Aug 1, 2011

Deans Lleida and Figueres new rad Catalana Consell de l ' EEC

The newly elected Dean bar associations of Lleida and Figueres, Sime n Miquel and Joan r. Puig, yesterday took posesi n from their posts of Directors of the school of Catalonia Consell illustrious (CIPAC), composed of 14 Catalan Deans. The totality of the Consell tambi n was appointed Dean of Bar Association of Girona, Carles McCragh, the new President Formaci n Comisi n.
New Deans Lleida and Figueres won the election in their respective schools in December 2010, thus relieving his predecessors, Antoni Riba or Jaume Torrent, who chose not to reelecci n. Both yesterday had their position posesi n in the Councils held by the plenary session reuni n l Advocacia de Consell Catalana, during which President, Lydia Condal, imposed on their Medal of the Council.
Consell College of lawyers of Catalonia is representative of fourteen universities rgano Catalan lawyers who has included the Balearic Islands and Andorra, Perpi n, and comprising close to 30 000 members. Corporaci n is p blica for non-profit-making, formed by the Deans of all Catalan schools that are re nen every month during the plenary session of the Council

Carles McCragh, the new head of Formaci n
Plenary tambi n Bar Association, the Council has set the Dean Girona, Carles McCragh, the new President Comisi Formaci n n until Tzipi former Dean Figueres, Jaume Torrent. McCragh to result elected Dean of Girona in June 2010, is responsible for the proper functioning of the schools of Pr ctica Jur dica all schools of Catalonia and the development of the competence of the Council on matters related to formaci n and accessing profesi n lawyer.
The entire pr ximas sitting in the definir a new Division of responsibilities for the ra of the entry in the Council of the two Councils. Currently, the different commissions est n l Advocacia Council Catalan distributed as follows:

Mediaci n Comisi n: L dia County President CIPAC and Dean Granollers
Formaci n Comisi n: Carles McCragh, Dean of Girona
Comisi n shift, trade and aid to detainee (TOAD), and Extranjer a and its subcommittees: Miquel Rodr guez prison, Dean Sant Feliu de Llobregat
Deontolog and the Comisi n: Josep Mas, Dean Matar
Inform tica Comisi n: Antonio Salas, Dean of Tarragona
Comisi n mixed with Superior Court of Justice in Catalonia: Abel Pi, Dean Manresa
Comisi n fees: Juan Antonio Garc and Cazorla, Dean Sabadell
Comisi n Catalan: Josep Can cio, Dean Tortosa
Committees on social Proyecci n the monitoring and control of sinister and libraries: Miquel S mper, Dean Terrassa.

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