Apr 16, 2013

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W.Va. approves online voter registration; new tools to clean up voter lists
The Republic
Secretary of State Natalie Tennant said that eventually they will be able to use other identifiers, like a Social Security number, to allow online registration for people without a signature on file. The deadline for registering to vote will remain the ...
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Law enforcement uses special computer to catch online predators
NBC Montana
He says me they often have to be more reactive than proactive but tells me they do make a concerted effort to get online and look for these predators. The Department of Justice provides law enforcement with a PC exclusively to investigate cases of ...
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Paperwork under review to put Maryland's new gun law on the ballot
Washington Times
Organizers behind the MDPetitions site warned in a recent online post that the gun bans "are going to be ignored by criminals breaking the law." The NRA has also taken issue with the firearm act. During an interview with WTOP Radio last week, NRA ...
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Washington Times
Don't Let Logic Ruin a Good Law
National Review Online (blog)
Instead of engaging his critics on substance, the president has done his level best to circumvent the debate by transmuting a dispute over the wisdom of new laws into an up or down vote on whether or not one is sad about gun violence. This is cynical ...
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