May 29, 2013

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Punjab clears online lotteries, law to allow race courses
Indian Express
Punjab on Tuesday became the third state in the country after Goa and Sikkim to introduce an online lottery. The state cabinet also cleared a law to facilitate the setting up of race courses in Punjab. The online lottery will be organised, conducted ...
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Beware of legal landmines when diving into online rental space biz (blog)
Online classified sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji have made it very easy for small entrepreneurs market goods and services on the Internet. These two very popular sites along with many others specifically dedicated to the residential property ...
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Brian Burke to prove that you can't hide online
Brian Burke has won the right to serve all of you folks legal papers for stating online that he fathered a child born to sportscaster Hazel Mae of Rogers Sportsnet prior to being fired as general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs in January. While the ...
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Muslim activists: Fight extreme materials online with counter messages
Muslims interested in radical Islam have many online resources, but law-enforcement agencies and the Muslim community can spend more time "disseminating counter narratives," said Rabia Chaudry, a fellow with the New America Foundation and founder ...
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Burke wins right to serve legal papers
The Province
FILE - Brian Burke has scored in the first period of his fight against online posters who claim he fathered a child with a well-known Toronto sportscaster. In Vancouver on Tuesday, the former Canucks GM won the right to serve his legal papers against ...
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Planning For Your Online Afterlife
The National Law Review
Everyone knows that no one really reads those lengthy, legal-jargon-filled "user policies" before clicking "accept" to open a new online account. But, it turns out, there is often information contained in these policies that will determine what happens ...
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Online bank was allegedly for criminals
The investigation involved law enforcement officials from 17 countries, highlighting the increasingly complex nature of illicit financing systems that have gone not only global, but virtual as well. Anyone could open an online account with Liberty ...
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Shop online, but with caution1
China Daily
It is becoming increasingly difficult for online buyers to protect even their basic rights. For example, since the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers does not have specific clauses on the fast growing online retail industry ...
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Wyden: Online sales tax hurts small business
Mail Tribune
The efficient, low-cost model of online sales is scattered across a growing spectrum of retailers and wholesalers in the Rogue Valley. Such firms stand to absorb a financial blow if the Marketplace Fairness Act becomes law, forcing online sellers to ...
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U.S. feds seize online currency hub
ITWorld Canada
Law enforcement officials in the U.S. announced Tuesday they had closed and seized Liberty Resercve, an virtual currency they called a financial hub of the online criminal world. Four days previosly, its founder, Arthur Budovsky, had been arrested in ...
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US Says Firm Laundered Billions
Wall Street Journal
... organization called Liberty Reserve. The system allegedly was designed to give criminals a way to move money earned from credit-card fraud, online Ponzi schemes, child pornography and other crimes without being detected by law enforcement.
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Lifshitz Law Firm Announces Investigation of Aruba Networks, Inc., Delcath ...
The Herald |
Lifshitz Law Firm announces that a class action suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, alleging that Aruba Networks, Inc. ("Aruba") (ARUN) issued false and misleading statements to investors between ...
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Bill allows students to take more online courses
San Francisco Chronicle
The measure sent to the full Senate on Wednesday would remove the limits in state law of three online credit hours per year and 12 toward a high school diploma. While the bill would remove the limits, it would continue to bar students from earning a ...
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Marines investigated for online threats
WASHINGTON, May 28 (UPI) -- A former Marine and several active duty Marines are being investigated for online threats against U.S. President Barack Obama, law enforcement officials said. The Marines are being investigated by the Secret Service, USA ...
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Amazon, EBay Split On Federal Online Sales Tax Bill
Investor's Business Daily
The proposed bill received bipartisan support in passing the U.S. Senate this month, and President Obama says he will sign the law — if it gets to his desk. The bill faces an uncertain future at the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill would force ...
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Revealed: How six college friends gambled their way to a billion-dollar online ...
Daily Mail
The law most commonly applied to online gambling was the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. The Social Network: Based on another Mezrich book Jessie Eisenberg, right, plays Mark Zuckerberg, pictured with Andrew Garfield as co-founder Eduardo Laverin.
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Kennedy Discusses Anti-Bias Law
The Spokesman Review (blog)
In the Huckleberries comments section, Councilman Mike Kennedy posts: "Tony Stewart said something today that resonated with me (paraphrasing): "the law can't compel us to love one another, but it can compel is to treat one another lovingly" - in this ...
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Foreign investments to spur countryside growth — rural banker
GMA News
The Foreign Equity Bill or Republic Act 10574, which President Aquino recently signed into law, will enable rural banks to grow in terms of capital strength that may spur economic growth in the countryside, stakeholder said Wednesday. "The passage of ...
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murky world of online currency fraud
Brisbane Times
Virtual currency 'the new money laundering'. The Liberty Reserve money laundering sting is just the tip of the iceberg and Australia is becoming a key place for online currency crime, says law enforcement lecturer at Charles Sturt University, Hugh ...
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Egypt's NGO Bill facing fierce criticism
"With these amendments, the law is going from bad to worse," Mohamed Zaree, Egypt programme director at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, told Ahram Online. At a Tuesday press conference convened by the presidency, Pakinam Al-Sharkawy, ...
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Google to face 'formal charges' for breaking EU law
Post Online
European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia has warned Google that it is likely to face formal charges for violating European competition law, the New York Times reported. 29 May 2013; By Carolina Parra-Serrano; Be the first to comment. Joaquin Almunia is ...
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Unlike Liberty Reserve, Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous — Yet
New York Times (blog)
Unlike Liberty Reserve, Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous — Yet. By NICOLE PERLROTH. After Liberty Reserve, an online payment system, was shut down by law enforcement authorities Tuesday, many wondered whether Bitcoin, the digital currency, would be next.
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Online Liberty Reserve Indicted For $6 Billion In Money Laundering
The indictment says Liberty Reserve used "third-party exchangers," for money transfers. They would accept and make payments and credit or debit the Liberty Reserve account. Law enforcement officials seized four currency exchanges that operate with the ...
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Libya's congress chief steps downPublish Date: May 29, 2013
New Vision
TRIPOLI - The head of Libya's national assembly said he was stepping down following the passing of a law banning anyone who held a senior post in Muammar Gaddafi's regime from government, regardless of their part in toppling the dictator. ... Reuters ...
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Minnesota lawmakers clarify unique 'Buy the Farm' law
Eau Claire Country Today
Minnesota landowners affected by the construction of high-voltage power lines will have more rights under a bill passed last week in the final hours of the recent state legislative session. Under a clarification to the "Buy the Farm" law attached to ...
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Chicago man pleads guilty in NY hacking case
Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — A self-described anarchist and "hacktivist" from Chicago pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges he illegally accessed computer systems of law enforcement agencies and government contractors. "As part of each of these hacks, I took and decimated ...
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Kellie Pickler's Father Clyde On The Run From The Law | Radar ...
By radarstaff
She's dancing with the stars, he's running from the cops. Kellie Pickler's father, Clyde Pickler Jr., is currently a fugitive after violating his probation in Florida, according to a new report from The ENQUIRER, and the legal limbo could damage an ...
Radar Online
Colorado marijuana regulations signed into law - Herald Online
A set of laws to govern how recreational marijuana should be grown, sold and taxed was signed into law Tuesday in Colorado, where Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper called the laws the state's best attempt to navigate the uncharted ...
Rock Hill Herald Online -- National...
Law and Order: Thorpe Street resident charged with trespass, order ...
By Howard Owens
Law and Order: Thorpe Street resident charged with trespass, order violation. Submitted by Howard Owens on May 29, 2013 - 6:52am. Brodes J. Gibson, 52, of 13 Thorpe St., Batavia, is charged with criminal trespass, 2nd (unlawfully entering ...
The Batavian - Online News. Community...
Massachusetts Law Updates: New Online Child Support Document ...
By New Bedford Law Library
The Mass. Probate and Family Court in collaboration with other partners has released a new online resource to help self-represented litigants complete court forms in child support cases. They have created a series of free online interviews to ...
Massachusetts Law Updates

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