Aug 1, 2011

The judge denied the embargo the goods to the Trustees group Marsans

Commercial Court rejected the mero 12 Madrid n petici n embargo prudential properties to several directors of the former group Marsans to cover assets of EUR 271 million hole is compa and tur stica, seg n indictment, released on 28 March.
Petici n, made by the creditor and the map Tours administraci n bankruptcy affect Carlos Borb n and the two Sicilies, the cousin of the King and Adviser of Reyal Urbis and Cepsa, former Vice President Emilio Banif novel and businessman Rivera Garc a F 2006 Jos.
Tambi n application impact investment Grundisan, Gerardo D az Ferr n heritage society, son of Gerardo D az Santamar and son Gonzalo Pascual, Ignacio Pascual Rivera. Therefore, resoluci n apelaci n remedy within five d DAS.
Judge Ana Mar and Gallego said that "not proven" that the directors knew before signing the draft annual accounts and the tur stica this compa desv os inclu an money to matrix Teinver as pr stamos by 221 million euros.
Judge considers "accredited", seg n documentary evidence, that the Trustees signed on 28 October 2009, the annual accounts and auditor group Marsans and which reflects the est of the alleged irregularities of November 23, 2009.
However, the judge to '' se ala in calificaci n the bankruptcy stage where is "identification of habr" guilty of insolvency. The administrators of bankruptcy have already called for declaring the guilt D az Ferr n and Pascual of the insolvency of a compa.

Despite the rejection of an arms embargo, a judge believes that it does not compare the allegedly irregular operations, the directors of the Marsans group "infringed the fundamental duty of diligence administrator" and who had objected to the annual financial statements, report and proposal gesti n aplicaci n results. "A move that creates no deceit aut ntico law", came in the car.
At the same time, Price Waterhouse Coopers, that the report of the auditor and the Group Marsans elabor, was in the neg of reviews (n) the status of the annual accounts of the aurochs stica compa (a) for the period 2008-2009, 28 February 2009 situaci n.
This and the tur stica company outstanding balances, amounting to EUR 189,6 million, but otorg identity as 212.6 million euros to subsidiary Air Comet and Teinver or Astra. Judge considers as managers compa and deepened their insolvency situaci n presentaci n delay bankruptcy.
The first three advisers (Borb n of the two Sicilies, novels and Rivera) they resigned on November 16, 2009 and the rest on December 21, 2009, when the D az Ferr n and Pascual assumed ntegra gesti n company until its sale in June 2010 Posibilitum Business society, entrepreneur, specializing in bankruptcy after ngelw the same time as the bankruptcy declar.

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