Aug 31, 2013

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Federal court upholds California's foie gras ban Wall Street Journal
... who noted some California consumers continue to legally order foie gras online. The California law bars state farmers from force-feeding birds with a tube, the ...
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Gov. Haley doesn't support shutdown to stop law
COLUMBIA, S.C. — While South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley tells voters she wants Congress to "defund Obamacare," her campaign spokesman said Friday she ...
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Black Excellence in Law: Florida teen the youngest ever to pass UK ... Milwaukee Courier Weekly Newspaper
This American teenager according to multiple accounts has become the youngest person in more than 600 years to become a qualified lawyer both in England ...
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PI law firm wants apology from Admiral Post Online
Personal injury law firm Thompsons Solicitors has asked Admiral to apologise for misleading the public about personal injury costs after it revealed a rise in ...
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Beware of Legal Threats Social Networks Pose Huffington Post
Anything posted online, with you "cited" as the source, can be used against you in a court of law. The cases abound now where online posts have gotten kids ...
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NC keeps social networking ban for sex offenders The Herald |
"Instead of lurking around playgrounds, today's child predators go online where they can groom multiple victims at once." Cooper helped lobby for the law at a ...
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Biba defends brokers following Law Society criticism Post Online
It said in a statement: "The Law Society is increasingly concerned about the level of commission paid to some brokers. The scale of the commission payments ...
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Uzbekistan tightens security for Independence Day Central Asia Online
"Law enforcement officials are working to ensure that the festivities go off without a ... Kobiljon Naqibov of the Interior Ministry (MVD) told Central Asia Online.
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On Geoffrey Stone National Review Online (blog)
Professor Geoffrey R. Stone—University of Chicago School of Law—was recently appointed to the NSA Surveillance Review Committee. Professor Stone has ...
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The Benefits Outweigh the Costs in Syria National Review Online (blog)
President Barack Obama and his advisers are hesitating to punish Syria's use of chemical weapons because of concerns about international law. This latest ...
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