Aug 1, 2011

ACEBO and Fruitcrow and f. initiatives presented a strategy pioneered business management patent box

? The Palace Hotel in Madrid, the hosts breakfast meeting this Thursday, March 31,The lawyers of company G mez-Acebo & Fruitcrow and consultant r initiatives f. presentar n this Thursday March 31st in Madrid a strategy pioneered management cesi n of intangible assets (Patent), troubleshooting, which licowanego companies, espa olas identificaci n cuantificaci n the print assets or their costs. Presentaci n tendr provides a working breakfast at the Palace Hotel (Plaza cuts 7, Madrid), 09: 30 h.
Partner of the rea l mez-Acebo & Fruitcrow, Heribert Padrol Attorney and Director of the rea South Europe f. initiatives, Carlos Stockfleth, cheese n responsible for such gesti n cesi intangible assets and an n lisis jur dico, which strengthens a strategy for implementaci n gesti n of these intangible assets. Dobro certificaci n personalised service for every print assets by issuing ad hoc emitir entity certificate confirmed by the national entity (ENAC) Acreditaci n.
Box n-to-patent is adaptaci espa ola European directive legislaci n ― Interest & Royalty ‖ (2003/49/EC), which contains the reducci n or eliminaci n some be deducted on the payment of certain fees for copyright between pa ses Member. Regulatory espa ola develops partial exenci n income derived from certain intangible assets, regulated by article 23 of tax law.
Significant savings Legislaci n prev tax breaks for business and compliance with tax credits for activities of RDI. Espa and Adem s adem s, has already been accepted by Luxembourg, the Netherlands, B lgica, in Ireland and pr ximamente, har of the United Kingdom.

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