May 4, 2013

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Call Centers For Health Law Marketplaces To Create 9K Jobs
Kitsap Sun
The federal health law derided as a "job-killer" by critics will create an estimated 9,000 jobs in 14 states this summer to handle consumer inquiries about new online insurance marketplaces. The jobs are through Vangent, a General Dynamics subsidiary, ...
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Law student applications decline with job availability
The Daily Cougar
Lawyers fresh from law school are finding it hard to get a job, a fact that has seemed to deter hopeful law students from applying. As of January, there were 30,000 applicants to law schools for the fall, a 20 percent decrease from 2011 and a 38 ...
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State law attempts to make jobs program affordable
The Columbian
A new state law effective this week offers to make employee training more affordable for Washington's small businesses. A modification to the Jobs Skills Program, a state-funded program for job-specific, short-term training, the law removes the dollar ...
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Capitol Watch: Full employment acts for lawyers
Kansas City Star
He's figuring on needing $500,000 to defend the big new anti-abortion law. That's on top of $759,000 already spent to defend other abortion laws signed by Brownback. Schmidt is requesting $250,000 in anticipation of a challenge to an anti-union law ...
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Law hurts, not helps
Laurinburg Exchange
The fact of the matter is, President Obama's health care law doesn't create jobs, it kills them. As the darkening cloud of the health care law approaches, we have already seen an uptick in uncertainty and job market chaos, and a downturn in hiring.
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Ties to gov., clients put NC law firm in spotlight
San Francisco Chronicle
Charlotte-based business law firm Moore & Van Allen negotiated a package of tax breaks and other incentives that could provide nearly $100 million to MetLife Inc., which decided in March to move about 2,600 jobs from five states to Charlotte and the ...
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Pasco programs help job seekers look their best
Connections Job Development is one of the beneficiaries of the West Pasco Bar Association's Law Suits project. For the past decade, the annual clothing drive has solicited donations of business and professional attire to benefit men and women who can't ...
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Nurses, IT analysts among top 10 fastest-growing temp jobs
Precarious employment, which includes contract, part-time, self-employment or temporary work, is becoming more common, according to a report by the Law Commission of Ontario. "Over the past several decades there has been a significant increase in ...
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Congress Mentions Jobs Far Less Frequently Than It Used To - Huffington Post
Huffington Post
Some fraction of that was due to Steve Jobs' death in October that year. But there was also President Barack Obama's proposed American Jobs Act, a Republican bill called Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act and nearly incessant back-and-forth ...
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Improved jobs report still prompts GOP ire
CNN (blog)
(CNN) – A better-than-expected jobs report Friday was still cause for concern among Republicans, who said the wide swath of Americans still looking for work were being poorly served by President Barack Obama's policies. "Today's jobs report brings some ...
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New law makes it easier for vets to get AZ licenses - Arizona Daily Star
Arizona Daily Star
"For veterans coming home now, some that are having difficulty getting job, it gives them a leg up," Harris said. "Whenever there's a civilian licensure involved, it's difficult." The law will give active duty service members and veterans 90 days after ...
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A Jobs Fillip
Wall Street Journal
If Congress won't repeal ObamaCare, it could at least help these workers by redefining full-time under the law to be 40 hours a week. Overall the jobs report is a hopeful sign that the economy will avoid its fourth consecutive year of a spring-summer ...
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WORKPLACE: Moderate job growth forecasted for state
Metropoulos and his PR people quickly walked his comments back, saying he'd never break the law and that Hostess will hire the best applicants for the jobs. What's behind the comment, however, is the demise of Hostess in bankruptcy last year. It is ...
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Solid job gains in April ease fears about economy - Business, Government Legal ...
State Journal
WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. economy showed in April that it's healthier than many had feared, adding a solid 165,000 jobs and driving the unemployment rate down a notch to a four-year low of 7.5 percent. Not only that, but many more people were hired in ...
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Look for better paying jobs, MPs advised
Capital FM Kenya
The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and Kituo Cha Sheria separately argued that Parliament risked undermining the gains set out in the Constitution by jeopardising and intimidating the independent constitutional office. LSK Chairman Eric Mutua said there ...
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Immigration Reform: What Might it Mean for Job Creation and Hiring?
Lincoln Journal Star
"It would be extremely unlikely if we don't have a signed law by August," says immigration lawyer Justin Burton, partner at Kriezelman Burton & Associates. More and more members of Congress are jumping on the immigration reform bandwagon. And if ...
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New Online Employment Rate Calculator Provides Transparent ...
Enter Law Jobs: By the Numbers™, which empowers prospective students to build, analyze, and compare rates among law schools based on 2011 and 2012 ...
Enact Smart Grid law, create jobs - Chicago Tribune
We keep reading about how the national economy is finally turning around, which is great. But here in Illinois we keep wondering where the jobs are. With our ...
Reconsidering the Conventional Wisdom on the Legal Job Market
Over the past year or so, a conventional wisdom has developed about the status of the legal job market. This conventional wisdom has at least three ...
Job (Queens): Staff Attorney - Immigrant Workers' Rights Program ...
POSITION SUMMARY Catholic Migration Services is a not-for-profit organization that provides free or low-cost legal services to low-income Brooklyn and ...

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