Aug 1, 2011

Fergo Aisa, was sentenced to nearly 20 million dollars for ships and boats of the public on breach of contract

? The Court of first instance n mero 1 Barcelona was sentenced on immovable property, the old Aisa Fergo Aisa, to a company ship & Boat nearly 20 million euros for breach of contract, seg n statement issued on 14 March, in which he had access to Europa Press.
The judgment gives every n ship & boat in complex civil proceeded against in October 2007, the then President of Aisa, Gin s Marf Pons, and the company expectations group Ferlox 99 for violating the agreement, signed in March 2007 for adquisici n 50% public Wiltord Promodesarrollo that resulted in 100%.
The judge came to the conclusion that the facts show that then Aisa has always been detr s operaci n, despite the introduction of viewing public (expectations Ferlox 99) to avoid paying have failed stipulated operaci n, whose date was July 2007 l mite.
"Of course, at the time and were operaci n deberá completed an equity value of the this an;" "could not claim Aisa, breach of contract, after having to shuffle the law-abiding party (ship & boat) p rdida public good" nico ", the statement concluded.
In particular, the judge condemned the Fergo Aisa pay 11 million euros for interest arrears in principal m s to 5 percent from March 1 to 5 July 2007, adem s interest amount resulting agreed since 6 July 2007, m s 2,1 million euros in compensation da os indemnizaci n. For its part, deberá Wiltord Promodesarrollo pay for 3.4 million euros, m s interests.
Catalan real estate to expectations Ferlox trav s is comprometi reach 17.5 million euros to date l mite and renewable 5 July 2007, but was unable to sign payments, supported by its own Marf, due to the lack of liquidity caused by the effect of desaceleraci n in the sector of real estate.
SEG n jur source confirmed the authority of the Press, dicas, ship & Boat already applied to the Court ruling temporarily ejecuci n Fergo Aisa and hoped to convey opinions domestic payments market Comisi n values (CNMV).
After the signing of the agreement in March 2007, Aisa envi material fact to the CNMV, which announced the purchase of 50% Wiltord Promodesarrollo, thus its adquisici n 100%. In October a o, remiti real estate other relevant fact, we announce the inspector go to rule collection.
During the test, the officer of Aisa, Pablo Mancilla, claimed that these notifications were a mistake and that, in fact, the compa and quer and announces public adquisici n Inmocast group, which at the date of the order of 50% of shares owned by the Wiltord, after acquiring indirectly in 2006.
The decision considers that this is "poems n inveros mil" and adem s "," threatening a claim can be cre ble ". "Cannot defend the fact in such a way that substantially burs til meaning comunicaci n material fact can merrily, without contrasting and confused", opinion of the afirm.

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