May 23, 2013

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Sex trafficking laws toughen in TN after study
The Tennessean
An additional 12 new laws approved by lawmakers this year include harsher criminal penalties on traffickers, an extended window of time for prosecutors to bring charges and the creation of a state trafficking task force to study and respond to the issue.
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Driver attitude to blame
Bayside Bulletin
Driver attitude to blame. May 23, 2013, 11:30 a.m.. RE the letter from Peter Callill (May 17): He left out one very important detail, where did he study law? The article, which he derides so vehemently is simply a statement of the law relating to the ...
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Defaults in Labor Law, Decent Work Bill
"The laws need to be evidence-based and driven by qualities studies as to the problem of child labor in Liberia with a national data base on child labor needed and customary laws need to be updated," Allison said. According to the United States ...
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PEW: Muslims world-wide reject suicide bombings, support sharia law
Florida Baptist Witness
James Bell, primary researcher for the Pew study, said one of its key aims was to learn what average Muslims mean by sharia law and what role they want it to play in their lives and in their society. "One of the things the survey finds is that most ...
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