May 21, 2013

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SEOUL, May 21 (Yonhap) -- The top court has finalized a one-and-a-half year prison term for the head of an online news site for breaching the nation's draconian security law by exchanging emails with a North Korean spy and running pro-Pyongyang reports ...
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Dubai launches online case registration service
The first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, this service allows law firms and all litigants to register cases electronically, record every detail, upload identification papers, and send them to Dubai Courts online, said Dr Al Suwaidi. DCD's Director ...
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APAC e-commerce laws lack SMB, C2C coverage
Summary: While more countries in the region are introducing laws around online purchases, more can be done with regard to safeguard shopping on lesser-known retailers and transactions between two consumers. Ellyne Phneah. By Ellyne Phneah | May 21 ...
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INTERNET GAMING: Online poker bill still no sure bet
SACRAMENTO — There is another round of efforts to license online poker in California, but it remains to be seen if a law will emerge or if it will be "no deal," the 2013 version. The chairman of the Senate committee that oversees the gambling industry ...
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Online support grows for Sebastian student facing sex charges
Florida Today
A Palm Bay man says a case of love versus the law has left his daughter, a high school student, facing criminal charges that could land her in prison and require her to register as a sex offender. Steven Hunt and tens of thousands of online supporters ...
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NH businesses learn about health overhaul law
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Individuals and small businesses shopping for health insurance through New Hampshire's new online marketplaces will choose from among several plans offered by a single company. Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New ...
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Why Current Child Porn Laws Imprison the Wrong People
Huffington Post
But in reality, in practice, these laws have formed the basis of a modern-day witch-hunt that thrives on the vagaries of the Internet and too often captures individuals who make relatively simple errors online, rather than those who produce such ...
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Teenagers have met with strangers who made contact with them via the internet
Herald Sun
Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has drafted "Carly's Law", named after a 15-year-old Adelaide girl who was murdered in 2007 by a 50-year-old man who had posed as a young musician online. He said existing laws required prosecutors to prove that ...
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To get the word on the street, lawyers and judges go online
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Reference in legal cases to Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, have become common enough that in its Spring 2010 issue, the law review of St. John's University in Queens published an article that tried to create standardized rules ...
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Immigration Officers' Union Blasts Gang of Eight
National Review Online
The president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council announced his opposition to the Gang of Eight immigration bill (S. 744) on Monday, joining dozens of law-enforcement officers from around the country. Kenneth Palinkas, who ...
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Legitimate online services enable DDoS-attacks-for-hire sites
Law enforcement seems unconcerned with small scale attack sites like, or those who operate them, meaning that booter site operators continue to operate despite ample evidence about who they are and the illegal nature of their business, ...
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Online Extra: House passes bill on lying about military medals
Columbia Daily Herald
The Stolen Valor Act, sponsored by Nevada Republican Joe Heck, is a second attempt by the House to revive a law on fraudulent claims to medals that was struck down by the Supreme Court in June last year. The legislation is identical to a measure that ...
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Texas votes on its own CISPA-like cyber bill
Sherman, however, thinks the law could be used broadly to bring any sort of online evidence under the magnifying glass of prosecutors, causing a widespread fishing exhibition that will allow law enforcement to essentially request any sort of electronic ...
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Accused Fox News source has legal defense fund
Daily Caller
"Stephen has already depleted his life savings in defending against these charges," Kirk J. Stark, a professor at UCLA law school and a trustee of the defense trust wrote online. "His parents have sold their home to help pay for their son's legal defense.
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AirBnB Illegal In New York, Rules Judge
Fast Company
Officials in New York have determined that Airbnb is illegal, despite efforts by the online firm to persuade the city otherwise. The law violated is the illegal hotel law, which prevents residents from renting out their property for less than 29 days ...
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Your Law Practice Online - Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum
By kevin-vonkamecke
Times are tough out there. Associates are being laid off right and left. Law firms are collapsing. In some corners, business continues to dry up. Bringing in (and maintaining) clients is not just a matter of success, it's a matter of survival.
Indiana Continuing Legal Education...
The Growing Threat of Online Surveillance and How to Protect ...
By CopBlock
The U.S. is in the middle of an upheaval when it comes to monitoring citizens' online activities. Over the last few years, law enforcement agencies have been pushing for unprecedented powers of surveillance and access to your private online ...
Cop Block

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Online tool shows how healthcare law impacts IL
Heading into the Mother's Day weekend, President Barack Obama is promoting the benefits to women from the Affordable Healthcare Act. The presi.

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