May 31, 2013

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Study: Helmet law weakened, motorcycle injuries up
San Francisco Chronicle
WASHINGTON (AP) — The average medical claim from a motorcycle crash rose by more than one-fifth last year in Michigan after the state stopped requiring all riders to wear helmets, according to an insurance industry study. Across the nation ...
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Study: Helmet Laws Weak, Injuries Up
Valley News
FILE - In this June 12, 2008 file photo, Randy Knauff takes off from work without a helmet on his motorcycle in Harmony, Pa. Across the nation, motorcyclists opposed to mandatory helmet use have been chipping away at state helmet laws for years while ...
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Study says Michigan's motorcycle laws is reason for increased accidents
TECUMSEH -- It's now been a year since Michigan changed it's motorcycle helmet requirements. For decades the state required all riders to wear them. But in 2012, the requirement changed meaning only riders 21 and younger had to them. A new study says ...
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Michigan study says motorcycle injuries worsen with weaker helmet laws
Autoblog (blog)
According to The Detroit News, an insurance industry study found that the average medical claim resulting from a motorcycle crash rose by more than one-fifth in Michigan last year, following the state's decision to no longer require most riders to wear ...
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Study: Premiums could rise average of 40 percent under ObamaCare
The Hill (blog)
Health insurance premiums could rise by as much as 40 percent as a result of President Obama's healthcare law, according to a new study. The survey of premiums in six states found that premiums could increase most significantly for young, healthy men.
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Study: Virginia's Latino renters treated differently from whites
Washington Post
Even with federal laws such as the Fair Housing Act that are aimed at protecting minority groups from discrimination, Latinos attempting to rent homes in Virginia often are treated differently from whites, according to a recent study. The investigation ...
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Medicare costs down under health-care law
WASHINGTON — Innovations adopted and accelerated by the 2010 health-care law will continue to force down overall Medicare costs, according to industry analysts and studies. Those changes include new payment plans, improved efficiency and a move ...
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Claims rising for motorcyclists riding without helmets, study shows
Detroit Free Press
Michigan's year-old law allowing motorcyclists to go without helmets appears to be leading to more injuries — and more severe injuries — when measured by insurance claims, according to a new study. The Arlington-based Highway Loss Data Institute ...
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San Diego Immigration Lawyers at Golden State Law Group Comment on ...
MarketWatch (press release)
SAN DIEGO, CA, May 30, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- The San Diego immigration lawyers at the Golden State Law Group represent clients who are facing stress and uncertainty with regards to legal issues that include visas, green cards, status ...
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Clough Center Selects Inaugural Public Interest Law Scholars
Boston College Chronicle
Twelve Boston College Law students have been selected as the first Public Interest Law Scholars of the University's Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, as part of the center's mission to support students who are committed to ...
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Chief Reviewer Eviscerates Regnerus Study, But Questions Remain
In an explosive interview published yesterday by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Darren Sherkat -- a member of the editorial board of the journal Social Science Research, which published Mark Regnerus's disgraced "study" claiming that gays and ...
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Legislation creates post to study climate change
The Coloradoan
Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the bill into law earlier this week without a public ceremony. New York state has an office to study climate change, and Pennsylvania has a climate-change manager within the state's department of environmental ...
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Farr Law Firm Makes Donation to New Aquarium Project (press release)
Punta Gorda, FL, May 31, 2013 --( The Farr Law Firm has donated $5,000 to a feasibility study evaluating the possible economic impacts of building a signature facility in the downtown center of Punta Gorda. The project is gaining momentum ...
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Injury claims filed by Michigan motorcyclists rise after helmet law repeal
LANSING, MI (WTVB) - In the year since Michigan law changed allowing motorcyclists to ride without helmets, a new study indicates an increase in the number of injuries. The Highway Loss Data Institute research reveals that there have been about 12 ...
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Latinas Consistently Targets for Sterilization in US, Study Finds
The basis for the sterilizations was a 1909 law making it legal to sterilize the "feeble-minded," and wasn't repealed until 1979. In California alone, the study found, between 3,000 to 4,000 women with Spanish surnames were sterilized in psychiatric ...
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Poll: Indy residents like smoking ban
INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - This Saturday supporters of Indianapolis' new smoke free law will celebrate the ban's first anniversary, and they have reason to celebrate. A study released Thursday shows samples of air taken after the law took effect have gotten ...
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Study sentenced to 68 1/2 years
Lebanon Reporter
Boone County — John O. Study, 50, Wednesday was sentenced to 68 1/2 years in prison for bank robbery and other crimes. In all, he was sentenced to 10-year terms for B felony robbery and criminal confinement and D felony resisting law enforcement and ...
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68 animal species endangered in Bolivia: study
People's Daily Online
The study, conducted by private body, the Environmental Defense League, blamed poor law enforcement for the endangered species and called on the Bolivian government to take serious actions against poaching and animal trafficking. The survival of a ...
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Parents question racial imbalance law
Greenwich Time
A number of parents voiced doubts about a recent Milone & MacBroom study and expressed concerns about the potential options for addressing the town's racial enrollment and building capacity issues. Some parents asked about challenging state law on ...
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Study is encouraging news in fight against meth
Scottsboro Daily Sentinel
According to a report by the Alabama Drug Abuse Task Force Subcommittee, the state has had a significant reduction in meth labs since the new law went into effect last year. New laws in Alabama aimed at reducing the problem appear to be working.
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Lewis Lapham: Lincoln Moaned, Died as Secretary Watched
John Milton Hay went east from Warsaw, Illinois, to finish his education at Brown University in Rhode Island, where he decided to become a poet. When he went back home, a depressed Hay changed course and in May 1859 began to study law with his uncle ...
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How to Beat Lie Detector Brain Scans: Suppress Memories of Guilt
Medical Daily
Companies like No Lie MRI and Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories claim to be able to detect criminal guilt using brain scans of suspects, but a new study finds that such commercial lie detection methods are easy to beat, as long as you can successfully ...
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Bheki Makhubu raises freedom flag in Swaziland
CPJ Press Freedom Online (blog)
Now, aged 43, he doesn't regret his choice, but besides his job as editor of the privately owned monthly magazine, The Nation, he is also studying for a law degree. On April 17, the Swaziland high court sentenced Bheki Makhubu, to two years ...
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Activist presses gun law assault
Albany Times Union
Under a Message of Necessity lawmakers, as well as the governor, can agree to quickly pass a piece of legislation without the usual three-day waiting period, which is used to study and digest new laws. "There was no need for speed," Schulz said of the ...
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