Jul 1, 2013

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New China law says children 'must visit parents'
BBC News
Grown children in China must visit their parents or potentially face fines or jail, a new law that came into effect on Monday says. China's new "Elderly Rights Law" deals with the growing problem of lonely elderly people by ordering adult children to ...
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New law take effect in US; Oregon changes coming
San Francisco Chronicle
SALEM, Ore. (AP) — This part of summer is a time for patriotism. It's also the time new state laws go into effect across the nation. Fiscal years begin July 1 on most financial calendars, and a slew of state government spending regulations kick in ...
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Law Requires Chinese to Visit Aging Parents
ABC News
Mothers and fathers aren't the only ones urging adult children to visit their parents. China's lawbooks are now issuing the same imperative. New wording in the law requiring people to visit or keep in touch with their elderly parents or risk being sued ...
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New exit-entry law goes into effect in China
BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- A new law that will facilitate exit and entry for both Chinese and foreign citizens went into effect on Monday. The new law, adopted by the top legislature on June 30, 2012, includes a new "talent introduction" visa category ...
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Law professor says knock-off economy a source of innovation
ABC Online
An international law professor at the University of California says the black market in product copying can be a force for good. Professor Kal Raustiala says the so-called 'knock-off economy' boosts innovation, fosters stronger competition, grows ...
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Oregon's New Charity Law Takes Tax Break Away
ABC News
The law will eliminate state and local tax subsidies for charities that spend more than 70 percent of donations on management and fundraising over three years, the Statesman-Journal reported in Sunday's paper ( http://is.gd/yJAIca ). The measure, House ...
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Law Union and Rock adopts e-payment premium remittance
The Guardian Nigeria
While pay direct offers a customer the chance to complete an insurance transaction in any bank nationwide, Law Union said quick teller on the other hand operates on a simple, easy-to-do step by step procedure that is self explanatory. With this ...
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New Md. law aims to crack down on toll scofflaws, more than 860K unpaid on ICC
Washington Post
LAUREL, Md. — Hundreds of thousands of tolls have gone unpaid on Maryland's Intercounty Connector, but officials hope that a new law will help them crack down on toll scofflaws. Records obtained by WTOP-FM (http://bit.ly/17yZbkT ) show 862,458 tolls ...
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EU referendum law hits trouble
An official House of Commons analysis says a series of further Parliamentary votes will be required in 2016 to enshrine a future referendum in law. It warns that the legislation being debated in Parliament this week – if passed – could have little ...
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Law could lead to colleges retraining teachers
If beginning teachers aren't performing up to par, their colleges could be forced retrain them. While that's been the law for years, it was rarely enforced. Now, however, a new law that takes effect July 1 ties the retraining to teacher evaluations ...
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Federal access law turns 30, advocates say it should apply to Parliament
CTV News
OTTAWA -- The federal access to information law turns 30 this Canada Day as thousands of people frolick, sing and gaze at fireworks on the lawns of Parliament Hill. But in an ironic twist driven home by the current Senate scandals, the institutions ...
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Law creating Talisay City State College takes effect today
Cebu Daily News
The law takes effect today after the lapse of the 15-day publication of the measure in two newspapers of general circulation which was done on June 15. The law is a landmark, said Gullas, as it is a first for a community college to be converted into a ...
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UO Law Clinic Aids Nonprofit Agencies
OPB News
For a third year, trios of graduate-level University of Oregon students — in law, public policy and conflict resolution — will spend four months studying how local nonprofit agencies operate and helping them up their game. The one-of-a-kind free ...
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TN's guns-in-trunks law, others start today
The Tennessean
Other measures taking effect include a law that allows school districts to let people with police training be armed in schools, and one that would require incoming students at public higher education institutions to show proof they've had meningitis shots.
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Planned Glouco law enforcement museum to feature oral histories
For two days in 1967, Glassboro police Capt. Philip J. Coppolino stood outside the Hollybush Mansion on the Rowan University campus, scanning the crowd, helping to provide security for the two world leaders holed up inside trying to defuse Cold War ...
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Law demands visits to parents
People's Daily Online
"It has been a cultural tradition for Chinese to take the responsibility of caring for the old," said Chen Haoran, a law professor at Fudan University. "But the reality is that many people just can't perform this responsibility, either intentionally or ...
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New law allows German investigators access to PIN and passwords
Deutsche Welle
These are the scenarios feared by critics of a new telecommunications law going into effect Monday (01.07.2013) in Germany. The law establishes new regulations on how security agencies and intelligence authorities deal with so-called inventory data.
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Shield law needed for journalists?
The Decatur Daily
The reasoning behind these laws is that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees, among other things, that Congress will not pass laws restricting freedom of the press. The same prohibition applies to state governments through the 14th ...
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Juvenile law can be used to ascertain age of victims also: SC
Business Standard
"Even though Rule 12 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Rules, 2007 is strictly applicable only to determine the age of a child in conflict with law, we are of the view that the aforesaid statutory provision should be the basis ...
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Law & Disorder (July 1, 2013)
Kingston Daily Freeman
Published: Monday, July 01, 2013. The following items are based on information provided by officials in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. CITY OF KINGSTON DWI: William A. Johnnes, 60, of Rosendale, was arrested by state police at Ulster ...
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Immunisation Law of Revolution Comes 'Too Late and No Longer Has Meaning ...
Tunis — Caretaker President of the Republic Moncef Marzouki said, on Saturday, that the immunisation law of the Revolution comes "too late and no longer has meaning". "This draft law should have been examined during the first three or four months ...
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Texting law in effect
Martinsville Bulletin
Specifically, the law now states it is illegal to be driving while using "any handheld personal communications device" to send texts or read e-mailed messages or texts either transmitted to, or stored in, the device. Merely glancing at caller ID ...
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Mother-in-law's perfume lingers like a bad cloud
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
DEAR ABBY: My problem is my mother-in-law and her abundant use of perfume. The last time she visited, it was so bad we had to open our windows to air out the rooms. (This was in January in Minnesota.) My husband addressed the problem with her when I ...
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No law license for F. Lee Bailey -- yet
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- Celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey is going to have to wait months longer to find out if he's going to be able to practice law in Maine. The Board of Bar Examiners has appealed a decision by a supreme court justice to allow Bailey ...
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Mocking a law
Deccan Herald
Maharashtra BJP leader Gopinath Munde has landed into trouble with the Election Commission with his public confession that he spent over Rs 8 crore on his election to the Lok Sabha in 2009 while the expenditure limit prescribed by law is Rs 25 lakh.
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Law doesn't ban glass smoking pipes if used for tobacco
Bay News 9
Law doesn't ban glass smoking pipes if used for tobacco. glass-pipes. A new state law taking effect July 1st will not ban glass smoking pipes some say are primarily used for smoking marijuana. By Jason Lanning, Reporter Last Updated: Sunday, June 30, ...
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New immigration law takes effect today in Chatham County, state
Savannah Morning News
A new immigration law, Senate Bill 160, which expands the state's crackdown on illegal immigration goes into effect today. It expands on a 2011 comprehensive immigration law and, among other things, aims to make obtaining state driver's licenses ...
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Putin signs 'gay propaganda' ban and law criminalizing insult of ...
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed two controversial laws strengthening the penalties for "propagating homosexuality among minors" and for insulting people's religious feelings in public.
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Russia's Putin signs draconian anti-gay law banning gay everything
By John Aravosis
Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin has signed a draconian anti-gay law banning anything pro-gay, even speech or holding hands. Concern grows over Sochi Olympics.
Calafia Beach Pundit: Reynolds' Law
By Scott Grannis
Politicians of all stripes are too often persuaded that helping people is good for them. They forget that the Law of Unintended Consequences is always lurking in the shadows, eager to convert the best intentions into worse outcomes. Reynolds' ...
Calafia Beach Pundit
New laws, great and small, hit the books - U.S. News
By Sophia Rosenbaum, NBC News
People in Colorado can no longer buy a gun without a background check, same-sex couples can marry in Delaware, young teens in New Jersey can't artificially tan and voters in Kentucky can now have an adult beverage on election day.
U.S. News
New Laws Go Into Effect Monday | Fox 59 News – fox59.com
By kristenhamiltonfox59
(Indianapolis) -Dozens of new state laws take effect Monday, including several measures affecting education. A new anti-bullying law will create new guidelines for how bullying incidents get reported. "It's definitely going to help people.
Fox 59 News - fox59.com
Thousands attend 'Free Colorado' rally against gun laws | The Daily ...
By Greg Campbell
A few thousand Coloradans ushered in their upcoming Independence Day celebrations by bidding farewell to what they say is one of their fundamental rights.
The Daily Caller
Are You Breaking the Law? - Neatorama
By Miss Cellania
That's right -patriotic Canadians will not hoard food! If you do, the police won't come after you -at least not today. During World War I, you could be levied with a stiff fine or even prison time. This is one of 14 Wonderful Vintage Canadian ...
Vladimir Putin Signs Law Banning Promotion Of 'Homosexual ...
By Kyler Geoffroy
It's a sad day for our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia. Today, President Vladimir Putin signed into law the disgusting bill banning the promotion of.
Towleroad News #gay
Law against texting while driving goes into effect | WTKR.com
By Holly Henry
Texting and driving is illegal in Virginia. That means police can pull you over if they see you texting while behind the wheel. Before, they could only pull you over for another offense - like speeding - and give you a second ticket for texting.
Fireworks law sparks new debate on bans : News : UpNorthLive.com
By Roxanne Werly
Traverse City leaders will discuss putting a new ban in place for fireworks displays.
Up North Live - Local News
Buddy's Law: Camillo's animal cruelty legislation looking for Malloy's ...
By Kait Shea
Penalties for those who harm man's best friend are about to get serious.
Greenwich Post
Analysis: Details spur attacks on Kansas abortion law | CJOnline.com
By John Hanna
Anti-abortion leaders who helped push now-challenged restrictions through the Kansas Legislature this session say they are taken aback by an attack on new rules for providers' websites.A state judge Friday temporarily blocked a requirement ...

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Law students struggle to find work - CBS News Video
CBS News video: Law students struggle to find work - Students turning to law school to get a better paying job are finding that getting a job as a lawyer is not as  ...
Healthcare law's renewal loophole divides health insurers - Los ...
Ahead of next year's healthcare overhaul, some major insurers and consumer advocates want California lawmakers to bar companies from renewing most ...
Too much law, not enough order | News-Sentinel.com
What are the chances that many of us will end up breaking the law without even knowing it? New Indiana laws taking effect Monday allow pharmacists to offer ...
New Chinese law: Visit your parents — or else - Washington Times
A new law that went into effect in China on Monday requires children to visit regularly with their elderly parents.
Virginia Texting Law Takes Effect Today - U.S. Navy
A new law in Virginia, home of the world's largest naval base, makes texting while driving a primary offense as of July.
New Md. Law Requires A Smoke Alarm On Each Level Of A Home ...
A new law requiring a smoke detector on each level of a home is now in effect in Maryland.

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