May 19, 2013

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The Great Disappearing Acts: California Considers Two Bills Addressing the ...
The National Law Review
The bill does provide for certain exceptions to the removal requirement where the content or information was submitted to the online service by a third party (rather than directly by the minor) or where any provision of state or federal law requires ...
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Online campaigns get headstart
The Star Online
Though the Tokyo election will be held before the official liberalisation of online campaigning, a senior Ishin no Kai member said, "If it doesn't break the law, there's no reason we can't use (such websites)." Thus the party has encouraged the active ...
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Burdening small businesses
The proposed law does not require that if the buyer buys online I charge him Connecticut sales tax. It requires I collect the tax that applies where the package is delivered. Under the proposed law, I will be forced to become a tax collector for New ...
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'Revenge porn' is no longer a niche activity which victimises only celebrities ...
The Independent
In January 2009, a month after a relationship had ended (on amicable terms) her ex posted pictures of her naked online. These promptly ... In New Jersey, an anti-revenge porn law was passed after a stung Rutgers University student killed himself ...
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European Internet Users Urge Regulators to "Rein in Google" on Privacy Concerns
The Herald |
London-based law firm Olswang has written to the regulators, setting set out the concerns of consumers about Google's consolidation of personal data. The internet giant is pooling data from all of its products, giving it a comprehensive ... Consumers ...
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Online privacy should not come at the cost of security: Sunil Abraham
CIS, which will complete five years on Monday and is organizing a four-day event focusing on issues such as cyber security, surveillance in India and privacy, said it also was working towards creating a privacy law for India within the next 3-4 years ...
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'Marketplace Fairness Act' is unfair
Under long-established law, states can require only businesses that have a physical presence like a store, warehouse or plant within their borders to collect their sales tax. That is why, for example, if you buy Florida oranges from a small online ...
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