Aug 3, 2011

Q: can an employer pay for unused vacation time on resignation or termination?

A common question when you have people relative concludes their employment is what happens with their unused, accrued vacation. The answer is: depends. Wisconsin, like every other country, the rule is unused vacation time to be paid on separation of employment unless the employer says it is not policy has to be paid. For example, an employer has a policy (usually the aforementioned employee instructions) States unused vacation pay will be paid if the employee has been closed without having to notify the appropriate week 2, or you may have this policy does not pay the employee vacation time accrued is terminated for cause if you believe you are owed vacation at the end of your employment first consult with the employee's instructions, if you still believe that must pay vacation timeYou may consult with the Attorney of the local employment that can assess whether the complaint with the Wisconsin Department of strength development.

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