Aug 1, 2011

ICAB organizes the first edition of the International Congress on law and tourism

? The Congress is to analyse the impact tourism jur-cutting and multidisciplinary perspectives of dico. In this respect is to assess, for instance that corresponds to the cancellation of flights, oversubscription or fen menos natural; structures in the hotel sector effects of Community legislation in the world, as tur stico as issues arising from tourism rezydencyjnej, that is important in pr ctica transboundary jur dica (real estate transactions and international elements, inheritance).Congress '' opened Thursday, 7 April (18) at a trade fair in Barcelona, coinciding with the professional d and international tourists in Catalu and Sal n. Dorottya Gyenizse, advises the Department of Tourism Ministry jur dica Econom and impartir Government Hungr and (EU Presidency) Conference on "the importance of tourism" by tur stico, pr cticas sector.Sessions on Friday 8 April tendr n place Association of Barcelona (ICAB) and Seminary (d) a "residential real property, the law of succession and tourism", Lake Tuz in Sitges (Hotel Cal polis)College of lawyers of Barcelona (ICAB) organized from 7 to 9 April, the first International Congress tourism & law edici n to tendr in Barcelona and Sitges.
Tourism has important implications for the jur dico mbito because the ICAB organised for the first time the Congress, which links this sector and the law in order to discuss the issue of cross-cutting and multidisciplinary approach, such as models of jur dico-econ micos, in the hotel sector (from the family business to large enterprises), the Treaty of Lisbon, the services directive (Bolkestein directive), national transposici n and its effects on pr ctica, Combined for effect Tecnolog as Informaci n and comunicaci n (ICT) in the regulaci n traveltravel agency, accountability, compa as a reas and insurance before deletion, Overbooking, delays and natural accidents. Tambi n are topics tratar n derived from tourism, such as the sale of assets in foreign and international inheritance because many civilians, international fiscal and private view.
During the Congress were hablaren role in the world of tourism alternative systems, such as arbitration or mediaci n resoluci n.
They were invited to participate in the Congress speakers, experts from Government and abogac and as worldwide acad mico, deed costs and corporate.

Congress Inauguraci n
International Congress tourism & law opened SERS Thursday 7 April (18) at a trade fair in Barcelona, coinciding with the professional d and international tourists in Catalu and Sal n. PARTICIPAR n including Friar Act de Paris Mart nez, President of the international tourism Sal n in Catalu a (STIC), Joan Gaspart, President of Turisme de Barcelona; Pedro l. Y fera, Dean ICAB and white Padr s Vice President of the Advisory Group on the international relations of the ICAB.
About inauguraci n n to Sal tendr in 1830 because of Fira de Barcelona (Montju c) is the "importance of celebrar Conference tur stico tourism sector, pr cticas," by Dorottya Gyenizse, Advisor to the Ministry of Tourism Department jur dica Econom and Government Hungr and (EU Presidency).

On 8 April events scheduled tendr n Congressional space in the headquarters of the Association of Barcelona (Mallorca 283) while the seminar "residential real estate, tourism, and the right of inheritance" and conclusions of the Congress tendr n place s bado on 9 April in Sitges (Cal polis Hotel), where n is from intervenci contar tambi n Jordi Baijet, Mayor of Sitges and the President of the trade and tourism municipalities Catalu and Federates n Comisi n.


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