Feb 28, 2013

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Betting on Zynga and legal online gambling
Of course, since gambling is the subject, the odds on Zynga being able to offer legalized online betting are not set in stone. The New Jersey law, for instance only allows bettors that are physically present in the Garden State to gamble online. And ...
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Protect Your Practice Carefully Against Negative Online Reviews
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
Studies of online review sites in general show these reviews to be influential on consumer behavior. Attorneys recommend to take several steps short of legal action in order to protect yourself against negative reviews such as the those experienced by Dr.
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Insurance commissioner wants autism law enforced
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—California's insurance regulator has been getting complaints and wants last year's autism treatment law enforced. There's been an explosion in autism and demand for behavioral therapies. The California Department of Insurance says ...
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Voting Act Under Scrutiny
Wall Street Journal
The 1965 Voting Rights Act targets states that historically discriminated against minorities, and Section 5 requires some localities, particularly in the South, to get approval in advance from Washington for changes to their voting laws. Enlarge Image ...
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Wall Street Journal
How, Where, and When Americans Can Gamble Online
Although there are still gray areas, federal laws likely won't pose any problem. "Conventional wisdom now is, as long as online gaming is intrastate—within the state—and has proper geolocation and age verification, that it's in compliance with ...
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Justices voice skepticism of voting rights law
In an ominous note for supporters of the key provision of the Voting Rights Act, Justice Anthony Kennedy both acknowledged the measure's vital role in fighting discrimination and suggested that other important laws in U.S. history had run their course ...
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Congress set to OK bill renewing anti-violence law
Laramie Boomerang
Republicans generally agree the law is needed, but many in the GOP oppose a sweeping expansion. Before taking up the broad-ranging bill approved by the Senate two weeks ago, the House will vote on a more limited GOP version. But with Democrats ...
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Opponents of NY Gun Law to Rally in Albany
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Opponents of New York's new gun control law plan to lobby lawmakers and rally at the Capitol against measures they say infringe on their constitutional right to bear arms. The New York Rifle and Pistol Association, the rally ...
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Bill reintroduced to leash online dog breeders
Daily Caller
The current law allows large, commercial breeders who sell puppies online or directly to the public to escape the licensing and inspection requirements that apply to breeders selling dogs to pet stores," says a press release from the Humane Society, ...
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Daily Caller
Editorial: Law of overreaction
The Daily News Online
Zero tolerance laws in which even harmless misbehavior can result in automatic discipline started to gain popularity in the mid-1990s and picked up momentum with the Columbine school shooting in 1999, when two students killed 12 students and a teacher.
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Battle against online piracy steps up
Lawdit Commercial Solicitors
In the UK the High Court has ordered ISPs accounting for 94% of the UK broadband market to block access to 3 popular music and movie file sharing websites as record labels such as Sony, Universal and EMI step up the battle against online piracy.
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Egypt govt approves law allowing Islamic bond issues
Ahram Online
The Egyptian government approved a draft law on Wednesday that will allow the state to issue Islamic bonds, or sukuk, a move that could help narrow a gaping budget deficit and boost foreign currency reserves that have fallen to critically low levels ...
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