May 1, 2013

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Study: Most Muslims want sharia law, split on interpretation
A majority of Muslims around the world want sharia law to be implemented in their countries but are split on how it should be applied, according to a study released Tuesday. The comprehensive Pew Research Center survey conducted between 2008 and ...
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Senate immigration bill gives illegal aliens multiple amnesties: New study
"Illegal aliens will be rewarded for breaking laws for which American citizens are routinely punished," said Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies. "For example, an American citizen would face a maximum penalty of ten ...
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Over three fourths of Muslims want sharia as law of the land: study
Hindustan Times
"Muslims are not equally comfortable with all aspects of sharia," said the study by the Washington-based Pew Forum. "Most do not believe it should be applied to non-Muslims." Unlike codified Western law, sharia is a loosely defined set of moral and ...
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Five takeaways from Pew's comprehensive study on Islam
CNN (blog)
Washington (CNN) – A Pew Research Center study released Tuesday takes an in-depth look at Islam, including how Muslims around the world view extremism, sharia law and the meeting of religion and politics. The study is a four-year effort by Pew, which ...
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Marine plastic merits further study, scientist says
ROCKPORT — Though awareness of the impact of of marine debris — namely plastic litter — has been growing throughout the last several decades, Dr. Kara Lavender Law of the Sea Education Association (SEA) says the discipline merits more study before ...
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Pew study: 99 percent of Muslim Afghans want sharia to be 'law of the land'
Washington Post (blog)
"The percentage of Muslims who say they want sharia to be 'the official law of the land' varies widely around the world, from fewer than one-in-10 in Azerbaijan (8 percent) to near unanimity in Afghanistan (99 percent). But solid majorities in most of ...
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'Obamacare' Poll Finds 42% of Americans Unaware It's Law
The Kaiser Family Foundation released results of a non-partisan study Tuesday finding more than 40 percent did not even know the law was in place. "Four in ten Americans (42%) are unaware that the ACA [Affordable Care Act] is still the law of the land ...
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Hawaii shield law likely dead as chambers differ
San Francisco Chronicle
Instead, the chamber amended the bill to extend the current law two more years and study the issue. The House scheduled a vote on its version for Thursday, the last day of the legislative session. The Senate ignored the House changes when it passed its ...
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Wall Street Is Killing Dodd-Frank One Regulation at a Time
By Thomas Hedges, Center for Study of Responsive Law. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a letter this month outlining the changes it would like to see made to the Dodd-Frank Act, whose full implementation has been delayed for almost three years ...
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Addiction Treatment Pioneer Dr. AR Mohammad Implores Legislators to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Addiction Treatment Pioneer Dr. A.R. Mohammad Implores Legislators to Strengthen Marijuana Laws in Light of New Study. Dr. Mohammad and His Team of Addiction Experts at Malibu Horizon Launch Marijuana Awareness Campaign in Response to ...
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MarketWatch (press release)
Two Kazakh men, one other arrested in Boston Marathon bombings; allegedly ...
Two Kazakh men and a third man have been arrested by federal authorities in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings, a law enforcement official familar with the case said this morning. The two men, Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, came to ...
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"Lutherans Know Something We Don't Know" - Patheos
Patheos (blog)
As the study Bible explains, "These notes summarize sections of Scripture, applying both Law and Gospel for the reader and providing a petition or praise to guide the reader into prayer, since studying the Bible is always a devotional act for Lutherans.
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Supreme Court's Elder Law Task Force will tackle growing abuses to older ...
The Luminary
HARRISBURG - The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has formed an Elder Law Task Force, chaired by Justice Debra Todd, to study the growing problems involved in guardianship, abuse and neglect, and access to justice. The task force has been charged by ...
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Not your typical law school – intriguing aspects of studying law in ...
Once you have researched one law school in Australia, you have done some digging into them all, right? Not so fast. We found a unique aspect of each of the ...

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