Jul 17, 2013

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Ralston forms group to study Ga. forfeiture law
San Francisco Chronicle
ATLANTA (AP) — House Speaker David Ralston has appointed a group to study Georgia's forfeiture law and report back with recommendations. The group of 19 lawmakers, district attorneys and sheriffs was announced Tuesday and will study proposed ...
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Study Finds Health Law Likely To Push Up Premium Prices In Mass.; New York ...
Kaiser Health News
Rule changes stemming from the national health care law are likely to drive up average insurance premiums for small businesses and individuals next year, according to a study funded by the insurance industry. The analysis, by Wakely Consulting Group, ...
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Studying for the Bar in the Sand
New York Times
For generations of law school graduates, summer has often been an illusory concept, one replaced by long days spent in airless study halls or makeshift classrooms practicing mind-numbing rote memorization in preparation for the high-stakes bar exam in ...
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STUDY: A Law Degree Is Actually An Amazingly Good Investment
Business Insider Australia
Law grads earn an average of $53,000 more a year than people with bachelor's degrees before taxes, according to the study by professors at Seton Hall Law School and Rutgers Business School. The average debt load for private law schools is $125,000, ...
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STUDY: HIV Criminalization Laws Disparately Impact Transgender People
A serious issue, often not discussed by lawmakers, is the number of selectively enforced criminal laws against HIV transmission that exist across the United States today. These laws allow for the prosecution of people who do not disclose their HIV ...
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Study finds police are recording license plates by the millions in a dragnet ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
For the first time, the number of license tag captures has reached the millions, according to a study published Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union based on information from hundreds of law enforcement agencies. Departments keep the records ...
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Law college takes up study on RTE implementation
The New Indian Express
The Bangalore University Law College (ULC) has undertaken a state-wide study to determine the problems in implementation of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, as part of a major research project of the University Grants Commission (UGC). The two-year ...
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UK: British spies broke no law by using PRISM data
NBC 29 News
Others pointed out that the committee only studied PRISM - sidestepping questions about other GCHQ programs exposed by Snowden, including a sweeping cable traffic interception campaign codenamed TEMPORA. GCHQ probably is acting within the law...
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Unions warn that ObamaCare is disastrous for them
Fox News
A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests low income adults. Who can obtain health coverage from the law's Medicaid expansion instead of from their jobs. May simply quit or avoid looking for work. The study estimates between a half ...
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US court ruling in NY favors anti-terror law
New studies suggest that noticing you are having memory or thinking problems could be the earliest sign of Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's Association lists these 10 warning signs, plus advice on how to...More >>. New studies suggest that noticing ...
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Study: Big States to Get Huge Economic Boost From Immigration Overhaul
Several big states with large populations of illegal immigrants will most likely reap the biggest economic benefits if comprehensive reform legislation becomes law, a new study shows. An analysis of each state in the country shows that certain states ...
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Results of NJ Law Requiring Newborn Screening Resonate Nationwide
NJ Spotlight
State officials have been receiving calls from across the country about the successful implementation of the 2011 law, which is the subject of a study published Monday in the medical journal Pediatrics. The law mandates a form of screening called pulse ...
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Malawi's Asset Declaration: A study in how to sustain presidential larceny and ...
Nyasa Times
The World Bank study argues that no best practice can be identified for such laws, as they are and should by all means be tailored to a country's specific circumstances, depending on social, historical and political factors, as well as resources for ...
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Mandate Matters: Examining The Relationship Between The Health Law's ...
Kaiser Health News
... delaying the enforcement of the employer mandate may undermine the individual mandate, too, while the National Journal reports on a study weighing which of these provisions has the most weight. The Associated Press: Health Law's Rule Delay Could ...
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Why Holder's probe of 'stand your ground' laws stands out
Christian Science Monitor
Homicide rates have risen 7 to 9 percent in states with stand-your-ground laws compared with other states, according to a 2012 Texas A&M study. And findings by Georgia State University "raise serious doubts against the argument that Stand Your Ground ...
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'Kasambahay' law a bane, not benefit
Instead of benefiting the kasambahay, that law has become a bane. No doubt, the congressmen and senators who concocted that law never conducted any serious study on its impact on the domestic scene. Norberto had a household servant for some seven ...
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Money talks in justice system, study finds
ABQ Journal
The study on the effect of campaign donations was conducted by Emory University law professor Joanna Shepherd for the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, which describes itself as a progressive organization of lawyers, judges and others.
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Letter: Florida's foolish laws
Columnist Cathy Young completely misses the point ["Angry at Florida jury? At least study the facts," Opinion, July 16]. Racism aside, the "stand your ground" statute, combined with liberal gun laws in Florida, create a recipe for disaster. People no ...
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Indiana lawmakers prepare for Common Core study
Evansville Courier & Press
The new law requires Hoosier lawmakers to study issues related to college and career-ready standards, specifically by comparing Common Core and other standards to Indiana's existing standards, determining best practices in developing and adopting the ...
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Palisades one of 12 US nuclear power plants most at risk for early retirement ...
Mark Cooper, senior fellow for economic analysis at the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Vermont Law School, examined 11 risk factors that might lead to reactors being shut down early and found 38 of the country's 104 reactors had four or ...
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John Calvin on Civil Government
Acton Institute (blog)
Although originally decided for the priesthood, Calvin had been sent to Orleans to study law by his father following a dispute with a local bishop in Paris. It was in Orleans that the importance of the legal order was first engrained into his mind ...
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Iowans think schools are underfeeding their children
UI The Daily Iowan
Lunch trays in Iowa's schools transformed after President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act into law in 2010, and a new study released through the University of Iowa Public Policy Center reflects parents' perceptions of those changes.
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MTA Unveils Double Track Environmental Study
The study was conducted as per state law under the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA). The assessment considered such potential hazards as air quality, noise, vibrations, traffic and natural resources. Copies of the EA are ...
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Lawyers Try to Find a Way for Sam Rainsy to Contest Elections
Radio Free Asia
"If Sam Rainsy can't participate in the election, it is not a free and fair election," CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann told RFA's Khmer Service, saying a battery of lawyers from the party is studying the election laws and parliament rules in a bid to ...
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Need better laws to protect surrogate mothers
India.Com Health
While India emerges as a hub for surrogacy, a study released on Wednesday says most surrogate mothers are not properly paid or cared for. The Centre for Social Research says the surrogate mothers are paid only one to two percent of what the ...
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U of M study links hitting kids, health problems
Last year, Afifi released a study showing physical punishment, which included grabbing, shoving, slapping or hitting children, was associated with several mental health problems. Her newest ... Spanking law has to go, doctors' editorial argues. Afifi's ...
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Study blesses a drink a day for pregnant moms
Washington Examiner
Pregnant Kate Middleton had two young royal escorts - husband Prince William and brother-in-law... The very-pregnant Kate Middleton has a lot more in common with ... While the Centers for Disease Control says just 10 percent of American women sneak a ...
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Academic never lost faith in balancing act
The Canberra Times
Australian National University Associate Professor Alex Bruce had good reason for pride in both his robes when he received his PhD on Wednesday afternoon. The ordained Buddhist monk, who studied animal law, is one of 2000 students graduating from the ...
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Copyright Intensive Firms Are Excessively Profitable
For all the talk from the copyright intensive companies out there lately about how they need stronger and stronger copyright laws because their business is collapsing, a new study points out that copyright intensive firms appear to be inordinately ...
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The Introvert's Guide to Choosing a Law School Study Group | Ms. JD
I'm an introvert. I don't talk just so I can hear the sound of my own voice, I rarely say anything for the purpose of impressing or intimidating people, and I don't ...
Rachel Jeantel - Full College Scholarship - Study Law Enforcement ...
Rachel Jeantel - Full College Scholarship - Study Law Enforcement, page 1. go. Pages: ATS Members have flagged this thread 1 times. Topic started on ...
Ralston Forms Group to Study Ga. Forfeiture Law | 13wmaz.com
ATLANTA (AP) - House Speaker David Ralston has appointed a group to study Georgia's forfeiture law and report back with recommendations. The group of 19 ...
Ralston forms group to study Ga. forfeiture law | Online Athens
The group of 19 lawmakers, district attorneys and sheriffs was announced Tuesday and will study proposed legislation that could make it harder for law ...

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