Jun 11, 2013

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Russian NGO Law Could Halt Key Research, Warns Eurasian Study Group
RIA Novosti
WASHINGTON, June 10 (RIA Novosti) – Russia's new law requiring some nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to register as foreign agents could have a "chilling" effect on vital sociological and scholarly research, a US-based nonprofit research ...
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Study: Obamacare to subsidize insurance for 83000 in Rhode Island
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) - Nearly 83,000 Rhode Islanders will be eligible starting next year to get federal tax credits to buy health coverage in the new insurance marketplace being created under President Obama's health care law, a recent study shows.
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Study: Segregation persists in Chicago with hurdles to fair housing
Barriers to fair housing are exacerbating segregation in the Chicago area, according to a new study by the John Marshall Law School Fair Housing Clinic. A team looked at housing discrimination cases between 2009-12 and found a 30 percent increase in ...
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Study Finds Latinas Still Hit Hardest by Gender Wage Gap
A new study by the National Women's Law Center has revealed that minimum wage may be affecting the wage gap that exists between men and women. According to NBC Latino, the study shows that the average gender wage gap in states where minimum ...
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Transfer Opportunity at Arizona Law
Above the Law
It's the time of year when law students assess their transfer opportunities, perhaps to focus on a specific area at another school, to spend a visiting year, or to better manage the financial demands of law study. If you're thinking along those lines ...
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Year-Long Study of Chicago Area Housing Shows Impediments in Enforcement ...
Watch List News (press release)
A team of students from The John Marshall Law School spent a year studying discrimination against specific classes and finds that major impediments are preventing strong enforcement of fair housing laws. The report was prepared for the Illinois ...
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Study Finds Designated Drivers Still Drink
Law enforcement officials said the key to avoiding both DUI's and the temptation to drink, is simply to keep your designated driver away from the party. "Be at home, be some place away from the alcohol, certainly if that's something you like to imbibe ...
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What to Do About High Data Breach Costs
According to a newly released report from the Ponemon Institute, the U.S. is the most costly country in the world in which to have a data breach. In its "2013 Cost of Data Breach: Global Analysis" study, Ponemon reported the total cost of a breach ...
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Keeping faith with maritime legal practice
The Guardian Nigeria
But how did he come to study law? Ilogu admitted that it was a difficult decision at the beginning due to the fact that his father, who was a clergy opposed his becoming a lawyer. "It was difficult for my father who was an Anglican clergy man to accept ...
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The unseen is revealed by the seen
SpeakingTree (blog)
Every great scientist believes in the existence of God. both Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein believed in God. Einstein studied the laws of the Universe and believed that there is a Supreme Intelligence (God) behind them. Einstein's is famous for his ...
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Professor qualified on law, not tactics
The Journal News / Lohud.com
Interestingly, professor McLaughlin was one of my former law instructors and is qualified to speak about the law, but not about police operations or tactics. He would be wise to study the enhancements to police training and tactics developed since ...
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Fundraising for gun violence research
Nature recently reported that economist Bisakha Sen of the University of Alabama, Birmingham is using the crowdfunding site Microryza to raise $25,000 to study how state gun laws correlate with outcomes like firearm deaths and shootings. As Nature ...
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Assam Rajiv Gandhi Univ inks MoU with National Law Univ
Business Standard
"This collaboration would lead to promotion of cooperation in study and research of law and public policy, cooperation laws and management," it added. Meanwhile, Hyderabad-based National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) has provided a fund to ...
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Death Penalty Law Tied To MSU College Of Law Study Repealed ...
By SBM Blog
The North Carolina legislature has repealed the Racial Justice Act that allowed death row inmates to have their death sentences converted to life without parole if they could demonstrate that racial discrimination was a factor in their trial or ...
SBM Blog

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