Jun 19, 2013

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Online privacy breaches a concern for us all
Sydney Morning Herald
They will be able to change passwords, update their online security settings, cancel credit cards and do whatever else they see fit. Businesses will not be unfairly burdened by the proposed laws because the notification requirement will apply only to ...
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Amazon Cutting All Ties To Minnesota Business Before Online Sales Tax Law ...
The Consumerist
Amazon would rather not collect online sales tax in Minnesota — at least, it doesn't want to do so because the state orders it to — so instead, by the end of the month it will cut all ties to its Minnesota-based affiliate websites. Those sites get a ...
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Fierce opposition to online gambling fades, but don't bet on legalization
The Verge
Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) incendiary comments about the National Security Agency's surveillance programs last week ended up overshadowing some more substantial news: his introduction of the Internet Gambling Regulation, Enforcement, and Consumer ...
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Schmidt On 10-Day Gun Law Window: 'Ludicrous'
Journal & Topics Newspapers Online
... the Illinois General Assembly, takes away the ability for individual towns to make rules more stringent than the state law. However, the bill also contains a clause allowing municipalities to make additional requirements for possession and ...
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Exploiting referral fee ban loophole 'against spirit of the law', say insurers
Post Online
While Epoq already provides other online legal services to insurance firms such as More Than, Saga and the AA, Cohen said uptake in Legal Go will prove more popular among firms aiming to establish alternative business structures. He said: "There are ...
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Law Commission likely to review powers of Charity Commission and tribunal
Third Sector
Law Commission likely to review powers of Charity Commission and tribunal. By Abi Rimmer, Third Sector Online, 19 June 2013. Elizabeth Cooke ... Professor Elizabeth Cooke, the commissioner in charge of the charity law project, said she expected the ...
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Amazon dumps Minnesota affiliates to avoid collecting online state sales tax
Pioneer Press
Mark Dayton signed a law requiring certain online businesses with a physical presence or affiliates in Minnesota to charge sales tax on items it sells to the state's residents. The law takes effect July 1, one day after Amazon's move. Yet Amazon is not ...
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Top judge wants more black lawyers in the profession
The Voice Online
BRITAIN'S MOST senior judge has admitted that there is not enough ethnic minority professionals working in law. Lord David Edmond Neuberger, president of the Supreme Court, stated that the senior judiciary is "monolithic" and more must be done to bring ...
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Amazon Calls Minnesota Sales Tax Law Unconstitutional & Closes Minnesota ...
Marketing Land
The new law classifies independent bloggers and online reviewers – which will include websites that post links to online merchant sites in exchange for advertising fees – as a physical presence of a business. The new legislation will force Amazon to ...
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Two Waseca law firms to merge
Robert E. Schmidt and Dan J. Hoehn announced that they are finalizing merger discussions to combine their respective law firms in a move they believe will position them to continue to provide quality legal services to their clients well into the future ...
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US states' attorneys general to take aim at Internet 'safe harbor' law
So, while the U.S. Department of Justice has been able to prosecute cases where federal crimes are alleged, if state-level criminal laws are at issue, state attorneys general have not been able to hold defendants liable for online content. The letter ...
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New gun law needs curbs
Scott County Times
It's noteworthy that Jackson County supervisors are discussing the possible impact of that ill-advised new weapons law that takes effect in Mississippi July 1 and how far they can go in implementing local ordinances banning weapons in certain locations ...
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Amazon severs ties with Minnesota-based affiliate websites over online sale tax
The Republic
PAUL, Minnesota — Amazon.com says it will drop its Minnesota-based affiliate websites before the state's online sales tax becomes law July 1. The websites receive a fee for referring shoppers to Amazon's online store. The new law requires certain ...
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Payza Helps Law Enforcement Kill a Worldwide Credit Card Fraud Ring
Wall Street Journal (press release)
LONDON and MONTREAL--(Marketwired - Jun 19, 2013) - With Payza's help, law enforcement officials have identified and arrested 11 individuals in the UK, US and Vietnam, who have been accused of being responsible for a $200 million credit card fraud ...
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San Jose Has Had Enough, Sues MLB
National Review Online (blog)
The suit, which accuses MLB of a "blatant conspiracy," is being handled at no cost to the city by the Burlingame law firm of Joseph W. Cotchett, which has handled some of the largest antitrust cases in the nation and represented the NFL in similar ...
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Google Defends Efforts Against Rogue Pharmacies
It ultimately ended up agreeing to pay $500 million in 2011 to settle charges that it sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of online ads to Canadian pharmacies that were violating U.S. law. Since then, Google has worked with government agencies ...
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Google fights online crime
News 10NBC
The internet giant wants to combat child pornography online and work with law enforcement to track people who exploit children. Police say digital technology helps with their investigations especially because the internet leaves a trail. Google has ...
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Five finalists to take to St David's Hall stage for Song Prize are revealed
The opening up of legal services to businesses other than traditional law firms may provide a partial solution, with people who don't get Legal Aid but can't afford a lawyer opting for online services. But Ms Hamer believes there's still a place for ...
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First Edition: June 19, 2013
Kaiser Health News
Today's headlines include reports the development of the health law's online marketplaces is falling behind schedule. Kaiser Health News: Patients Lead The Way As Medicine Grapples With Apps WBUR's Martha Bebinger, working in partnership with Kaiser ...
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Amazon Cuts Ties In Minnesota Ahead Of New Sales Tax
NPR (blog)
Weeks before Minnesota's new sales tax law takes effect, online retailer Amazon is cutting its ties to members of its Associates program who live in the state. The new law requires businesses that have a presence in Minnesota to collect sales tax ...
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Macedonia's media law sparks intense debate
Southeast European Times
The law proposes to regulate the rights of journalists, editors and broadcasters and the licensing of radio and television broadcasting and other media outlets. It also establishes a regulatory agency for print, broadcast and online media, which will ...
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U.S. officials: Surveillance helped stop 50 terrorist plots
June 18, 2013 — IDG News Service — U.S. law enforcement agencies have disrupted more than 50 terrorist plots in the U.S. and other countries with the help of controversial surveillance efforts at the U.S. National Security Agency, government ...
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Amazon drops Minn. affiliate sites over sales tax
San Antonio Express
Online shoppers already were supposed to report and pay the sales tax themselves, but almost nobody did. The new law requires the vendor, such as Amazon, to collect the taxes upon purchase. By ending the affiliate relationships, Amazon exempts itself ...
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RICS link up for Riverview Law
Liverpool Daily Post
As part of the agreement, fixed price legal services business Riverview Law will provide free membership to RICS members to its online legal library containing more than 650 plain English advice pages, and 450 documents, policies, forms, letters and ...
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NJ man admits showing child sex abuse online
San Francisco Chronicle
Federal prosecutors in New Jersey say law enforcement authorities in Ohio had engaged in online chats with Brindley as part of an investigation they were conducting. During a chat in April 2012, they say Brindley began sexually assaulting the toddler ...
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Online drugstore chief cheers Abe on in deregulation fight
The Japan Times
In 2006, the Diet revised the law on over-the-counter drugs for the first time since 1960, allowing convenience stores to sell nonprescription drugs. Although the law did not mention any restrictions on online sales, the ministry drafted an ordinance ...
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Groups launch multimillion-dollar push to promote health-care law, sign up the ...
Washington Post (blog)
... multimillion-dollar campaigns this summer aimed at promoting President Obama's health-care law. The groups are buying television ads, tapping social networks, training hundreds of new workers and volunteers and developing online and on-the-ground ...
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Texas governor signs strongest email privacy law in the US
Governor Rick Perry just signed a bill making Texas the first state to require law enforcement to obtain a warrant for email searches. The bill, however, does not and cannot prevent the federal government from snooping on online communications. Texas ...
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Is launching model rockets legal in Lodi?
Lodi News-Sentinel
You stated that there is nothing in the Lodi municipal codes prohibiting launching model rockets. The article was written in 2011. Has anything changed? Answer: I asked city spokesman Jeff Hood, and he said nothing's changed. It's still against state ...
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Amazon to stop paying Minnesota bloggers for sales traffic
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
Amazon and other e-commerce firms are cutting ties with all Minnesotans who earn money by posting links that send traffic to online merchants after lawmakers passed a tweak to state sales tax law. Minnesota E-Fairness legislation, signed by Gov.
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Amazon drops blogger affiliates in Minnesota to avoid sales tax
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Amazon and other e-commerce firms are responding to a change in Minnesota tax law by cutting ties with bloggers in the state who earn money by posting links that refer shoppers to online stores. Under the change, which goes into effect July 1, such ...
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man accused of soliciting 14-year-old online for sex
Austin American-Statesman
A Pflugerville man was arrested after being accused of soliciting sex with a 14-year-old girl on a website, according to an arrest warrant. Clinton Webb Carroll, a 43-year-old driver manager for Domino's Pizza, was charged Thursday with online ...
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Snowden claims online Obama expanded 'abusive' security programs
While he said legal restrictions can be easily skirted by analysts at the National Security Agency, FBI and CIA, Snowden stopped short of accusing authorities of violating specific laws. Instead, he said toothless regulations and policies were to blame ...
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Mississippi leans on Google to crack down on illegal products
Thomson Reuters News & Insight
Google responded in a blog post that it had been vigorous in working to limit drug advertisements to legitimate companies that comply with the law and to combat what it called "rogue online pharmacies." Jim Hood, who heads an intellectual property ...
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Trial date delayed in law grad slaying case
A trial date for the suspect in the slaying of Mercer University law school graduate Lauren Giddings has been delayed until January. The Telegraph newspaper reports (http://bit.ly/KYnzY) that Stephen McDaniel was previously scheduled to go on trial in ...
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Amazon calls new tax 'unconstitutional,' cuts ties with Minnesota affiliates
Minnesota Public Radio
Ann Rest, DFL-New Hope, said the new law simply clarifies the existing sales tax obligations for the Minnesota affiliates of large online retailers. "There's a very easy workaround for these businesses and that's to sever their business relationship ...
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Sex Trafficking Victim Shares Her Story
NBC 7 San Diego
San Diego County leaders voted to support so-called Hazel's Law, a bill that would close a loophole in current sex trafficking legislation. The proposed legislation is named for a ... At 13, she was approached by a man online. "I was raped. Raped and ...
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Gun Violence Survivors, Faith Leaders, And Local Activists Rally In Concord To ...
Wall Street Journal
It remains far too easy for criminals, domestic abusers, the seriously mentally ill, and other dangerous individuals -- people who know they can't pass a background check -- to skirt the law and obtain guns by purchasing them online or at gun shows ...
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Gov't report: Smooth launch unsure for health law
There's no guarantee that President Barack Obama's health care law will launch smoothly and on time, congressional investigators say in the first in-depth independent look at its progress. But in a ... An online service is needed to view this article ...
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Authenticity: The Force Behind the Local Snowball Effect
Street Fight
I can perhaps buy that there are laws that cover mass marketing, but in the hyperconnected world of digital media, these no more exist than Bigfoot, Santa Claus, or the sea monster of Loch Ness. Moreover, practicing such "laws" online is an open ...
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The Great Immigration Non-Debate
National Review Online (blog)
Those familiar with S.744 will know that its thousand pages touch pretty much everything: employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, asylum seekers and refugees, per-country quotas, STEM, employment law — the lot. Yet all anyone seems to ...
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Law enforcement talk about crimes against children
... William Hayes with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security says, "It gives us an opportunity in law enforcement to learn from each other and to educate parents that they are the first line of defense against children. They need to monitor online ...
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Google 'not in cahoots with NSA' - chief legal officer answers your ...
+44 (0)20 3353 2000. Advertising guide · License/buy our content. David Drummond, senior vice president and chief legal officer of Google answers your questions on online security and the law Photograph: Mahesh Kumar A/AP. Live. Sort by ...
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Public lecture to explore faith and the legal system | Dominica News ...
By admin
Sir Brian Alleyne is expected to explore the relationship between faith and the law. A lecture on Faith and the Legal System will be hosted by the Catholic Church in Dominica at the Fort Young Hotel on Tuesday evening. Monsignor William ...
Dominica News OnlineDominica...

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Turning to the Library for Legal Help » Public Libraries Online
Nobody wants to be in a situation that necessitates hiring an attorney. Some people simply need advice, but are cautious because they assume they cannot ...

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