MPs find time for a job on the side
It was only a week ago that Clover Moore was kicked out of parliament because Premier Barry O'Farrell passed laws to ensure she and other local councillors could not keep those jobs and also be members of parliament. But a search of the pecuniary ...
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MLive Media Group: Vote no on Michigan's Proposal 2 to keep Michigan ...
A "no" vote is essential to keep Michigan competitive for jobs and investment. Don't believe ads that have been telling you that this proposal is about preserving public safety or protecting the quality of education. That's a blatant misdirection; this ...
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Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor, Cannot Dictate Public Education Policies ...
Huffington Post
The decision overturns -- only as it applies to the state's Department of Public Instruction -- a law enacted last May that gives the governor authority to kill rules proposed by state agencies. The legislation was pass as part of a special legislative ...
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Panelists: Government struggles to explain cybersecurity jobs
Fierce Homeland Security
He said it should be clearer that cybersecurity includes engineering, law enforcement, forensics, legal issues, leadership and other skill sets. The vague definition of the field also prevents students from pursuing cybersecurity as a career, added ...
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BOE - THE BREWERS OF EUROPE : Europe's brewers deplore 160% French ...
... Europe said on Tuesday that a proposed French law to raise the tax on beer by 160%, which passed through the National Assembly on Tuesday and is due before the Senate next week, would strike a death blow to thousands of jobs the sector supports and ...
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Suit claims religious group discriminates against women
Business Management Daily
Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry—a nonprofit that provides job training to veterans—is being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which claims the ministry illegally refuses to provide some kinds of training to women ...
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NC House District 96 candidates: Election is about jobs, economic growth
Hickory Daily Record
... have economic policies that create jobs — so people can buy their own cellphones? That's an example of a government program most people would agree we can do without. But doing away with other programs is more controversial. Under current tax law, ...
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In last debate, Cravaack and Nolan spar over mining, jobs
Minnesota Public Radio
Cravaack said too many regulations are holding up jobs that would come to the Iron Range with new copper-nickel mining projects like the one Polymet has been pursuing for nearly 10 years at a cost of almost $50 million. "I've talked to plenty of people ...
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Murky water law must be cleared up
Our Colorado News
The development would use only a third of the water a comparable project might, while creating thousands of jobs and having a positive economic impact of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Build-out would take about 25 years. That's Harold ...
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St. Louis County Board 3rd District race maintains friendly tone
Duluth News Tribune
Dahlberg, who grew up in Esko, has had two separate political careers, with law school and military service sandwiched between. He served on the Duluth City Council from 1992-95 representing central Duluth. In 2008 he ran against longtime incumbent ...
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Patent Law Jobs by Patently-O: Patent Associate / Agent - Law Firm ...
By Dennis Crouch
Cantor Colburn LLP is seeking an Associate who will be responsible for drafting and globally prosecuting patent applications in the mechanical and electrical arts, as well as occasionally preparing invalidity, infringement, and freedom to ...
Patent Law Jobs by Patently-O
Governor Nixon and Attorney General Koster sell out Missouri jobs ...
The following was submitted by Mark Patterson of The Cavalry Group. The old adage of "its not what you say, but what you do that counts" has never been more poignant than in the last four years of Governor Nixon's administration.
PA Small Business Organizations Fear Crusader Kane
By tim
I tell people I think the philosophy of the attorney general has a tremendous say about the regulatory environment in the state. I also say the job of the attorney general is to keep a level playing field." Kane responded, "I agree that we have to ...
David Freed for Pennsylvania...

Web5 new results for Law Jobs
Ex-Calif. Law School Worker Says She Fudged Jobs Data - Law360
A former employee of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law's career services office admitted to manipulating graduate employment data to make it appear more ...
Despite increase in jobs, wage gap for women continues | Denver ...
After the recent recession, the number of full-time employed women in the workface increased while the pay rate of those.
Job (New York): Officer of Research/Executive Director (Postdoctoral ...
Center for Constitutional Governance Columbia Law School Officer of ... least one year legal employment; prior publications and scholarship an additional plus .
Ex-staffer says she was ordered to pad law school's ... - Lawjobs.com
A former assistant career services dean at the Thomas Jefferson Law School has filed a declaration in a class action against the institution in which she ...
Workers' Comp Claim Rep | Phoenix, Arizona | Insurance Legal ...
Workers' Comp Claim Rep Jobs. Insurance Legal Jobs - Insurance law jobs for attorneys and staff. Post your resume and apply for insurance attorney jobs and ...

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Lawyer Withdraws From Case by Man Claiming Facebook Ownership
New York Times (blog)
The lawyer representing a man claiming to own a substantial stake in Facebook withdrew from the case on Tuesday, just a day after he defended his client in an interview with The New York Times. Federal prosecutors arrested the entrepreneur, Paul Ceglia ...
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New York Times (blog)
Trial lawyers who frequent the Supreme Court also financing pro-justices ads
Orlando Sentinel (blog)
TALLAHASSEE – The three Florida Supreme Court justices had angered lawmakers and voters, embarrassed the high court and faced uncertain futures. In 1975, Justices Joseph Boyd, Hal Dekle, and David McCain were accused of giving behind-the-scenes ...
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Lawyer for NY man suing Facebook wants out of case
Wall Street Journal
BUFFALO, N.Y. — The latest lawyer to represent a New York man in what authorities now say is a fraudulent lawsuit against Facebook is seeking to withdraw from the case. Dean Boland, in a motion filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Buffalo, did not ...
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Referee: Veteran lawyer ran trust account like Ponzi scheme
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog)
But one veteran Milwaukee injury attorney ran hundreds of millions of dollars through his firm's account like a Ponzi scheme, lawyer regulators say, using money from new cases to pay off older clients while stiffing some third parties for months or ...
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Russell Brand is a decent guy, says lawyer suing him for big bucks
Chicago Tribune
LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - Russell Brand isn't as bad a guy as the media is making him out to be, according to the lawyer of a man who's suing the comedian and actor for allegedly hitting him with a car in Los Angeles in January. But that doesn't mean ...
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Lawyer seeks suppression in fatal Maine crash
San Francisco Chronicle
PARIS, Maine (AP) — The lawyer for an Oxford teenager facing manslaughter charges for allegedly causing a car crash in West Parish that killed two friends has filed a motion to suppress statements made to police. A lawyer for 19-year-old Kristina Lowe ...
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Convicted rapist gets new trial over lawyer conflict
Thomson Reuters News & Insight
By Joseph Ax. NEW YORK, Oct 30 (Reuters) - A convicted rapist whose defense attorney simultaneously represented a key prosecution witness in an unrelated civil matter should be granted a new trial, the New York Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday. The court ...
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Thomson Reuters News & Insight
Lawyer Joshua Robinson Loses License for Using a Bat on Client
Opposing Views
(CN) - A West Virginia attorney who beat a client with a baseball bat cannot get his license back without undergoing a psychological evaluation and anger management, the state's Supreme Court of Appeals ruled. The Lawyer Disciplinary Board found that ...
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Opposing Views
Tom Cruise prefers no charges against neighbor, lawyer says
Los Angeles Times
Prosecutors will have the final call whether to charge a neighbor of Tom Cruise with trespassing after he allegedly climbed a fence at the actor's Beverly Hills home. But a lawyer for Cruise said Tuesday that the actor doesn't necessarily think the ...
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The AM Roundup: Sleepy Jurors, Lawyer Bails on Ceglia, More
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Lost another one: Paul Ceglia, the onetime wood-pellet salesman who sued for a 50 percent cut of Facebook Inc, on Tuesday lost another lawyer, just days after federal prosecutors charged him with forging documents central to the case. Reuters ...
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Wall Street Journal (blog)
Lawyer suspended in divorce case; she also awaits trial in clash with cops
Pioneer Press
A St. Paul attorney who got into a scuffle with police at a bar when they tried to arrest her has been disciplined on unrelated matters. The Minnesota Supreme Court put Rachel Lauren Toberman, 31, on indefinite suspension from the practice of law for ...
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Local lawyer appointed federal bankruptcy judge
Indianapolis Business Journal
ADVERTISEMENT. Veteran bankruptcy lawyer James M. Carr of the Indianapolis law firm Faegre Baker Daniels LLP has been appointed to a 14-year term as a bankruptcy judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana. His appointment ...
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Indianapolis Business Journal
Civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson to receive Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human ...
al.com (blog)
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- On Saturday, public-interest and civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson will receive the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award. It will be the latest in a career decorated with awards and praise. But the award won't be the ...
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al.com (blog)
Irving lawyer suggests unusual settlement of John Martin's store bankruptcy
Lewiston Sun Journal
Martin, a Democrat and former speaker of the Maine House, is running for re-election in House District 1, which includes Eagle Lake and Fort Kent. His Bald Eagle convenience store is located on Route 11 in Eagle Lake. Until September, it was owned by ...
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Lewiston Sun Journal
Fiesta Lawyer: Man Wasn't Holding on Right
ABQ Journal
Making his final argument to the jury Tuesday, an attorney for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta contended that a hot-air balloon passenger fell during the 2009 fiesta because he was not holding on properly. An attorney for the passenger ...
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Federal appeals court sends lawyer's domain name dispute back to Lubbock
A federal appellate court has sent a Lubbock attorney's battle with the Texas Department of Insurance over the domain name for an Internet website back to U.S. District Court for more work. And, the court's ruling, released Tuesday, noted attorney John E.
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Doctors, lawyers say Ashley Smith inquest oversteps legal limits
CTV News
In pressing to limit the scope of the Ashley Smith inquest, lawyers for Correctional Service Canada and three Ontario doctors argued the scope of the inquest as proposed oversteps its legal and constitutional boundaries. "The problem is how the inquest ...
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CTV News
Ceglia's latest lawyer withdraws from Facebook civil suit
Buffalo News
Dean Boland says he never saw evidence that Ceglia engaged in fraud as part of his lawsuit, but that didn't stop the Ohio lawyer from becoming at least the fifth attorney to drop him as a client. "It is important to emphasize in the strongest terms ...
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Ecuador to Sue Chevron in Argentina to Enforce Judgment
(CVX) in Argentina seeking to seize company assets in the country to enforce a $19 billion damage award in a lawsuit over pollution in the Amazon rain forest, a lawyer representing the group said. Pablo Fajardo, the Ecuadorean lawyer who represents the ...
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Judge Denies Gag Order for Lawyer of Trayvon's Killer
The judge in the case of Trayvon Martin's killer has denied a request from the prosecution to issue a gag order for the lawyer of George Zimmerman, the shooter. Last week, Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda argued that Zimmerman's attorney ...
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James K. White, Energy Department lawyer
Washington Post
James K. White, 72, a lawyer who retired from the U.S. Energy Department in 2002 as assistant general counsel for fossil fuels, died Oct. 26 at a clinic in Burlington, Mass. He had complications from surgery, said his wife, Catherine Hirsch. Mr. White ...
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Lawyer murder: 'Pallavi knew that the guard used to ogle her'
Indian Express
Lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha, who was murdered at her flat in suburban Wadala on August 9, allegedly by the security guard of the building, had complained to her live-in partner Avik Sengupta about his roving eye. Sengupta in his statement to Crime ...
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Daniel Hynes Publishes Internet Marketing for Lawyers, by a Lawyer
Daniel Hynes, Esq., has recently published Internet Marketing for lawyers, by a lawyer. This guide is a step-by-step process of for lawyers who want to build a successful law practice through internet marketing. The book is available in both print form ...
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Ex-city staffer faces tough questions from Union Montreal lawyer at inquiry
Montreal Gazette
Michel Dorval, the lawyer representing Union Montreal at the ongoing public inquiry, had plenty of tough questions for Martin Dumont, and after about 90 minutes of cross-examination, was able to poke significant holes in Dumont's previous testimony.
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Use new lawyer and sue the brokester
Lake County News Sun
Dear Mr. Berko: When my dad passed away in early 2008, he left our children more than $420,000 in blue chip stocks, including AT&T, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Southern Co., Pfizer, Consolidated Edison, Morgan Stanley and ConocoPhillips, to name a few.
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Francis Koenig's Lawyer Threatened To Sue Me If I Didn't Remove a Three Year ...
Jr Deputy Accountant
Well well. I've been writing this lovely little piece of Internet real estate called Jr Deputy Accountant for four years and for all the shit I've talked about many a well-meaning asshole over the years, I can't believe it took this long to get ...
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Jr Deputy Accountant
Drew Peterson's Lead Lawyer Steps Down
NBC Chicago
An attorney who came under criticism for his handling of Drew Peterson's murder trial is leaving the defense team as it prepares for the former suburban Chicago police officer's sentencing. But who prompted that move depends on which attorney is asked.
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Senior judge Martin McDonald removed from case after threatening lawyer
The Courier-Journal
Senior Judge Martin McDonald has been removed from a death penalty case in which he threatened to strangle a lawyer who called his cellphone and referred to the lawyer's case as "ridiculous," "disgusting" and a "huge waste of time." Kentucky Chief ...
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Chicago Drug Injury Lawyer Says Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Poses ...
Midland Daily News
Chicago drug injury lawyer Patrick A. Salvi today urged vigilance for any patients who received spinal steroid injections or other products from a Massachusetts pharmacy that has been linked to a fungal meningitis outbreak that is impacting victims ...
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Blogs14 new results for Lawyer
"The Takedown Lawyer": Let's Help Marc Randazza Investigate A ...
By Ken
I've been out of sorts of late, riven with the suburban fin de siècle, plagued with ennui, angst, weltschmertz. You know -- moping. There's only so many.
Great cities for young attorneys? - Texas Lawyer Blog - Typepad
By Colleen McGushin
Houston and Dallas are among the top 10 best cities for young attorneys, based on the lawyers' buying power, the legal community's size and the cities' social scenes, according to a survey by The National Jurist, a legal-education magazine.
Texas Lawyer Blog
Lawyer: Man charged with taping toddler's mouth just being 'playful ...
By By Jason Meisner
Andre Curry was in the living room playing with his 22-month-old daughter last December when he grabbed a roll of blue painters tape, bound the little girl's hands and feet together and put two strips of tape over her mouth.
WGN-TV - Chicago Breaking News
Lawyer to fight West Chester's Lady Liberty ruling ...
By akiefaber
The fight to put Lady Liberty back out on a busy street corner in West Chester Township next tax season isn't over. The 12th District Court of Appeals has ruled against Liberty Tax Service's waver, saying West Chester gave the company a fair ...
Why Paul Ceglia's Lawyer Dropped HIm - Business Insider
By Erin Fuchs
Paul Ceglia's ex-lawyer faced his own legal problems.
Business Insider
Federally Convicted of Helping Client Launder $200K, Prominent ...
Still proclaiming his innocence, a high-profile criminal defense lawyer convicted earlier this year in a $200,000 money-laundering conspiracy for which prosecutors said he earned $20,000 was sentenced Wednesday to a three and a half-year ...
ABA Journal Daily News
Lawyer Files Motion to Suppress Statements Made to Police in Fatal ...
The lawyer for an Oxford teenager facing manslaughter charges for allegedly causing a car crash in West Paris that killed two friends has filed a motion to suppress statements made to police. A...
Irving lawyer suggests unconventional settlement of John Martin's ...
By Judy Harrison
BANGOR, Maine — A federal bankruptcy judge has been asked to approve an unconventional proposal to settle more than $300000 in debt that an Eagle Lake convenience store, co-owned by Rep. John Martin, owes creditors. Martin ...
Bangor Daily News
Lawyer for NY man suing Facebook wants out of case - San Antonio ...
Given media coverage of the case, Boland wrote, "it is important to emphasize in the strongest terms possible, that the reasons underlying this request, provided to the court for its review, have nothing to do with any belief by the undersigned ...
National/International Headline...
Human-rights lawyer and author Corban Addison, to speak Nov. 1st
By Jerriann Sullivan
Posted: October 31st, 2012 ˑ Filled under: Events, Global Perspectives, News, Political Science ˑ Comments Closed. Human-rights lawyer and author Corban Addison will speak about abolishing modern slavery at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov.
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Storobin & Spodek LLP Having the Right Lawyer by Your Side in the ...
Press Release issued Oct 31, 2012: People living in New York City, Long Island or Westchester, who are looking for legal representation in a divorce, should definitely select the firm of Storobin and Spodek LLP. They have a nominal fee ...
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That's My Lawyer! - Cheezburger
YOU ARE HERE: Memebase/; My Little Brony/; That's My Lawyer! That's My Lawyer! Tags. Pheonix Wright · vinyl scratch · hold it · objection! Submitted by: ColgateMintyfresh. --. That's My Lawyer! Why can't anyone have someone like this?
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An Ugly Divorce — Bitter Lawyer
By Jeana Brookes
Chinese man divorces and sues wife for concealing pre-marriage plastic surgery.
Bitter Lawyer
Julian Assange's Lawyer Update: lawyers & journalists cannot see ...
By Viral
Julian Assange's Lawyer Update: lawyers & journalists cannot see court documents Follow Luke @ http://www.twitter.com/lukewearechange Luke Rudkowski ran into and got the chance to talk to Michael Ratner, the President of the Center for ...
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Silicon Valley Lawyer to Succeed Ralph Baxter at Orrick
After months of speculation over who would take over from Ralph Baxter as chairman at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, the San Francisco-based firm ...
Stupid Lawyer Tricks (And How the PTO Could Help Stop Them ...
But you don't need a survey or even a lawyer to figure out that no one actually thinks the Village Voice is associated with Yelp because both publish "best of" lists ...

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