May 30, 2013

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Study: Motorcycle injuries worsen with weaker helmet law
Corpus Christi Caller Times
The average insurance payment on a motorcycle injury claim was $5,410 in the two years before the law was changed, and $7,257 after it was changed - an increase of 34 percent, the study by the Highway Loss Data Institute found. After adjusting for the ...
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Study Finds Health Law Is Helping Protect Young Adults From High Bills
Kaiser Health News
The Affordable Care Act has provided financial protections for young adults facing medical emergencies, according to a new study. President Barack Obama signed the law in March 2010, and one of its provisions that kicked in that September allowed young ...
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Study says motorcycle injuries worsen with weaker helmet law
WASHINGTON (AP) - An insurance industry study says deaths in motorcycle crashes have been on the rise as states chip away at their helmet laws. The Highway Loss Data Institute says in Michigan, the average medical claim from a motorcycle crash rose by ...
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Bicycle helmet laws linked to fewer child deaths
"The impetus is that when you make it a law, parents realize it's important and parents get their kids to do it," said Dr. William Meehan, the study's lead author from Boston Children's Hospital. About 900 people die as a result of bicycle crashes ...
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Study finds immigrants help pay for Medicare
The Tennessean
The law would legalize 11 million unauthorized immigrants. One of the authors of the study was later found to have argued in his doctoral dissertation at Harvard in 2009 that immigrants naturally have a lower IQ than the "native white population" of ...
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Midstate launching bachelor of arts in law and social justice program
Washington Times-Reporter
Midstate College Director of Paralegal Studies, Mark Wiltse, has been instrumental in spearheading the effort to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Law and Social Justice. Mark has a Master's Degree in Public Administration with his undergraduate studies ...
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Centre unveils national water framework law
The Hindu
When asked by The Hindu for his own views on the proposed national framework and river basin laws, the Minister said: "We have to study them." Seeking the cooperation of State governments for undertaking reforms in the water sector, Water Resources ...
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Study: Health Law Protected Young Adults From High Hospital Bills
Kitsap Sun
Researchers at the RAND Corporation set out to find some hard data on one aspect of the health law: Does having medical insurance protect young adults from the financial ruin that often comes with a major injury or illness? The quick answer: Yes, it does.
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Federal Health Care Reform Law Has Saved Young Adults Millions
KREX News Channel 5
A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine says in the first year that the affordable care act went into effect, young adults who are now allowed to stay on their parents insurance saved nearly $147 million dollars in emergency room bills ...
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93 percent of homicides of US law enforcement officers result from firearms
Medical Xpress
While occupational homicides continue to decline in the U.S., law enforcement remains one of the deadliest jobs in America. A new study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health The report found documents that 93 percent ...
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St. Rose students study Trayvon Martin case with mock trial
Asbury Park Press
"I always feel this is a more creative way to help the kids learn about the U.S. Constitution and about law," said teacher Sean McDonald, who coordinates the mock trial annually. Zimmerman, who is white and of Peruvian descent, fatally shot Martin, ...
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Ranchi students not keen to study at Delhi University
Times of India
Seema Gupta, whose daughter cleared her Class XII examination with 88% marks in arts, said: "How can I send her to DU when we get to hear horror stories everyday. I am not prepared to put my daughter's safety at stake. I have convinced her to study law ...
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Drop in available training contracts as law student numbers increase
Despite the decreasing number of training contracts being made available and large rises in tuition fees, the number of students who have secured university places to study law actually increased in 2012 - up 5.5% from the 2011 figures. All of this ...
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'Foreign Law' Apparently Not a Problem When It Comes to Corporations
The Atlantic
The Brennan Center for Justice,* along with the Center for American Progress, published a timely report earlier this month on "foreign law bans," which you probably remember from recent Tea Party history as "anti-sharia" laws. The study tells us that ...
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Study links LGBT supportive policies to positive business-related outcomes
LGBTQ Nation
LOS ANGELES — LGBT-supportive workplace policies are linked to positive business-related outcomes, according to a new study by Williams Institute, a national think tank at UCLA's School of Law. The study, entitled "The Business Impact of ...
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Health reform shields young adults from emergency medical costs, study finds
Medical Xpress
The study compared insurance status among those aged 19 to 25 with people who were aged 26 to 31, who were unaffected by the new provision of the health law. This provided a means for researchers to analyze whether changes in insurance coverage ...
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Politics as game theory
Israel Hayom
During the most difficult days of Israel's War of Independence, the sons of the rich went abroad to study law at British universities, and later returned to Israel to teach the concepts of equality and democracy. During that same period, others sat in ...
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Guns would reduce murder rate
Baltimore Sun (blog)
Economist John Lott Jr. did an immense and comprehensive study of the effect of "concealed carry laws" on crime. He studied every county in every state and concluded that where such laws exist, crime goes down. His work has been challenged quite often ...
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Southern Poverty Law Center Calls Out Anti-Gay Parenting Study, Its ...
By Elliott
In the newest issue of its Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center calls out Mark Regnerus, the author of the controversial and fraudulent.

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Study law through Melbourne Uni? - Yahoo! Answers
Hello, I am a current year 11 student hoping to study law in the future. I was hoping to study law through Melbourne Uni, however, I can not find anything about ...

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