Aug 9, 2011

I decided to file for divorce, now what?

Making the decision to divorce your spouse is a difficult one to make emotional. Once you have made this decision, it had about the divorce process.
Basically, two separate processes: divorce Uncontested v. Uncontested.

And the election: divorce and the election is one in which you, your spouse have agreed to all terms of the dissolution of marriage. There are no problems that you, your partner disagree about. In most cases, divorce and the election more cost efficient contested divorce because they don't argue about everything.
First, meet with Attorney you and discuss the terms of the divorce. Your lawyer draft settlement agreement and support for child is required if there are minor children. You, your spouse read and sign the documents. No need to sign the documents at the same time. After everything is signed, your attorney will be filed the divorce papers with superior court clerk. After thirty-one (31) days, the file can be sent to the judge for members. Some provinces have to appear in court to judge your signature Decree of divorce. After the judge signs the Decree of divorce are officially divorced.

Contested divorce: leadership you, your spouse can agree to all terms of the dissolution of marriage. Contested divorce is taking longer, more expensive than the divorce and the election.
The first step is to meet with your lawyer and discuss problems and what you the result you want to see. And then the draft documents and advocate your spouse as is served by the Sheriff. After your spouse as his answer files, the "discovery" in the beginning, for 6 months. During the period of discovery you are permitted to submit your spouse as questions in writing, requesting documents from other parties to the case and ask each other questions a person under oath. Also, during the discovery period, you, your spouse will attend mediation session. If you, your spouse simply cannot reach agreement then you will have a statement that decides a judge and/or jury the terms of your divorce.

This blog is general information only and is not intended to be legal advice. If you need help, contact your divorce divorce attorney Marietta Shalamar Parham j at 678-364-1482.

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