Aug 2, 2011

Misdemeanor Arraignment procedure in Collier County

Many people ask me what to expect on misdemeanor arraignment Collier County, Florida. ?On arraignment, many people accused of crimes, especially ??????? the defendants resolve their cases with plea at arraignment. ?As a criminal defense attorney in your Naples, Florida, I listed you enter plea of not guilty. ?Entering a plea of guilty will not allow me to get the evidence that the country has about your case. ?Within two weeks of the State provide any arraignment reports, witness statements the witnesses all names involved. ?If video exists, I will ask for a copy of it also.

Benefit of a lawyer to represent you on arraignment is that we use in the criminal process to obtain copies of all the evidence in the case. ?Those defendants who resolve their cases with plea arraignment of guilty or no contest has the opportunity to view (and challenge) has never been evidence in the possession of the State of Florida.

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