Nov 30, 2012

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Daily Report: First Step in Overhaul of E-Mail Privacy Law
New York Times (blog)
The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill on Thursday that would strengthen privacy protection for e-mails, Charlie Savage reports on Friday in The New York Times. The bill would require law enforcement officials to obtain a warrant from a judge ...
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New York Times (blog)
Law enhances Chinese police's power in disputed South China Sea
Los Angeles Times
BEIJING -- Chinese maritime police will be able to "board, inspect, seize and expel" foreign ships entering Chinese waters in the South China Sea under a newly approved provincial law that could further raise tensions in the area. State media reported ...
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California law banning therapy that aims to make gay teens straight faces ...
Washington Post
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A California law prohibiting mental health providers from counseling gay minors on how to become straight faces its first legal test Friday, when lawyers for counselors endorsing "reparative therapy" and parents who claim their ...
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Gushing UK papers laud PM Cameron's stance on press law
Decision to reject press law earns PM praise. * Puts poor electoral performance in the background. * Issue will not go away, parliamentary defeat possible. By Kate Holton and Michael Holden. LONDON, Nov 30 (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David ...
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Singapore Couple Challenge Law on Gay Sex
ABC News
A gay couple filed a constitutional challenge in a Singapore court on Friday aimed at repealing a long-standing law that criminalizes gay sex. Gay activists say the government has become more tolerant toward gays and lesbians in recent years, but that ...
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UN rights chief says Mursi decree breaks human rights law
GENEVA (Reuters) - The U.N. human rights chief has warned Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi that his decree expanding his powers would put him beyond the law and open the door to human rights violations, her spokesman said on Friday. Navi Pillay ...
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Muslims Pressing for Blasphemy Laws in Europe
Gatestone Institute
The decision to scrap the country's blasphemy law has been hailed internationally by activists, who have long called it outdated and a threat to free speech. The Venice Commission, the Council of Europe's advisory body on constitutional matters, issued ...
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Bottle return law
The Detroit News
Lansing — A federal appeals court struck down a Michigan law that forces beverage companies to put a special identifying mark on returnable cans and bottles sold in the state. The court ruled Thursday that Michigan is illegally affecting interstate ...
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School of Law Adopts 'Practice-based Learning' Requirement for Students
UConn Advance (blog)
The University of Connecticut School of Law has adopted a "practice-based learning" requirement which will ensure that all students have at least one intensive, carefully supervised, live lawyering experience before graduating from law school. The new ...
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UConn Advance (blog)
Energy law costs Va. Power, APCo customers $1 billion-plus too much
Lynchburg News and Advance
The customers of Virginia's two largest electric companies will pay over $1 billion more than necessary for new power plants and renewable energy programs under the state's utility regulation law, according to a report by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.
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Proposed law may hurt honest dealers
Albany Times Union
Olde Saratoga Coin opposes Albany County's attempt to regulate secondhand dealers. The reporting of customer's personal information is inefficient and ill-conceived. Furthermore, there has been no substantive change between the proposed version of the ...
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Florida law has no ground to stand on
Daily O'Collegian
Finally, Florida needs to take a long look at its "Stand Your Ground" law, if for no other reason than to avoid bad publicity. This is the second time in a year the media has pounced on a seemingly unjustifiable use of deadly force that resulted in the ...
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Jude Law: "I'm Not That Young Pretty Thing Anymore"
See this hideous visage? This freakishly lumpen fizzog, swollen and diseased with the pustulation of foul aging, a misshapen and pock-marked hag's satchel of a mug? Well, this is the face that used to belong to Jude Law, handsome actor. I know it's a ...
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Norfolk towns struggle with pot law
Wicked Local
Medicinal marijuana, supported by nearly two-thirds of Massachusetts voters on Nov. 6, is getting a much cooler reception from the Norfolk County officials who will have to administer the new law. Leaders of health and law enforcement departments from ...
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Kansas vote certified amid debate on voter ID law
Kansas City Star
TOPEKA -- Kansas officials certified the results of this month's general election on Thursday amid a renewed debate over the state's voter identification law and skepticism among even Secretary of State Kris Kobach's allies about proposals to boost his ...
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Kansas City Star
Warren County supervisors to seek law requiring Lake George boat washing
Glens Falls Post-Star
Two Warren County Board of Supervisors committees voted Friday to start the process to enact a county law that would require all boats that are launched on lakes and ponds in the county be inspected to prevent the spread of invasive species. The law ...
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New Whistleblower Law Empowers Voice of Federal Food Safety Employees
Huffington Post (blog)
27, President Obama signed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) into law, providing federal government employees with the power to speak the truth... which consequently gives all consumers the gift of safer eating. How? Because now ...
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Supreme Court likely to rule on traditional marriage law
Salt Lake Tribune
As Brigham Young University law professor Lynn Wardle sees it, traditional marriage could come down to "political whims." He testified before Congress 16 years ago in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, defining marriage as the legal union ...
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Election law expert outlines lessons of 2012 (blog)
Daniel Tokaji, the Ohio State University law professor who helped draft the Issue 2 political redistricting proposal on November's ballot, says he's still scratching his head about why it was defeated so roundly. Daniel Tokaji. During a series of ...
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NY Law Firm Nelson Levine Hires Attorneys From Harleysville, MetLife
Insurance Journal
Targeting strategic expansion, Nelson Levine de Luca & Hamilton, a New York-headquartered national law firm serving the insurance industry, announced that Louis H. Kozloff has joined as a partner in the Insurance Coverage Practice and Matthew S. Vuolo ...
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Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the law again! Any other perp gets locked up ...
New York Daily News
The video of Lindsay Lohan crying and yelling "Are you kidding?" to cops as they hauled her away in handcuffs probably had more viewers than her movie "Liz & Dick" on Sunday night. Lohan's real-life repeat performance at the Avenue lounge on Thursday ...
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New York Daily News
The AM Roundup: Same-Sex Marriage, Defense of Law School
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Law school: "I'M a law dean, and I'm proud. And I think it's time to stop the nonsense. After two years of almost relentless attacks on law schools, a bit of perspective would be nice." So begins a defense of law schools by the dean of Case Western ...
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Wall Street Journal (blog)
Law enforcement officials facing major hurdles as Senate Judiciary Committee ...
New York Daily News
Over objections from law enforcement officials, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved legislation that would require police to obtain a search warrant from a judge before they can review a person's emails or other electronic communications. The ...
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New York Daily News
Law & Disorder (Nov. 30, 2012)
Kingston Daily Freeman
Law & Disorder (Nov. 30, 2012). Published: Friday, November 30, 2012. The following items are based on information provided by officials in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. CITY OF KINGSTON u Drugs: Terry Jackson, 45, of 147 Smith Ave., ...
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Right to speak law needs new look from Legislature
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Many seemed surprised that the Sunshine Law didn't provide a specific right for the public to speak. Citizens have a right to watch their governments at work, but they don't have the right to offer their views at public meetings. The "sunshine" should ...
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Mississippi abortion clinic again seeks to block law
Memphis Commercial Appeal
JACKSON — Attorneys for Mississippi's only abortion clinic are again asking a federal judge to block a state law that threatens to eventually close the facility, though a closing is not expected any time soon. In court papers filed Wednesday ...
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Nebraska high court upholds new anti-gang law
San Francisco Chronicle
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The Nebraska Supreme Court has upheld a Nebraska anti-gang law challenged by an Omaha man who styled himself as a mobster straight out of the television series "The Sopranos." The state high court also ordered that Steven Scott ...
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Township Law Would Protect Your Valuable Recyclables
The Sanatoga Post (blog)
Commissioners have proposed a law that would put those convicted of repeatedly stealing recycling items in jail for up to 90 days, or force them to pay up to a $1,000 fine. Their vote on the measure is expected during December (2012). A township ...
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The Sanatoga Post (blog)

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Jude Law Thanks The Heavens He's Not A Heartthrob Anymore ...
By Perez Hilton
Jude Law talks about his loss of sex appeal... or the loss he perceives anyways!
Netherlands to abolish blasphemy law — RT
Dutch parliament approves a motion to scrap law that made insulting God a crime. The move is welcomed by freedom of speech supporters and confirms anti-Islamists' right to criticize religion.
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SCOTUS for law students (sponsored by Bloomberg Law): The ...
By Stephen Wermiel
There is a perennial fascination that flows with every new presidential administration in recent decades: when will the president get to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, and whose seat will it be? In Washington, this speculation is already well ...
The real Sibal's law: Resisting Section 66A is futile | Firstpost
By Chaudhry
Sibal rightly argues that the problem lies not with the law but in its interpretation. What he doesn't acknowledge is that in the real world of the police thana, that interpretation is determined not by legal standards but according to a politician's ...
Viral Video: Facebook Law For Idiots « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
By ascrouch Viral Video: Facebook Law For Idiots | I See Crazy! [...] Viral Video: Facebook Law For Idiots « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth. [...] blog comments powered by Disqus. Listen Live!
CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
Judge Upholds Most Aspects Of Teacher Benefits Law « CBS Detroit
By sstoddart
A judge has upheld most aspects of a new law requiring Michigan public school employees to pay more for their pensions.
CBS Detroit
Judge Finds D.C. Law Regulating Sign-Posting Unconstitutional ...
By Zoe Tillman
A Washington federal judge today struck down a District of Columbia law regulating how long signs can stay posted on lampposts, finding that it violated the First Amendment. Act Now to Stop War and End Racism Coalition, or ANSWER, ...
The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times
Pro and con: Open-carry gun law would protect Texans; Open-carry ...
By Letters to the Editor
Stillwater Armory owner Tom Smith wears his Ed Brown 1911 .45-caliber pistol at the store in Stillwater, Okla., Oct. 24, 2012. A new law in Oklahoma that allows anyone licensed to carry a concealed firearm to choose to carry their weapon out ...
Letters to the Editor
Dutch Parliament Revokes Blasphemy Law — Winds Of Jihad By ...
By sheikyermami
While other Western nations flirt with introducing blasphemy laws under the guise of "hate speech" codes, the Netherlands, of all places, affirms free speech. "Dutch Parliament Revokes Blasphemy Law," by Frud Bezhan for RFE/RL, November ...
Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami
Russia to consider "ban everything gay" law
By John Aravosis
Russia wants to ban everything gay, for the children, of course. Though I think it's more for the adults who pine for the old communist dictator ways.
When Religion Controls the Law | Dispatches from the Culture Wars
By Ed Brayton
"In view of these facts, we are certainly warranted in saying that when the legislature gave to this Court the power of granting licenses to practice law, it was with not the slightest expectation that this privilege would be extended to women." ...
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Jude Law Happy He's Growing Older And Less Good-Looking ...
Jude Law is happy his growing older and it shows, so that people will focus on his acting rather than his good looks.
Celebrity News -

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Florida Shooting May Test 'Stand Your Ground' Law -
The shooting of a teen listening to loud music in a car is being compared to the Trayvon Martin case.
Gonzaga Law School Street Law Program Teaches Constitutional
News features and news releases from Gonzaga University's News Service.
Australia Implements World's First Law Requiring Plain Cigarette ...
Australia's highest court in August rejected a tobacco industry challenge to the plain packaging law, showing that the country would not be bullied. The law has ...
British government adopts new data security law | Sensage
Though many corporations have their own directives in place that dictate data security regulations, others need a push from lawmakers.
New Zealand Law Students Association's Magazine... |
An ad featuring a Hollywood star dressed in a schoolgirl outfit inviting female law students to "network" their way to the top has been slammed as sexist by ...

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