Aug 2, 2011

Trial lawyers fought to reduce the national deficit of the United States

As I write this it's Friday night, 30-Jul-2011 and we Americans see, hear, our representatives in Washington to reach some resolution raising the debt ceiling.? This made me reflect on personal injury, medical trial lawyers are a force for malpractice plaintiff reducing national deficit of the United States.? Why?

Every year all we heard that thousands of people injured, killed as a result of medical malpractice.? Many more are injured or killed in accidents, from hazardous products, dangerous situations on the many other events property unsafe circumstances.? Thousands of victims of this type of negligence are the health benefits of the Government, whether they be national or sometimes sick and pollution.? When national was wounded and disease and pollution, guess who pays for all of their medical expenses?? Sure, you and I, the American taxpayers.? When you combine all the pollution and disease national who fall victim of neglect and require extensive medical treatment starting to imagine a huge annual price tag for paying and financing medical care that of someone else's negligence.

Everyone realizes, liability insurance is entirely and protected American society.? From insurance, home owner insurance, hospital insurance, home insurance, nursing and physician insurance and property insurance.? Should this not private insurance payment for medical expenses incurred for negligent act?? Of course.? The problem is that insurance companies usually fight their obligation to pay for accident-related medical expenses arising from a claim of responsibility.? Then when the claim is denied or recycled taxpayers paid more to pay for all the spirit of this Bill the hospital, doctor's bills, bills, nursing home services providers, diagnostic laboratory, bills etc.? These insurance companies are contracted to us taxpayers with huge medical bills which should otherwise by them.

This is the name of the lawyer attempting steps, not only as its client's pursue fair compensation for the injuries of his client, but also secondarily as an agent and quasi State, our nation, the advocate to one huge dividends did hand paid by the Department of health human services through our national pollution programs.? When a lawyer trying to be involved in the case of the beneficiary or national pollution, we are required to inform national, and pollution of our representation.? We meet with the Government to ensure that we are made aware of all medical expenses for the Government (US taxpayers) paid to the person.? We include these expenses compensation claim against the insurance company when the party, who should rightly pay for them.? The successful conclusion of the case, we send money at his disposal and pollution or national Government (US taxpayers) for this money that was paid.? This is a very important aspect of the work that we are lawyers trying to do in fighting injustice and one way we help to contribute to the health of our national economy by ensuring our taxpayers do not pay for medical expenses, for otherwise worthy of private insurance.? If these claims were never filed, if these claims were never submitted to trial, if all the jury failed to compensate the beneficiary national pollution injured through negligence, and us taxpayers wind up paying for all those expenses that should be private insurance.? Any effort by Congress to reduce the constitutional right to trial by jury secured by the seventh amendment is less offensive than the effort to limit your first amendment right of freedom of speech, freedom of religion or freedom guaranteed by the Bill of rights.? Always remember that our justice system is the ultimate protector of individual rights and specify your effort in any way weaken and the critical role our judiciary authority plays in our constitutional.? Thanks for reading.

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