Aug 1, 2011

"Patera threads"-what should I do?

Dwellings occupied by several dozen people full over several square metres are found in some cities espa olas.

Increasingly m s people, our pa s, which must accept wage between 180 and 300 euros a month of living together with his family at habitaci n, and even pay 30 euros will occupy a bed for eight hours in a d a, then used by another person without any requirements of hygiene. We will witness a roof to shelter. Is est, becoming commonplace view on railway stations, subway, autob s, sem foros signs to computer stops, manual with n words meros tel fono for sharing the floor. There are no jobs, no money, hurts the crisis and must seek income comes or allowable costs in each case.
Not f cil to tackle patera flats and hot beds. La once n? The difficulties of proving the existence of the econ mica relaci n between due os dwellings escr pulos and tenants of entry and exit of sobreocupadas homes, which are not generally of mediation contract; subletting or inconsentido by the property that makes the tenant ensure payment of the income at the expense of other inquilinos due to floor is unknown, and even without any of the role change by d DAS.
The Councils are powerless before this situaci n, or rather ineffective. The paradox of which even the owner of an apartment rented is forbidden to know who is registered in the home, promoting such resoluci n, unconsented subleasing, providing test against known tenant who rent to third parties, which are empadronan, don't know how, since En base a document, access the padr n, if they do not contract?.
It should be on more control on which empadrone persons, having come from documentaci n owners over tenants. If c zatopieniem something in dula fifty yards should not inhabit ten individuals who assume can register neamente, each with simult his mother and his father one. To carry out its work of helping the right m s in need of social services, servir and much avoided which may use it without rights, cobr ndoles you can demand, s lo, not people, under one roof, not being the case, which is far from reliable.
Whether Como to resolve the problem of flats boats when the owner enables you to benefit from the abuse, taken by those who pay without receiving in return for the roof? Soluci n legal passes through acci n can perform Community property, which the owners in atenci n to art culo 7.2 horizontal property Act, which recognizes the owner and occupier of flat or local, which do not allow them to develop into l-est or elsewhere in construction activities, prohibited by the statutes, which are da osas to real property or which contravene General provisions on the interfering dzia?alno?ciniezdrowy, harmful and dangerous or il citas.

Whether Como attacking the problem, the owner's unconsented subletting by well-known tenant, v. ctima, and even then disappears, leaving a house occupied by persons whose filiaci n is unknown?. Best n I think repeated soluci by acci n, implemented by the community property owners, the prior consent of the owner's neighbours meeting promoted by the House that a lease agreement to imped identifiable sub-letting tenant, as the rest of the owners of the building, it has impeded tambi n patera situaci n housing, by the constant tr nsito transcontinental portal, at different times, with copies of the keys that are not related to problems of hygiene in the common, noise, on the basis of art culo 7.2 horizontal property Act, sentencing close, due to its abuse, housing, without the need for the establishment of patera identities of passengers, and then the rest of the s?siad├│ww?a?ciciel that without com rselo nor rselo is with the floor beb occupied and it is therefore not endure this product situaci n society in crisis, including: Quien querr and live and pay for a House is not worth it?.

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