Jun 5, 2013

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Jordan: 304 national news websites blocked
Jordan said Monday it blocked unlicensed news websites in a step toward regulating online media widely criticized by the government and readers for sensational reporting. Access to 304 domestic online sites was cut Sunday and Monday, according to the ...
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Angelus says Home Office Banning Legal High Benzo Fury is "Papering over the ...
Wall Street Journal
The untested drugs can be bought very easily from hundreds of high street headshops and online. Hospitalisations from legal highs have increased by 358 percent. The founder of Angelus, Maryon Stewart, said, "These are dangerous substances: Benzo Fury ...
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April Jones' parents outline plans for new law to restrict extreme online material
April Jones' parents Coral and Paul Jones today made their first TV appearance since their daughter's killer Mark Bridger was jailed for life. The couple, talking to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on ITV1's This Morning, said they are hoping to ...
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S'pore govt 'blunderbuss' licensing law unnecessary
S'pore govt 'blunderbuss' licensing law unnecessary. Summary: Singapore government's online licensing rule is too broad and unnecessary when mainstream media, thus far, have given no reason to warrant the need for more regulation. Eileen Yu ...
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ACCC probes online fine print
Inside Retailing
... consumers if there is a problem with the goods or services they supply. "The ACCC will continue to monitor online businesses for compliance with the Australian Consumer Law and may take enforcement action where businesses do not comply with the law.
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Limberios case inspires online petition to require autopsies
The Newark Advocate
The petition also wants the law to set stricter qualifications for coroners. Justice for Jake & Ella started the online petition Sunday on Change.org for these two measures, which the group wants to be named "Jake's Law." The petition has 344 supporters.
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Proposed Law Would Make "Revenge Porn" a Crime
NBC Southern California
Senate Bill 255 would give California law enforcement their first tool to combat so-called "revenge porn," nude images posted online without the victim's consent, with identifying information and the purpose to harass or annoy. Cyber revenge typically ...
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Bill could allow teens to take more online classes
San Francisco Chronicle
The bill removes state law's limits of three online credit hours per year and 12 toward a high school diploma. Students would still be barred from earning a diploma through the free program that's available to all seventh- through 12-graders, depending ...
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Long arm of the law reaches out to cyberbullies
Sections of the criminal code that pertain to uttering threats, harassment and public mischief apply to online activities, Bush noted. Police may soon have a few more legal tools at their disposal with a criminal code review underway and possible ...
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Interpol hopes physical border security will solve virtual borders
With its success in distributing information at country borders to help law enforcement agencies identify known criminals, Interpol believes the same approach can be taken in combating online crimes. pang James Pang. (Image: Michael Lee). Speaking at ...
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National Business Review
Subscribe to read this article. To read Partners in law firm merger locked eyes in court select a 6 or 12 month Online Paid content subscription. NBR ONLINE Business Subscription. Pay just $449 plus GST per company each quarter and ensure your people ...
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Roundtable - Legal Reforms: Jackson reforms: First impressions
Post Online
Based on that, we will see a lot of consolidation among claimant law firms in the next 12 months. Smaller practices will potentially struggle as they may need to reach into claimants' damages to help top-up some costs." Powell added that creating ...
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House approves allowing concealed guns in bars
If a restaurant doesn't want it, they simply need to put up a sign and that is the law." The House version also allows gun owners to apply for a concealed weapon permit online, to speed up the application process. The amendment mirrored a separate ...
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Full site access now from $120
National Business Review
Full site access now from $120 | Georgina Bond | Wednesday June 05, 2013. Subscribe to read this article. To read Partners in law firm merger locked eyes in court select a 6 or 12 month Online Paid content subscription. NBR ONLINE Business Subscription ...
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5 Things Small Businesses Need to Know about Online Sales Tax (and Bikinis)
Huffington Post
Customers accustomed to not paying sales tax on certain purchases, and the companies not charging sales tax on those transactions, would both be impacted if MFA becomes law. Luckily, the bill also calls for states to provide businesses free software ...
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Outrage online as dying girl, 10, denied lung transplant
Central Florida News 13
Sarah Murnaghan, 10, pictured here with her father, Fran, and mother, Janet, has been hospitalized in Philadelphia with end-stage cystic fibrosis, but a federal law is keeping her from receiving an adult lung transplant. (PHOTO/AP, Murnaghan Family) ...
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Singapore 'not alone' in tweaking media laws: Yaacob Ibrahim
Straits Times
He noted that New Zealand's Law Commission recently called for an independent watchdog to oversee broadcast, print and online news. It will have the power to censure and ask for material to be removed from a website as well as for a published apology.
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Iowans warned of driver's license scams
WQAD.com -- Quad Cities News & Weather from WQAD
Governor Terry Branstad signed a new law allowing online renewals for some driver's licenses May 15, 2013. Drivers between 18 and 72 years of age can use the online service at every other renewal, keeping the vision testing requirement in place for ...
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Fred Hiatt: Xi Jinping's 'Chinese dream' and the rule of law
The News Journal
When the People's Daily posted an online survey about the "Chinese dream," about 80 percent of respondents said they did not support one-party rule — and the survey was quickly taken down. (Page 2 of 2). Xi is still settling in, though; he himself may ...
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Gov. Cuomo's Codification Claim
National Review Online (blog)
Andrew Cuomo and his allies have been insisting for months that his abortion-expansion campaign is but a mere codification of federal law, as has been noted here on the Corner today, and those who call him out on the claim are dismissed as liars.
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Governor signs bills into law
Perry daily.com
HB 7 (Huffman) permits the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to investigate criminal activity related to the Gambling Law, makes changes related to schemes of chance, and requires certifications related to the conduct of a sweepstakes ...
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Council forced to hit planning reset button over travellers' site court ...
SELBY Online
Controversial plans to extend a travellers' site near Selby have taken a backwards step after fears of a potential legal challenge derailing their scheme force council bosses to resubmit their planning application, Selby Online can exclusively reveal ...
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ADVISORY/ Big Names Debate Big Data
Wall Street Journal (press release)
With issues of privacy and data security in the headlines, Concord Law School, the nation's foremost online law school, presents, "Join the Debate: What's the Right Balance of Public and Private in a World of Big Data and Internet Superpowers?" The ...
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Universal plastic handcuff key reportedly sold online for as little as $10
Fox News
That's the cost of the "Covert Hide Out Handcuff Key" for sale on Amazon.com that can be covertly attached to a zipper in case it's needed in a tight spot or to escape the long arm of the law. NYPD officers were warned to exercise extra caution when ...
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SMBs being burned by copyright law
Dynamic Business
Friend's Email Address. Your message. Enter below security code. One of the keys to success in business today is ensuring your online marketing material is engaging, with SMBs using images and artwork that are pleasing to the eye to attract an audience.
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Car tax phase-out, legal notices
Journal Inquirer
The bill also would allow towns to use a statewide computer system, require nearby towns to align their school calendars, and study mandates imposed on towns by state law. .... An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need ...
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Conflicting laws, regulations feed IRS confusion
Experts say the Internal Revenue Service's improper treatment of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status stems partly from its having to enforce conflicting laws vaguely describing the activities that such organizations may conduct. (AP Photo ...
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1 in 3 U.S. Marriages Begin With Online Dating - Law and Daily Life
By Betty Wang
Online dating leads to marriage more often now than ever before. More than one-third of recent U.S. marriages began with online dating, according to a new study. That finding is based on a survey of nearly 20,000 people who tied the knot ...
Law and Daily Life
Lily Collins Dishes on J-Law! | BOP and Tiger Beat Online
By Blog Girl
Lily Collins recently dished to Glamour magazine about everything from fashion to famous friends. One of those famous friends sh she gushed about: Jennifer Lawrence. As soon as your jealousy that Lily gets to call J-Law a BFF calms down, ...
BOP and Tiger Beat Online
Philippines Offers 'Enhanced' Cybercrime Prevention Law - Global ...
By Mong Palatino
Under the law, individuals suspected of committing crimes (on or offline) could be subject to online surveillance; websites that violated the law's many provisions could face indefinite blocking by government authorities. Many crimes would ...
Global Voices Advocacy

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Not law - "Doctor posts prices online, hopes others will follow"
I'd venture a guess that most consumers who have gone to the doctor or the hospital, at some point, have felt the sticker shock when receiving their bill. A doctor ...
Willamette Law Online - United States Supreme Court Updates ...
Willamette Law Online · College of Law · Willamette Law Online · Subscribe Now · United States Supreme Court · U.S. Supreme Court Certiorari Granted ...
Morsi turns deaf ear to criticism: Contentious NGO law goes to senate
Human Rights Watch's director in Egypt says latest draft she has seen will allow political restrictions over funding, activities of NGOs. Middle East Online ...
Unlike! Online Posts Affect Youth Job Prospects - Law and Daily Life
Here's a new study many teens and young adults won't "like": Some 10% of young job seekers are rejected because of what's on their social media profiles.
Widener Law Announces Online Criminal Law Program in Executive ...
"I am proud to offer a new online program that provides education essential to management and leadership in the fields of criminal justice, corrections and law ...
Constitutional Conservatism | Online Library of Law and Liberty
This Liberty Law Talk is with Hoover Institution fellow Peter Berkowitz on his new book Constitutional Conservatism: Liberty, Self-Government, and Political.

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