Aug 1, 2011

"Melancholy men bird" goes "acquitted" summary trials held in Madrid, the TSJ

? In informal and original presentaci n p nude men novels La melancol and the writer Juan Bolea, winner of the novel Jurists II which Prize, organized by the Council of the Espa ola Abogac a, Abogac a mutuality and shipment Mart nez rock, sta has left absuelta with todos favorables statements during the trial simulated well-known work of the Court of Justice of Madrid this Thursday, March 24.
At the trial, in which the President of Abogac a, Carlos Carnicer, President of mutuality, Luis Angulo and the Director-General Mart nez rock versions, Carmen Blas Fern ndez proceeded judges como; author and President of the jury, the lawyers novel Prize, Lorenzo Silva, were serving as u.s. Attorney, and Dean of the College of lawyers in Biscay, Oleaga Nazario, joins defending counsel to the accused, John Bolea, stated definitively acquitted all labour costs, although Carmen Blas proposed condemnation of no less than three months and not m s seis, in which the author must accept all the interviews, conferences and presentations, which ask the Organizers of the contest.
juicio inici from presentaci n are on nica surface study: minutes, in which the jury met last February 21, decid and that melancol and the p: nude men novels La was the winner of the edici n received 151 to win the the conclusions, Lorenzo Silva tr mite asegur this acusaci n manten and against compareciente by perpetrado novel signed with his name, less than the zone-aca, nerve by laying a narrative work that g nero, entertainment, which seeks to distract several hours old man immerse themselves in fictional adventures and conflicts imaginarios, in which the aggravating circumstance concurre adem s in the form of a voyage, another hobby destructive to individual needsbecause there are no harmful m s, who travel, because it causes erosion zjonizowan? approach and visi n mundo. But the worst for fiscal it is important that the hero of the novel is a lawyer, mark repudiated by society because it is made clear by the amount of jokes and sayings, which exist in popular acquis so consider to hay sufficient for declaring the culpable By el.
Then he was successively Counsellor Defence Nazario Oleaga than asegur than todos elements exposed by the Ministry of p blico are true, but interpreted in est n mbito, as opposed to which must be interpretarlos. Adem s, se, al as de as nico has accused is than recidivism, when it agrees to the fact that the author has made us enjoy the other many novelas. With the destac that the award of the esp Oleaga ritu novel describe, that is the value to the value of the lawyers, nadie may be put into question the role of the lawyer in the novela. Why Your absoluci n pidi con all favorables approach because es Justice Juan Bolea is creditor lawyers Award, Novela.

Visi n jueces
After the arguments and defend President acusaci n Abogac and mutuality, Luis Angulo, se al that whilst the novel winner from previous edici n, Carmen Gurruchaga Prueba La nose permiti known as-is and as surviving an integral j venes abogados firm with the novel se Juan Bolea, you can see the internal conflicts in a mature lawyer. Different lawyer in the world shall not be less than the previous novel apasionante.
Auguro, xito Wielki, publishing, because the action as merece, asegur, dese to en when future editions of the Prize, I still find the novel know our society oficio. In this connection, a pronunci benefit the accused, with all instruction favorables.
Carmen Fern ndez de Blas juez plante subsequently three questions to the author: si instigator of the novel was Agatha Christie; by qu intrusa Martina De Santo (zone-the protagonist of several novels and Inspector Bolea) are cast in a plot by a lawyer, and which were the real reasons to participate in the Premio.
Finally, Carlos Carnicer destac personal satisfacci n to you and that the Prize has been produc Juan Bolea, since his father, the presentation ceremony, the President of the Chamber of administrative litigation of Zaragoza and for a long time, considered the best fue Chamber Justice Arag n.
About the novel destac to toca all aspects which make up civil society, such as persons with large tica as a Professor, el sector m s something inhuman, people barely visible, but starting a family, Great professionals and especially xito, lawyer tambi n large tica albeit personales disputes. For this, se me was enthralled by the al for the penalista and that defending the teacher simply suspicious of his innocence, meaning that it weighs m s presunci n innocence and not that culpabilidad, which is what usually happens.
Lawyers existen novel all d as, placed with the street to see who should be defended their derechos, asegur. Finally, se al its satisfacci n by the existence of the award, since hemos known to support the way Abogac and original and de trasmitimos to the public, somehow that we want to perform the steps in altruista way.

Acusado words
acusado, Juan Bolea, utiliz inclusion se alando word missing drawing as Perry Mason espa ola in the literature, and why his novel, he wanted to work for p blico trasladar lawyer as his character, tiene, verdad deep convictions, but some of the changes that you have internal conflicts personales.
SEG n explic quise emphasize the concept of defence of the defence, that is what m s I'm impressed by a lawyer defending anyone, but the monster is and probably always follow si ndolo because he believes that it is a piece of essential without which innocent algae n may move to c rcel.
Reiter Bolea, although there are many examples of the great characters of lawyers in Anglo-Saxon literature, and n is not the as espa ola, but se al the prize el can lead to is cree.
The author is satisfied with the novel, particularly the final and asegur, that enjoyed he much simo escribi ndola muy mostr. Har possible that lawyers become protagonists of espa ola literature, finaliz.

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