May 31, 2013

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What the Online Sales Tax Law Means for eBay Sellers
With the passage of an online sales tax bill out of the U.S. Senate earlier this month, there has been growing concern across the ecommerce world about how life for online sellers would change if the Marketplace Fairness Act were to be signed into law.
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Liz Longhurst: Online violent porn laws 'need revising'
BBC News
A woman whose daughter was murdered by a violent pornography obsessive says internet companies need to "get their act together". Liz Longhurst, whose daughter Jane was killed by Graham Coutts, said laws to curb violent sites were not effective.
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Burke case will serve legal notices online
Nanaimo Daily News
Lawyers representing former Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke say a unique court order that allows them to serve legal notice over the Internet is a way for the law to catch up to social media. B.C. Supreme Court has ordered Vancouver lawyer Peter ...
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Study: Helmet laws weakened, injuries up
Across the nation, motorcyclists opposed to mandatory helmet use have been chipping away at state helmet laws for years while crash deaths have been on the rise. For more than 40 years, Michigan required all motorcycle riders to wear helmets.
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Administration Says Online Insurance Marketplaces Will Have Robust Competition
Kaiser Health News
The new health care law is injecting more competition into health insurance markets nationwide, drawing additional insurance companies into states long dominated by a few carriers, Obama administration officials said Thursday. Such competition offers ...
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Tobacco firms advertise online in loophole
China Daily
Under the country's Advertising Law enacted in 1994, tobacco ads are not allowed in broadcasts, movies, television shows, newspapers or periodicals, and should not be placed in waiting rooms, cinemas, meeting halls or stadiums. However, online tobacco ...
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New Maryland gun law beneficial
Silver Chips Online
by Caroline Gabriel, Online News Editor. Maryland ... The new Maryland gun law will add 45 guns to a list of banned weapons and will require potential gun owners to obtain licenses for weapons and provide their fingerprints as part of the application ...
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Singapore: Regulation or censorship?
Set to take effect on June 1, the law will require online news sites to pay a S$50,000 bond (approximately $39,500 USD) and obtain individual licences if they meet certain conditions. The conditions include publishing at least one report about ...
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China Focus: Chinese tobacco firms advertise online in loophole
People's Daily Online
Yu Xiuyan, a public health researcher at the China University of Political Science and Law, said the online tobacco marketing has obviously violated the FCTC, and should be banned. According to Yu, the tobacco industry's advertising through social ...
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Law signed regarding smoking in parks, municipal facilities
Legislation giving communities local control over smoking in public parks and municipal facilities has been signed into law. kAmv@G] |2CJ u2==:? D:8?65 ... An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online service to ...
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One Barnet and a High Court challenge funded by legal aid: what's it all about?
When the Barnet Times Series newspaper published a story online about disabled pensioner Maria Nash's successful bid for legal aid to appeal the verdict of a judicial review into the council's One Barnet outsourcing scheme, it caused quite a stir ...
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DREAM Act Full Steam Ahead
National Review Online (blog)
5. Andrew Stiles. It has all the familiar symptoms of an Obama scandal: executive overreach, a bullying bureaucracy, and a reckless disregard for the rule of law. But most Republicans aren't interested. At least, not any more. ... Chris Crane, who ...
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New Law to Transform MH Services in China
Psychiatric News
An editorial appearing online April 29 in AJP in Advance emphasizes that the move away from involuntary treatment—and other provisions in the law—presents China with many challenges, especially the need for more psychiatrists and more ...
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Abraham Lincoln University School of Law Announces their Upcoming Alumni ...
This works to improve their alumni's online presence, making them more accessible to individuals and organizations looking for their legal services online. During this mixer, alumni will be giving the opportunity to join Abraham Lincoln University ...
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One Piece's Captain Law Clothing Pre-Orders
Capsule Computers
The Official online Premium Bandai store, on Wednesday, began taking orders for a whole bunch of new apparel themed around Pirate Captain Trafalgar Law from Eiichiro Oda's world renown Manga One Piece. If you've every wanted to look like a stylish, ...
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Deaths must spur China to act on land reform
BEIJING (Caixin Online) — The deaths of three farmers in Henan, Hubei and Sichuan — killed separately while protesting against the requisition of their land — have made the central government sit up. On May 13, the Ministry of Land and Resources ...
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Indeed Online disposes of Runnett & Co to co-founder Lewis
Indeed Online disposes of Runnett & Co to co-founder Lewis LONDON (SHARECAST) - Conveyancing firm Indeed Online has reported that a contract has been signed to dispose of property law firm Runnett & Co to its co-founder Matthew Lewis for one ...
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Thomson Reuters launches legal research service in Qatar
Gulf Times
"The Ministry of Justice welcomes such initiatives, which are consistent with the aim of facilitating efficient online access to Qatar's laws and legislation, and in line with the country's ambitious National Vision," said Ibrahim Musa Hitmi, under ...
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Online comments deserve full weight of law
The Record (New Westminster)
The idea that the Internet is somehow exempt from Canadian libel laws is simply wrong. In fact, given the Internet's almost infinite and immediate reach, one would think that it would be even more important to ensure that people can't, without some ...
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Governor signs marijuana bills into law
Mountain Mail Newspaper
John Hickenlooper signed 73 bills into law Tuesday, including several bills affecting recreational marijuana regulations. The bills include: kAm• "x>A=6>6? .... An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online ...
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Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law enters House race
Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013 12:41 pm. Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law enters House race Associated Press |. Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law is running to recapture the Philadelphia-area U.S. House seat that she lost almost 20 years ago, a defeat ...
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Cut the tax breaks for large firms like Amazon and focus support on SMBs and ...
In May, US authorities repealed a decades-old law which afforded online retailers an unfair advantage against their real-world counterparts. The Marketplace Fairness Act repealed laws which had for years exempted online retailers such as Amazon to sell ...
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Seton Hall campus reopens after bomb hoax
Greenville News
The Seton Hall University campus in South Orange, N.J., was evacuated and closed Thursday afternoon while law enforcement searched all buildings after a bomb threat was received online. / Seton Hall University. USA Today ...
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Online ticket vendor in California hacked
Kansas City Star
Vendini spokesman Keith Goldberg said in an email that the company delayed notifying customers for a month at the behest of federal law enforcement officials who were investigating. Goldberg said the company would not disclose how many people or ...
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Meet the Latest Unpaid Fashion Intern Suing Her Former Boss
New York Magazine
Pianko, who graduated from Fordham Law School in 2009, got interested in this type of law when he noticed job postings online for unpaid work. "So many descriptions sounded similar to a salaried position, except on the last line it said 'unpaid,'" he ...
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Major Legal Obstacles Face Amanda Bynes' Parents ... - Radar Online
By radarstaff
Amanda Bynes' parents face significant legal obstacles if they decide to pursue a conservatorship/guardianship for the troubled actress, and her recent move to New York City has thrown a huge wrench into the process, is ...
Radar Online
"Online Voter Registration" | Election Law Blog
By Rick Hasen
The Arizona Campaign Finance Law: The Surprisingly Good News in the Supreme Court's New Decision, The New Republic (online), June 27, 2011. New York City as a Model?, New York Times Room for Debate, June 27, 2011. A Cover-Up ...
Election Law Blog

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