Jun 24, 2013

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Weil to cut 170 jobs firmwide with both lawyers and support staff to go
Legal Week
Job cuts have swept through the UK legal market in recent months, with Legal Week research finding that nearly half of the country's 50 largest law firms have announced cuts over the past year. More than 1,300 jobs have been put at risk across 20 top ...
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Cops break the law, keep their jobs
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog)
The story blames, in part, the Chicago Police Board, a group of mayoral appointees similar to Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission. The problem is definitely not unique to Chicago. A 2011 Journal Sentinel investigation, Both Sides of the Law, found ...
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Job bias against pregnant women protested
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"It's not overt dislike for pregnant women, it's just employers not wanting the inconvenience," said Pittsburgh employment attorney Samuel Cordes. Mr. Cordes said the economy is partially to blame. "When economic times are slow, the people who are most ...
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The final countdown to a decision on law for cleaner cars
Greenpeace UK (blog)
Because only the other week I wrote about the German government's last ditch attempt to sabotage a law that will cut CO2 emissions from cars and provide 400,000 new jobs by 2030 across Europe. Now they're back with round two. No prizes for guessing ...
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Miss. Open Carry Gun Law Raises Questions
On Wednesday, they will receive instructions from the state Attorney General's office on how the Open Carry Law will affect their jobs and how to deal with citizens carrying guns at their sides, reports the Meridian Star. "The new law will result in ...
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Teens, businesses benefit from summer jobs
Canton Repository
In general, minors 14 years of age and older need a work permit from their school district, and certain hazardous jobs, like meat-packing, roofing, excavation and mining, are off-limits. The law exists to protect the well-being of young people and make ...
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Government should focus on honeymoon period: Musharraf's lawyer ...
By noreply@tribune.com.pk (Web Desk)
The people want their problems fixed; jobs, electricity and security need attention. ISLAMABAD: Soon after the federal government decided to initiate a treason case against Pervez Musharraf, his lawyer Ahmed Raza Khan Kasuri advised the ...
The Express Tribune

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Law Firm - Bethesda, Md. or Portland, Ore. - Patently-O
Plumsea Law Group, LLC, a patent prosecution and counseling firm is searching for a patent attorney with a mechanical engineering or physics background.
Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft Canada Job
Mississauga Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft Canada Job - ON.

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