Jun 8, 2013

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Brooklyn Park Family Raises Awareness of Restroom Law
Thousands of Minnesotans suffer from colitis, Crohn's disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases that make it difficult to wait to use a restroom. There's a Minnesota law designed to help them called the Restroom Access Act. Patients can carry an "I ...
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Crewe chosen to pilot DWP family matters scheme
Crewe Guardian
The scheme, called Family Matters, has been developed by the family law organization, Resolution, with funding from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), to support parents who will no longer qualify for legal aid. Crewe has been picked to pilot ...
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Brother Testifies in Legal Fight Over Family Rights and Land
The Ledger
Kent Ellsworth testifies in the civil trial against his brother Bill Ellsworth III on Friday in Circuit Judge Ellen Masters' courtroom in Bartow. The trial will determine the future of O-M Holdings, a company that owns 470 acres of vacant land north of ...
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Judge Christopher Dupuy Responds to Removal Suit
Texas Lawyer
Judge Christopher Dupuy's legal troubles span three different court systems in Galveston County ? civil, criminal and family law. Now, the suspended jurist is fighting back in the civil suit that seeks his permanent removal from the bench. He alleges ...
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All in the name of family
Ottawa Citizen
British Columbia and Alberta are the only provinces other than Quebec to have changed family law legislation to include provisions relating to surrogacy, assisted human reproduction and the donation of reproductive material (sperm), specifying that ...
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Legal service helping the poor
Petoskey News-Review
The national, nonprofit organization provides free legal representation in most areas of civil law for individuals who live at the poverty level or who are 60 years of age or older. Services include help for domestic violence victims, family law ...
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On Your Best Behavior: How Should You Act In Family Court?
EIN News (press release)
As family law attorneys, we have seen it all -- parties chewing gum, whispering answers, slouching in their chairs and even yelling at the judge(!). Think of court as a blind date. Would you arrive late to the date? Would you fall asleep during it ...
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Hadassah (Yashar Chapter) Recognizes Attorney Jacqueline Harounian as ...
PR Web (press release)
The attorneys and judges chapter of Hadassah (the Yashar Chapter) recognized Attorney Jacqueline Harounian as 2013 Woman of the Year. Jacqueline Harounian is a family lawyer at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates; a law firm that offers family legal ...
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Killer Says Family Tried to Help, 'But I Wouldn't Let Them'
Wall Street Journal
He later explained, according to court documents, that he thought Mr. Kirby had sexually abused him and was going to hurt his family, a belief he now knows was a delusion. "State law says you can't have them committed against their will unless they are ...
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A family reunited, after 50 years of separation
Cowichan News Leader Pictorial
The code dealt with issues like family law, child custody and parental authority. Quebec's civil code underwent a massive overhaul in the late 50's and early 60's as social attitudes changed. "I was pregnant when I was taken to jail and when the baby ...
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Families of Violent Patients: 'We're Locked Out' of Care
Wall Street Journal- India
Ms. Ando has two close family members who suffer from mental illness. Today's system is a patchwork of state and federal laws and policies. Five states don't allow involuntary treatment. Nevada has a bill pending that will allow it, in some circumstances.
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Death of Del. Teen Could Lead to New Law
Now, her family wants to prevent something like this from happening again through a bill called Christina's Law. They were in Dover this week for a house committee hearing on the bill. The bill received overwhelming support and now heads to the full house.
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The Decision: A discussion on California's Prop. 8
KCRA Sacramento
... or Chrome) to add kcratv's video to your playlist. Sign in. Stats have been disabled for this video. Report. Published on Jun 7, 2013. A discussion on California's Prop. 8 featuring experts on several areas: Constitutional law, public policy and ...
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Malaysian Want Kids Reconvert From Islam
Shari`ah courts handle family law cases involving Muslims, while secular courts handle those involving non-Muslims. CAIRO – An Indian hair salon owner has alleged that her two children have been converted to Islam by her Muslim-convert husband without ...
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Family denied family member's autopsy results
WWLP 22News
BOSTON (WWLP) - The family of a Southbridge woman Debra Andrews is urging state lawmakers to pass a law that would allow them to access her autopsy results. "For my family it's important because we need the closure… to move on and help with the ...
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Deerwood family's purchase may have connections to Minneapolis murder case
Brainerd Daily Dispatch
Joe and Tabetha Nelson's van was seized in April by area law enforcement and surrendered to the Minneapolis Police Department. The van is believed to be connected with a 2011 North Minneapolis homicide. Back | Next. Brainerd Dispatch/Steve Kohls Joe ...
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'Sharia' bill hardly harmless
News & Observer
The foreign law ban before the Senate purports to stop the state's courts from applying foreign law in family law proceedings if doing so violates constitutional rights. Sounds harmless, right? It's not. For decades, American courts have applied ...
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Elder Law: Know the signs of abuse
Carlisle Sentinel
In other cases the older person may not want to get the caregiver, especially if it is a family member, in legal trouble. It is important for the older person to understand that the only way the abusive situation can be improved is by informing the ...
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Common sense law: Gunpoint marriage declared void
The Express Tribune
Rao Ijaz, Family Judge on Friday declared void a marriage allegedly performed at gunpoint. Asima Shehzadi had filed a suit for annulment of marriage against Muhammad Azhar; she said that Azhar—who is her cousin—forcedly made her marry him on April ...
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Police Rushing to Jackson Family Home After Alarming Report of Gunshot
Police was racing to the Calabasas house where Michael Jackson's children currently live with their guardian. E! News reported the law enforcement force received a distressed call from someone who informed that there was a gunshot at the family ...
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Keep The Law In Mind Before Hosting A Graduation Party For Minors
WFMY News 2
Greensboro, NC -- The weekend is filled with graduation ceremonies and some of you will honor your child's achievements in front of friends and family. But before you get the party going at your home, the are some laws you should remember to avoid ...
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Rapist avoids jail for sex attack because his children have special needs
A father who raped his 14-year-old sister-in-law has been given a suspended sentence after a judge ruled that a prison sentence would impose 'extreme hardship' on his family. The court heard that two of the 52-year-old man's sons have autism and ...
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Victim's family wants justice
Stockton Record
Abdal Awnallah said the family is getting rid of all its markets in the aftermath of the crime. He praised detectives who cracked the case and said the family intends to see the legal process through to its conclusion. "We're law-abiding citizens ...
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ProfNet Experts Available on Health Apps, Estate Wars, Bridal Accessories and ...
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com
Estate Wars: Feuding Over the Family Fortune Ronald Fatoullah, Esq. Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney Ronald Fatoullah & Associates Conflicts over inheritance are often the final straw that tears a family apart. Whether an estate is small or large ...
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From PR Web: On April 2, 2013, North Carolina State Senator Clodfelter filed Senate Bill 610 entitled "An Act to Amend the Laws Pertaining to Child Custody to ...
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