Dec 31, 2013

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Are Banking And Law Careers Falling Out Of Favor In The U.S.? xoJane
A growing number of people are eschewing traditional legal or financial career routes for a chance to launch their own businesses or join startups.
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Thinking About a new Law Job?
The law job market is becoming more competitive as the Christchurch rebuild gets underway and as the economy percolates better than it has for ...
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High-tech beats law and medicine as Israelis' top career choice Haaretz
Israelis say the best career choice is high technology, with far more people giving it higher marks than medicine, law and banking, a survey released ...
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Thompson honored for 31-year career as Alabama tax judge The Alexander City Outlook
Thompson was named to the list for his 31-year career as the DOR's first and only administrative law judge, as well as for his efforts to establish an ...
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Where Are They Now? Four ND Yale Law School grads take ... In-Forum
FARGO – Before graduating from Yale Law School in 2006, Dakota Rudesill established a career as a defense and foreign policy adviser for former ...
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