Aug 1, 2011

Garzón-associations for historical memory on 12 March, convened a demonstration in Madrid to assist victims

The platform against impunity and the Forum by 12 March in memory of Madrid called manifestaci n pr ximo with "impunity" regarding v ctimas Dictatorship and Franco cr menes. Concentraci n had a ir demonstrations against the processing of judge Baltasar Garz n by his investigaci n cr menes Franco regime.
Asociaci n forum for memory, has denounced the impunity for crimes committed the dictatorship has been imposed in its opinion, by the judiciary and the legislature, said in a statement. SEG n said cases against Judge Garz n, suspended its functions temporarily from the past to may, "the force" to include "combating impunity" again in the first l nea now.
This s the Forum stressed that "the Centre") of their claims is all of v ctimas regime of Franco who discriminated against by their "condici n pol tica, social or sexual success."
Asociaci n highlighted memory hist rica recuperaci n must be understood as "the process of Justice" and it was considered important for the judiciary in this intervenci n mbito and indemnities v ctimas. "Never cre mos personal act wilfully or questionable, but aplicaci n justice as essential and fundamental rights in the democr tico State", emphasised.
Forum v ctimas suffer "status abandonment of Francoism" received from "a lack of willingness of pol tica" Government. By ltimo, stated that recuperaci n memory exceed the "family" already mbito vital "reconstrucci n pa s democr tica".
Atenci n to V Office of the ctimas regime of Franco recalled that the Group of volunteers focused on Thursday evenings at the gate of the Sun at Madrid with "impunity" of crimes committed in dictatorships.

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