Jun 16, 2013

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Want a Law Job? Learn the Health-Care Act
Wall Street Journal- India
Some companies are warning that President Barack Obama's health-care overhaul will cost jobs. It won't be in their legal departments. Health-care companies racing to comply with the Affordable Care Act and other rules are calling in the lawyers ...
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Ministers approve bill giving job preference to IDF veterans
A bill that would give preference in jobs, salary conditions and housing to people who served in the army, effectively putting Arabs and Haredim at a disadvantage, was approved on Sunday by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation. The proposed law ...
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Greg Pearce rejects jobs for mates claims
Perth Now
Mr Pearce appointed his private secretary's husband, former Law Society president Kim Garling, to a $300,000-a-year position as WorkCover Independent Review Officer last year, News Ltd reports. Mr Pearce also appointed former Freehills partner Geoffrey ...
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Government should adopt jobs report
Scoop.co.nz (press release)
The Government should drop its planned changes to employment law and adopt the recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry into manufacturing instead, says the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union. The report says the Government needs to ...
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Rep. Lamar Smith wants to empower local authorities to enforce federal ...
Houston Chronicle (blog)
All of the 9-11 hijackers came to the U.S. on visas. So the interior enforcement of our immigration laws is not just about protecting jobs for legal workers and U.S. citizens, it is crucial to our national security as well. Unfortunately, we've seen a ...
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Sales Associate, Attorney Sought by Westfield Businesses
In addition, the office manager would provide paralegal support as needed. Job Requirements: Experience in managing computer networks and Microsoft Office Software and WordPerfect. Bookkeeping or accounting experience. Strong communication and ...
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Navarrette: The tough job of fatherhood
Statesman Journal
Gonzales was so close to George W. Bush that attacking the attorney general was a good way of discrediting the president. Many Democrats also dreaded the thought that Gonzales might become the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court — put there by a ...
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Paralegal/Legal Clinic Manager - Note Closing Date ... - Boulder
Paralegal/Legal Clinic Manager - Note Closing Date Extended Until June 17th job at University of Colorado Boulder.

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