Jan 5, 2014

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Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare will lead to more emergency ... Fox News
Capitol Hill Republicans are not surprised by a new study that suggests more ... not less as President Obama and other supporters of the law argue.
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Study: ObamaCare to increase ER visits Bayoubuzz
The Harvard University study recently published in the journal Science ... The president has touted his signature law since introducing it in 2007 as a ...
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Tulsa Car Accident Attorney Jeff Martin Comments on Recent Study ... Consumer Electronics Net
Including Oklahoma, 41 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands have laws banning texting while driving for all ...
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Wyoming's animal protection laws among nation's worst Wyoming Tribune
Fecht said he has concerns about how the Animal Legal Defense Fund structured its rating study. Wyoming's laws are designed to protect animals and ...
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Study: Concealed Carry Laws Reduce Gun Violence | Right Wing ... Matt Vespa
Study: Concealed Carry Laws Reduce Gun Violence. Written By : Matt Vespa January 4, 2014. Well, it's confirmed; gun control only creates more gun ...
Right Wing News
Study shows concealed-carry laws result in fewer murders | The ... James Smith
The gun control zealots are wrong both in principle and practice. They're wasting a lot of political energy – not to mention time and money – on ...
The Daily Sheeple
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New Study - Legal Concealed Carry Equals Fewer Murders ...
A new study conducted by Quinnipiac University came up with some ... Not only do states that outlaw concealed carry by law abiding citizens have ...

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