Jun 27, 2013

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Congressman files suit to stop Texas voter ID law
AUSTIN — A Democratic congressman joined seven others Wednesday in filing a federal lawsuit to keep Texas from enforcing its voter ID law. U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey of Fort Worth filed the papers in Corpus Christi federal court, calling the requirement to ...
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Missoula city councilman proposes law protecting online privacy
The Missoulian
On Wednesday, she shared her experience with a Missoula City Council committee, whose members voted to recommend the council set a public hearing July 22 on an ordinance to protect online privacy. Councilman Jason Wiener, who proposed the ...
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States promise quick action on election laws
Online Athens
ATLANTA (AP) — Across the South, Republicans are working to take advantage of a new political landscape after a divided U.S. Supreme Court freed all or part of 15 states, many of them in the old Confederacy, from having to ask Washington's permission ...
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US Supreme Court wipes out civil rights voting law
The Voice Online
AN AMERICAN law prohibiting states from preventing black citizens from voting in local and national elections has been deemed unconstitutional by the country's Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts and his colleagues have decided to remove Section ...
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Online defamation cases often unrealistic for Canadians: Expert
The last time Canada's rarely-used law came into effect was 2012 when Ottawa-based restaurant owner Marisol Simoes was found guilty of two counts of libel – facing up to five years in prison – for a two-year tirade of online remarks against a ...
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Texas Attorney General jubilant over Supreme Court voting law decision
Catholic Online
AUSTIN, TX (Catholic Online) - Abbot told reporters, "This is a huge win for the Constitution and for equality in this country. Before today, different states were treated differently under the Constitution. The Voting Rights Act is the only law that ...
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Signs and Signals from Justice Kennedy
National Review Online (blog)
Wade, the Supreme Court overreached badly, and imposed an unsound understanding of the Constitution's individual-rights guarantees on the laws and policies of every state. The justices were invited and encouraged by many to do the same thing in Perry ...
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A Round-Up of Reactions
National Review Online (blog)
The indefatigable Ed Whelan continues his insightful dissection, below, of what the Supreme Court did to the rule of law yesterday in the same-sex marriage cases (especially Windsor). Here I will highlight some other reactions our readers might miss ...
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New Law Will Raise Cost of Cigarettes and Help Minnesotans Quit
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com
MINNEAPOLIS, June 27, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ -- On July 1, a new law will take effect, and Minnesota's per-pack tax on cigarettes will go up by $1.60. This tax increase will raise the average price of a pack of cigarettes in Minnesota from approximately ...
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If Internet Is a Public Utility, Petition Signature Laws Need Reform
IVN News
However, state law does not permit online signature gathering for voter petitions. A survey from the Public Policy Institute of California, released on June 26, reveals that most Californians (66 percent) say broadband Internet is a public utility ...
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Conn. governor OKs law recognizing new 1st aviator
Conn. governor OKs law recognizing new 1st aviator Associated Press |. Connecticut now officially recognizes a local aviator as the first man to fly. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced Wednesday that he signed into law a measure insisting that German-born ...
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How Google is Changing the Face of Law Firm Marketing
The Google changes include their powerful tools, Google Plus, Google Rank and Google Authorship, which create important opportunities for firms to harness firepower to increase their rankings and online presence. Recent algorithym changes with Google, ...
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Online items to be taxed in Ohio
Marion Star
Under current law, states can only require stores to collect sales taxes if the store has a physical presence in the state. As a result, many online sales are essentially tax-free, giving Internet retailers an advantage over brick-and-mortar stores ...
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Hunting online predators
Hope Star
Hunting down online sexual predators has required law enforcement to adapt and to adopt new tools and tactics, according to Dr. J. Michael Wood, Sex Offender Screening and Risk Assessment program psychologist for the Arkansas Department of ...
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Marriage: The Court Picks a Side
National Review Online (blog)
The specific case in which the Court made its proclivities clear concerned the Defense of Marriage Act, in which Congress defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman for the purposes of federal law. Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the four ...
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The DOMA Case — Part 2
National Review Online
Most of the Chief's brief dissent is dedicated to emphasizing that the majority opinion doesn't resolve the question whether traditional marriage laws in the states are unconstitutional. The Chief also adds these observations, which are similar to ...
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Lawmakers Agree to Strengthen Repeat DUI Law
The Chronicle
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington lawmakers have agreed to a plan to more closely monitor drivers who are repeatedly drive under the influence. A revised proposal released Wednesday would require interlock devices to be installed on someone's ...
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Broader health law exemption for Native Americans
PallTimes.com (subscription)
Broader health law exemption for Native Americans Associated Press | 0 comments. The Obama administration on Wednesday broadened an exemption for American Indians from the new health care law's requirement that virtually every U.S. resident has health ...
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CASL update #3 – computer download rules – potential impact for online ...
Lexology (registration)
Privacy regulators in Canada, the United States and Europe view online tracking as collection and use of personal information, whether or not an individual is identified specifically and have stated that such collection must comply with applicable ...
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Aaron Swartz's Father Praises 'Aaron's Law' Proposal
"Aaron's Law" is designed to rein in prosecutors who have used the CFAA to threaten security researchers, journalists, and activists for violating online terms of service contracts. The bill would establish that terms of service violations are not ...
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"Advocacy," yes, that is what we do
Global Voices Online
The Lleras Law [es] violated our freedom of speech, favored censorship and restricted access to information. It would interfere with the very type of actions online that allow us to have influence as citizens. It could have been one of those bills that ...
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Fight over Kan. abortion law in state court, too
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Vratil raised the same issue, telling Salgado, "I'm struggling with how you can be irreparably harmed." Vratil set another hearing in the federal lawsuit for July 29. ___. Online: Text of the new Kansas law: http://bit.ly/13mjcIA. ___. Follow John ...
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Paid sick time law passes in NYC, veto overridden
New York City is becoming the most populous place in the United States to make businesses provide workers with paid sick time, after lawmakers overrode a mayoral veto early Thursday to pass a law expected to affect more than 1 million workers. With the ...
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Changes to voter ID laws go into effect
Stephenville Empire-Tribune
Erath County Tax Assessor-Collector Jennifer Carey released a statement Wednesday from the Texas Voter Registration Office on newly passed Texas voter ID laws. The release announced that Texas' Voter ID Law, passed as SB 14 in 2011, is now law.
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Feds remove online references to CIDA, merge it with foreign affairs and trade ...
Globe and Mail
The government's budget implementation bill became law on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for the creation of the new Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada -- an expanded department the government says will help better align ...
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12 Bizarre Items You Won't Believe People Will Break The Law To Buy
Huffington Post
Foreign-made products with more than the legal limit <a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2010/aug/20/illegal-tooth-whitening-online" target="_blank">flooded online retailers like eBay and Amazon</a>, The Guardian reported in 2010. The sites have ...
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Sallu starts blogging to post hit-and-run case updates
Daily Mail
Just like Sanjay Dutt, who before his arrest had expressed his utmost regards towards the judiciary, Salman too, mentions in his blog that he "has great respect for the law, the judiciary and the legal process". A line towards the end reads: "Nothing ...
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Supreme Court's Refusal to Redefine Marriage Nationwide Allows American ...
Wall Street Journal
Ironically, by refusing to defend the law, California's executive branch has also denied the nation any definitive ruling on the constitutionality of defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. "What is inevitable is that the male and ...
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Two requirements to make online terms and conditions binding
Travel Weekly
Those terms and conditions contain a comprehensive disclaimer like the samples that you have posted at www.pestronk.com/free.html. Are these clients bound by our website's terms and conditions? If not, how are the big online agencies such as Expedia ...
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Federation Council approves bill on online piracy
Issues of injunction and punishment are to be the exclusive competence of the Moscow City Court, which will accept complaints round the clock, including online. The court will ... If the president signs the bill into law, it will become effective on ...
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FDA takes action to protect consumers from dangerous medicines sold by illegal ...
"Illegal online pharmacies put American consumers' health at risk by selling potentially dangerous products. This is an ongoing battle in the United States and abroad, and the FDA will continue its criminal law enforcement and regulatory efforts," said ...
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Why The State Attorneys General's Assault On Internet Immunity Is A Terrible Idea
State legislatures also can—and do—routinely pass anti-Internet laws that are unconstitutional. Congress does this too (especially in their futile 1990s quest to ban online pornography), but state legislatures pass unconstitutional laws more ...
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How to protect your digital footprint
Channel 4 News
NSA files: How to protect your digital footprint. Tweet. After revelations about the extent government agencies monitor our online data, the Data Baby project and MWR InfoSecurity has compiled a list of hints and tips to help keep your searching ...
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State department secretary: Voter ID law valid
Williamsport Sun-Gazette
Pennsylvania's leader of its Department of State said she expects its voter identification law will be upheld after review during a Commonwealth Court case that is set to begin July 15. The law, which requires voters to show photo identification before ...
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Broader health law exemption for Native Americans, The Indian ...
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Obama administration on Wednesday broadened an exemption for American Indians from the new health care law's requirement that virtually every U.S. resident has health insurance starting next year.
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Law enforcement scours Pavilion for burglary suspects | The Batavian
By Billie Owens
The neighbors called law enforcement and when State Troopers arrived, witnesses told them that they believed the two men entered the house and might still be inside. State Police and Sheriff's deputies from Genesee and Livingston counties ...
The Batavian - Online News. Community...

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Seton Hall | Law - Certificates in Health and Hospital Law
The graduate certificates in Health and Hospital Law are designed for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of legal, regulatory, and ethical issues ...
U.S. Naval War College | International Law Studies Comes Online
NEWPORT, R.I. (May 31, 2013) Members of the U.S. Naval War College's International Law Studies (ILS) editorial board discuss potential articles to include in ...

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