May 21, 2013

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Vermont passes law allowing doctor-assisted suicide
Chicago Tribune
The law, which includes a number of safeguards over the next three years as the state adapts, marked the first time a U.S. state has used the legislative process to make assisted suicide legal. Oregon and Washington have similar laws passed through ...
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Council of Europe tells Putin of concern over Russian NGO law
Chicago Tribune
SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) - The head of the Council of Europe told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday he was concerned a law requiring non-governmental organizations which received funding from abroad to register as foreign agents could have a ...
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In absence of federal shield law, discretion guides pursuit of reporters' records
Washington Post
But neither, said George Washington University law professor Orin Kerr, does the public want a world of free disclosure by government workers with no opportunity for the government to investigate. "It requires a very delicate balance. We wouldn't want ...
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Afghan parliament drops law on elimination of violence against women
The parliamentarians who opposed the law call 6 articles of its articles to be against Islamic values. The articles talks about establishing of safe houses, 16 years age for marrying, increasing of marriage, selection of husband by wife and forced ...
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Obama endorses federal shield law for media
Washington Post
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Monday that President Obama is endorsing a federal shield law for reporters seeking to protect their confidential sources, and "is very happy to see the Senate take it up again." Associated Press ...
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Spot-fixing: New law should act as deterrent, Kapil Sibal tells NDTV
... NDTV's video to your playlist. Sign in. Transcript Statistics Report. Published on May 20, 2013. Law Minister Kapil Sibal talks to NDTV on whether a law against match-fixing will actually help curb the menace and if legalising betting will solve ...
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Education Secretary Duncan gives 3 more states permission to ignore No Child ...
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced on Monday that three more states would join the ranks of those given permission to ignore parts of the federal No Child Left Behind law in favor of their own school improvement plans.
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Redskins Name Ban: Law Professor Suggests DC Council Pass Resolution ...
Huffington Post
The strategy of using broadcasting law as a weapon against "REDSKINS" is based upon an FCC proceeding Banzhaf brought in the late 1960s which forced TV stations to begin featuring African Americans as reporters and in other significant on-air roles, ...
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Gay marriage law strains UK Cameron's leadership, government
The new law being debated on Monday proposes legalizing same-sex marriage, something rights groups say is overdue. The opposition Labour party and the Liberal Democrats back it. Cameron is trying to perform a tricky balancing act: to reconcile his ...
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India mulls law after spot-fixing arrests
NEW DELHI, May 20: India is mulling a law to deal with the issue of spot-fixing in sport following last week's arrest of cricketers and bookmakers, government officials said on Monday. Former India Test bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth and two other ...
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New Egypt tax law has cuts for poor, hikes rates for businesses, leaves ...
Washington Post
CAIRO — Egypt's president has signed a new tax law that cuts the amount paid by poorer Egyptians while increasing taxes on small and medium-sized businesses. The interim parliament approved the law last week. President Mohammed Morsi signed it ...
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Man and daughter-in-law killed in gas explosion
Nottinghamshire Police said they believe Leslie Rourke, 71, and his daughter-in-law Jeanette, 40, were killed in the blast. Mr Rourke's body was found buried between the ground floor and basement of the house in Wright Street in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
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FAQ: Under New Health Law, How Low Can Coverage Go?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
As the WSJ reported today, some employers are wondering how low they can go when it comes to offering coverage under the new health law, one of several ways companies may try to minimize their costs under the law. Administration officials confirmed ...
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Police violated law - Monitor MDPublish Date: May 21, 2013
New Vision
"We are horrified by this act, which is a gross disregard of the Ugandan law and a violation of the Monitor's constitutional right," Asiimwe said. "This matter is in court and management has contested the demand by the Police for us to disclose the ...
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Role of Health-Law 'Navigators' Under Fire
Wall Street Journal
Backers of the health-care overhaul face an uphill battle to spread the word about the law, in the face of consumer research that suggests most uninsured people know little about it and are skeptical about the value of health insurance generally.
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IRS Scandal Exposes Tensions Between Law, Expectation In Policing Political ...
Huffington Post
That law, and its interpretations in regulatory rulings made by the IRS, does not provide meaningful guidance on what constitutes political campaign activity, a fact noted in the Department of the Treasury Inspector General report into the IRS' alleged ...
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Bolivia: New law backs President Evo Morales third term
BBC News
Bolivia has passed a controversial law which paves the way for President Evo Morales to be elected for a third time. The Bolivian constitution states that presidents can only serve two terms. But Bolivia's highest court ruled last month that, because ...
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New law limiting fireworks use may be in effect by July 4th
Detroit Free Press
A new law limiting when fireworks can be used may not be enacted by Memorial Day, but state legislators are hoping to complete the bill by the Fourth of July. The bill would limit fireworks to three-day period surrounding 10 national holidays and allow ...
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Attempt to repeal Nebraska sales tax law rejected
The law gives cities the power to ask voters for an increase to as high as 2 percent, up from the current 1.5 percent lid imposed by the state. Lawmakers voted not to reconsider a measure filed by Sen. Ernie Chambers that would have ended the law.
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Knesset to vote on law tightening pyramid structure of Israeli businesses
The Knesset Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on Tuesday on the Business Concentration Law, after lawmakers agreed to toughen its terms to permit no more than two tiers of chained ownership, committee chairman Nissan Slomiansky (Habayit ...
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Nevada Assembly passes Brianna's Law
San Francisco Chronicle
It was a text from Jayann Sepich, the mother of Katie Sepich who is the namesake of the federal version of the same law. "Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!" it read. With the Assembly's 29-9 nod of approval, Brianna's Law heads to the Senate for a procedural ...
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Could Apple be crippled by the end of Moore's Law?
Wall Street Journal
A growing discussion among experts in the semiconductor business about the end of the revered "Moore's Law" could also have heavy implications for Apple Inc. as the company has arguably become one of the world's top suppliers of mobile computing ...
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Teens, technology, law: when sexting is not pornography - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
Some parents and rights groups are calling for a new law that would distinguish sexting from child pornography, create lesser punishments and focus on educating teenagers, not punishing them. But they also acknowledge that young victims can be ...
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Bin Laden's Son-in-Law Seeks a New Lawyer, but There's a Snag
New York Times
The defendant, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, who is Osama bin Laden's son-in-law, was brought to the United States to face trial on a charge of conspiring to kill Americans. When he was arraigned in March, his case was assigned to the public defender's office, ...
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Police: Brother-in-law 'heavily involved' in disposal of Susan Powell's body
The Seattle Times
advertising. WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — For the first time, Utah police said Monday they believe Susan Powell's brother-in-law was "heavily involved" in disposing of her body, even as they announced they couldn't solve the sensational case of a mother's ...
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Missing man Colin Law's body found after 14 years
BBC News
Police have confirmed that a man whose remains were discovered in the Scottish Borders last month was a teenager reported missing 14 years ago. Colin Law, 19, from Gordon, was reported as a missing person in May 1999. His remains were discovered in ...
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Rep. pulls plug on futile-care law reform bill
Houston Chronicle (blog)
The legislation had seemed the best hope to fix the law, which has pitted families against doctors and hospitals in a number of high-profile conflicts over patients' end-of-life care and which has now resisted reform efforts in five consecutive sessions.
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It's time for Thaksin to respect the rule of law: senior Democrats - The ...
It's time for Thaksin to respect the rule of law: senior Democrats. Senior Democrat Party figures called on former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday to admit to his alleged wrongdoings and respect the courts... -
'Rubber band' bill: Russian parliament passes 'legally indefinable' - RT
The Russian Duma has passed a second reading of a religious offense law that has provoked a firestorm of controversy.
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SF Dog Walker Law Dragging Into Court | NBC Bay Area
Restrictions on how many dogs can be walked at a time -- eight, when a walker says up to 15 is acceptable -- may be fought by dog walkers in San Francisco.
NBC Bay Area - Top Stories
GCSB 'arguably' didn't break law - Neazor |
By Andrea Vance
The country's spy watchdog says the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) "arguably" didn't break the law in the cases of 88 Kiwis. - Politics
Alcohol law may change in St. Augustine |
Spencer Hooker owns The Kookaburra in St. Augustine. It's a café. "We do coffee, espresso and Aussie meat pies," Hooker said. His tiny but popular business is at the bottom of a building located next to the Cathedral Basilica in downtown St.
Cuomo: Rensselaer Co. Clerk 'is not upholding the law'
By Jimmy Vielkind, Capitol bureau
"I don't believe that's the law. That's not for a county clerk to do on a blanket basis. That's not my reading of the law," Cuomo said. "Let me get the facts of what the clerk is doing, but that clerk is not upholding the law. You can't decide what the ...
Capitol Confidential
Libya – Law By The Gun - Vanguard
By adekunle
Who would disarm them, when they appear to be the law, when they are the ones offering protection to everyone, at a price? The more powerful these militias insist that their participation in the eight-month war that wrestled power from Gaddafi ...
Vanguard News
Illinois Law Takes Aim At Social Media-Aided Flash Mobs ...
By Ben Richmond ()
The legislation hardly feels up-to-date, using language like "electronic communication," which elsewhere is defined by law as including pagers. (Remember those?)
Motherboard RSS Feed
Law report: Performance stops, composer sues - ArtsJournal
By Norman Lebrecht
The composer Nathan Currier has been given a green light by the state supreme court to sue the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra for stopping the premiere of his evening-long oratorio before it finished. Currier, 53, had paid $72,000 for the ...
Slipped Disc
Nevada Assembly Passes Brianna's Law - KOLO
A bill requiring DNA to be collected from everyone arrested on felony charges in Nevada has almost cleared the state Legislature.
KOLO - HomePage - Headlines
Zeidan government refers rape and violence against women draft ...
By Sami Zaptia
At yesterday's press conference Prime Minister Ali Zeidan revealed that his government had referred a new proposed law to the GNC on rape and violence against women. Zeidan said that these group of people deserved attention and that his ...
Libya Herald
Top 9 at 9: J.Law in Blue, New X Factor Judges and More - StyleList
By Abigail Silverman
Top 9 at 9: J.Law in Blue, New X Factor Judges and; Top 9 at 9; Top 9 at 9: J.Law in Blue, New X Factor Judges and More · Who Wore What This Weekend: The Endless Red Carpet; Who Wore What; Who Wore What This ...

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Afghan parliament fails to pass divisive women's law - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: By Miriam Arghandiwal and Ibrahimi Aziz KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's parliament failed to pass a law on Saturday banning violence ...
Quotes of the Week: 'I Followed What I Thought Was the Law.' - ABC ...
"I followed what I thought was the law. I didn't break into the room. I didn't beat up anyone. I didn't try to muscle anyone." Click here to read more. PHOTO: Marina ...
Natural Law | Teaching American History
Natural Law. Oliver Wendell Holmes. The Harvard Law Review. 1918. It is not enough for the knight of romance that you agree that his lady is a very nice girl—if ...
Constitutional Law | Coursera
Constitutional Law. Akhil Reed Amar. An introduction to the main themes of the American Constitution—popular sovereignty, separation of powers, federalism, ...
The Tyrant's Law (The Dagger and the Coin): Daniel Abraham ...
"This smart, absorbing, fascinating military fantasy, exciting and genuinely suspenseful, will keep readers on their toes." (Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) on ...
Republicans In Congress Killed A Media Shield Law That Would ...
The defeated bill would have required approval from a federal court before reporters' phone records were subpoenaed. Darrell Issa, who...

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