Nov 30, 2013

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Inventive Solution to Legal Career Search for Busy Lawyers
The founder of LawCrossing, an employment site for legal jobs, is launching a new, elite service called LawCrossing Concierge. LawCrossing Concierge is ...
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Prominent lawyer, WWII vet Fox dies Bethany Beach Wave
Fox's law career spanned almost a half century in Salisbury, starting in 1947 and continuing until his retirement in 1994 at Fox and Houlihan on Broad Street.
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Teen uses law enforcement training to help officers track down ... (KNXV-TV)
A Glendale teen pursuing a career in law enforcement did her own detective work to help police catch two crooks. In early November, Rebecca (last name ...
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Glut of law grads may go unemployed
Rick Scott, who once said he didn't want tax dollars to fund non-job producing academic pursuits like anthropology, is noncommittal about a legal education.
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Marc Piano - Huge shake-up in UK legal training coming… but it's ...
The headline may sound like a perplexing Zen koan, but there's no need to meditate deeply on its meaning – the future of legal training is shaping up and at ...
Selling Yourself: Honing Your "Soft Skills" 2… - Legal Career Advice ...
Legal employers say that the second most important job candidate attribute they look for (after likeability) is "fit." In this blog, we examine what they mean by fit ...
Temporary workers, permanent rights - LC.N Blogs - LawCareers.Net
As I've talked about in a previous post, I became a temporary worker in October.
Hi I'm looking for a career in the law sector and I need help ...
I want a job that's a cross between a police officer and a lawyer, I'm 16 and I need to find out what job that is, in order to determine my future profession.

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