Aug 1, 2011

GIPE in Spain end of 2010 due to an increase of 9% of turnover

Law firm network and celebrates pr GIPE Espa ximo weekend in Madrid his reuni n evaluaci n the results for the last year. During the two (d) as members of business networks analizar n clearly positive results achieved in 2010 and strategies fijar n until 2011.
Linked enterprises within the Espa and increased average GIPE by 9% in facturaci (n) in 2010. Ste is the main highlight report an lisis gesti n, reuni n. Offices of Tenerife and Barcelona they give results slightly above average and confirmed the trend descentralizaci n the legal market.
La network has some some really good results during 2010, we were able to consolidate and even increase our cuota mercado, speaking of t rminos, "says Ignacio Herrero, President of Espa and GIPE, the results of the network of GIPE. Nuestra is so homog nea working brings fruit, especially in the two m s undertaking from n cleo Madrid. Emin Sirvent and Granados advisers and exceeded even 10% increase in detailed Ignacio Herrero.
Estamos very satisfied with these figures. We create different branches, such as labour law, and especially the mercantile. (A) the ongoing goals are the same direcci n. Reuni n evaluaci n and strategy that we celebrate pr ximo Friday in fijar Madrid, our goals to 2011 we can cope with the changes, says Marie Larivi re, Manager network offices GIPE Espa (a).
One of the main objectives of the GIPE Espa a is ampliaci n of its network on the basis of the same criteria of quality and service homologaci n, which is characterized by Espa and GIPE.

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