Jun 2, 2013

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You and the Law: Online background checks can be a dangerous rip-off
Hanford Sentinel
We have all seen online ads, which for $20, in just a few hours time, claim to: "Accurately and reliably provide credit, information, lawsuits, all arrests and convictions using databases from the 50 states, including felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs and ...
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Law change would allow reappraisals after disaster
WEST (AP) — Hundreds of property owners whose homes and businesses were damaged by the earth-rattling fertilizer plant explosion that devastated the town of West in April may catch a break on their property taxes under recently approved legislation.
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TEMECULA: Legal research offered at library
For the non-legal person, LR101 provides a foundation to navigate and use in-print and online legal resources available at most any California County Law Library. Each class builds upon the information presented in the other. Topics discussed range ...
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Push for US Internet 'wiretap' law faces tough road
Khaleej Times
But the move is drawing fire from civil liberties groups, technology firms and others who claim the effort could be counterproductive, by harming online security and imposing hefty costs on makers of hardware and software. US law enforcement has for ...
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'Track' to legal betting
The Hindu
Fuelled by the 140-year old Public Gaming Act, which punishes public gambling, and the Information Technology Act, which requires service-providers to crack down on online gambling, law enforcement agencies have so far targeted bookies and companies ...
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Petition drive to overturn Maryland gun law fails
A state official says a petition drive seeking to send Maryland's new gun-control law to a referendum has failed. Steve Ackerman, a spokesman for the Maryland Secretary of State, tells The Washington Post ( http://wapo.st/18Gnb5V) opponents of the law ...
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Social media can be used against you
Palm Beach Post
Many use social media as a means to converse with friends which, if done face-to-face, would never be a concern but, done online, creates a potential gold mine for insurance companies. Currently, Florida law is trending toward allowing more access to ...
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Report: Philippines anti-money laundering law considered weak
Gant Daily
The report said the Philippines continues to experience foreign organized criminal activity from players in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It said the laws surrounding online gaming are less clear. In 2011, gaming generated $1.3 billion and the revenue ...
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Egypt's top court rules against upper house, Constitutional Assembly
... Constitutional Court on Sunday ruled unconstitutional an article regulating the election of independent members of the Shura Council (upper house), as well as the law on the composition of the Constitutional Assembly, the state-run al-Ahram online ...
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