Jun 2, 2013

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White-collar jobs now under threat
The Age
Manufacturing jobs are not the only ones collapsing in Victoria as experts warn of looming cuts at white-collar offices such as law and accountancy firms. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs are at risk and some are being shed already as the ...
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Law enforcement training takes time
Bismarck Tribune
After they pass tests, background checks, interviews and psychological examinations, candidates chosen for positions in departments have to go through varying levels of training. If they are brand new to law enforcement, they have to go through an 11 ...
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TrainWreck: ObamaCare a Boon for the IRS
Southern Maryland News Net
Fully repealing President Obama's health care law is a key part of the GOP plan for economic growth and jobs. But you don't need us to tell you why scrapping the law would be good for our economy and good for the American people. Recent news reports ...
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New labor laws in Kansas and Missouri bolster the boss
Kansas City Star
Those new laws and others that ban Wyandotte County from requiring union-scale wages on public jobs and require drug tests for unemployment benefits, critics say, add up to a bad year for labor. "It's been absolutely terrible for workers," said Bruce ...
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Bismarck-area law enforcement agencies struggle to find, keep officers
Bismarck Tribune
In job-rich North Dakota, law enforcement agencies are facing an uphill battle in finding and keeping good officers. Departments in the growing Bismarck-Mandan community have to replace retiring officers, place officers who move on to new careers or ...
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Environment, schools, jobs benefit from laws
Houston Chronicle
As with any human endeavor, especially those in the realm of government, the just-completed legislative session offers a range of items upon which to praise, criticize and comment. The Texas Public Policy Foundation promotes liberty, personal ...
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Letter: Let parents motivate achievement
Greenville Daily Reflector
Second, illegal immigrants broke the law. "When you legalize those who are in the country illegally, it costs taxpayers millions of dollars, costs American workers thousands of jobs and encourages more illegal immigration," says U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith ...
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Obamacare is improving health of Marylanders
Baltimore Sun
Once fully implemented in 2020, the law will expand quality, affordable access to care for more than 275,000 currently uninsured Marylanders, provide a $672 million boost to the state and create more than 26,000 jobs. The law builds on Maryland's ...
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Case closed as islands beckon
Marlborough Express
Blenheim lawyer Bernie Rowe worked for his father's building firm and for Blenheim Borough Council during his university holidays. So he appreciated the comforts of a legal office once he graduated. "I did jobs like sweeping the gutters and collecting ...
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Can a Dem boss do all these jobs?
How can he have two jobs? Doesn't he have to take a cut in pay in his city job on the days that he's doing his state job? Nope. Like members of the mob, members of the Legislature take care of each other. Back in 1979 they passed a law stating that ...
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Barnes listens to father, finds niche
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal
Rusty Barnes, who grew up in Corinth and worked his first job in law enforcement for the Alcorn County Sheriff's Department, is the new Mississippi Homeland Security director. (Courtesy). slideshow. JACKSON – When Rusty Barnes was at Northeast ...
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Senate passes equal pay for state workers
Opelousas Daily World
When President John F. Kennedy signed the bill into law, he declared it marked the end of what he called the "unconscionable practice of paying female employees less wages than male employees for the same job." And yet, in 2013, American women still ...
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So how bad is the law market? - Jobs, employers, employees, hiring ...
I am graduating this December and most likely taking my LSAT next Feb. I just took a practice lsat with no prior studying or experience and scored 162.

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