Aug 1, 2011

CGPJ will attempt to reach a consensus on Monday, pending appointments in Supreme Court

? The General Council of the judiciary (CGPJ) llevar back to his home in pr ximo Monday pending the appointment of the corridors of the criminal, civil and administrative litigation in the Supreme Court, State Press Europe including rgano sources.
The lack of agreement prevented the exercise until now these appointments that have been removed from the order of d and ltimo House, in January, reaching there the candidates support 13-mayor and the qualifications of the CGPJ-establishing rights Org's judicial authority (LOPJ) to jobs at this level.
Vacancy on the Supreme Court Criminal Chamber has occupied by lawyer of recognized competence, to cover the lower judge Enrique Bacigalupo. List to cover this seat comprised judges Corcoy Luisa Mar a, Susana Huerta, Antonio del Moral, and Gonzalo Quintero.
The rest cover outstanding seats occupied by members of the Court has judicial career. The Civil Chamber for jubilaci n n Garc Rom and Varela, and the litigation had been a judge at elecci n, Manuel Sieira as President of the same.
For civilian candidates Eduardo Garc a Baena, Antonio Paredes, Julio Cesar Picatoste, John Ruiz-Rico and Jos Mar a Tom s. By ltimo, to disputes fragment, the list of approved earlier by the CGPJ Comisi n Calificaci n, consisting of Felisa Atienza, Jos Mar a Gil S ez, Joaqu n Jos Ortiz Blasco and Jos Mar a risk.
There is the fact that, if Finally there is agreement and appoint new judges, a stack of pasar n form page as judges m s "modern" in the so-called Hall 61 Supreme Court adequately in a few weeks in the requirement table for tendr ilegalizaci n the new page, the abertzale left Sortu, preparing Fiscal and Abogac and the State.

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