Jun 18, 2013

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Studies offer hope for Obamacare, but the picture remains incomplete
Wall Street Journal
Two studies from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released on Monday offer a glimpse of hope for President Obama's health-care overhaul initiative — but the picture remains incomplete, its authors say. ... that aren't running their own health ...
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SD legislative panel begins domestic abuse study
San Francisco Chronicle
PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A South Dakota legislative panel started a study Monday of the state's domestic abuse law, but didn't get around to discussing whether its protections should cover people in abusive same-sex relationships. The study was prompted ...
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Study shows no gender bias in judgements
The Northern Echo
In an experiment conducted by Durham Law School Professor Erika Rackley more than 30 law students studied 16 judgments from the Court of Appeal (half were made by men, half by women), covering issues relating to employment, family and criminal law.
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Case study of migrant and trafficked children in Nagaland
"The current paper also examines the risks and vulnerabilities of migrant and trafficked children and their working conditions. The study suggests for appropriate modifications in the existing protocol, legal framework and law enforcement related to ...
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The Daily Word in Arizona's voting law, news on same sex marriage and New ...
Weekly Alibi (blog)
Supreme Court shuts down Arizona voting law that requires people to show citizenship verification. A Pew Study concludes that news stories revolving around same sex marriage have taken on more of a supportive stance rather than an opposing view.
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SD Domestic Abuse Law Hits Snag Over Same Sex Couples
PIERRE, S.D. (AP) _ A South Dakota legislative panel has started a study of the state's domestic abuse laws, but it has delayed a discussion on whether those laws should cover people in same-sex relationships. TheMore>>. A South Dakota legislative ...
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Got Needles? Why the Greatest Danger to Law Enforcement Isn't Guns
Huffington Post
According to a CDC study, needle-stick injuries to law enforcement plummet by an impressive 66 percent when syringes are decriminalized. Today North Carolina becomes the newest state to enact a partial syringe decriminalization law, HB850 Possession ...
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City star's new goal is to aim for the Bar
Manchester Evening News
Tutor Bruce Humphrey said he was impressed by how the professional sportsman applied himself to his law books. He said: "It's often initially quite tough for people to get back into studying after a long-break. "We have a number of measures in place, ...
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Chen Guangcheng Says Communist Pressure Forced Him Out Of NYU
Huffington Post
In April 2012, he escaped from China with the help of the U.S. government, and landed an arrangement to study law at NYU. The Post suggested NYU faced pressure from the Chinese government as the university works to open a Shanghai campus.
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Experts doubt intel-leaker Snowden qualifies as whistleblower under federal law
The Republic
A former RAND Corp. military analyst, Ellsberg stood trial after leaking the Pentagon Papers, a study on U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, in 1971. Many now regard him as a hero who saved lives. What to call this current trio -- and how to treat ...
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Round Up – Intellectual Property and Cyber Security Things You May Have ...
The National Law Review
An empirical study, published in the Stanford Technology Law Review, provided the results of a grueling analysis of 25 years worth of data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office records on whether being represented by a trademark attorney ...
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Health-care law's network for resolving confusion shows mixed results
Washington Post (blog)
... the passage of the health-care law, however, 15 states with Republican governors refused to apply for CAP grants, and two more returned their funding after Republican governors were elected, according to a Health Affairs study published in February.
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NRA: Fact-finding takes siesta in new pro-control "study"
Daily Caller
First, the study–and in this instance we're using the term as loosely as the English language will allow–says that laws on our side of the border should require public disclosure of local gun purchase statistics. But in any jurisdiction, all or almost ...
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Sweeney Miller Law changes at the top
R&R Magazine (www.randrlife.co.uk) Rest and Relax
Born in Mumbai, Surbhi left India to study law at Newcastle University before joining a Tyneside firm on graduation. She moved to Sweeney Miller in 2008. Surbhi, who is fluent in the languages Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Urdu, said: "The North East is ...
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Use your head: Put your brain in a helmet
South Bend Tribune
A Highway Loss Data Institute study found the average insurance payment on a motorcycle injury claim in Michigan was $5,410 in the two years before the law was changed. It jumped to $7,257, an increase of 34 percent, after the law was changed. This is ...
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Domestic violence cases soar...
New Vision
The president of the association, Stella Arach Amoko said their recent study revealed that although judges and magistrates knew about the existence of the law against domestic violence that was passed in 2010; they did not possess copies of the ...
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NEC Solution Identifies Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect in Simulation by MSU
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com
The MSU study's focus was to examine the reliability of automated facial recognition (AFR) software to assist law enforcement in identifying suspects in a simulation of the forensic work done after the Boston Bombings. Media reports of the post-Boston ...
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Judge considers effect of fungus on Calif. inmates
Warren George, of the Prison Law Office, said 18 inmates died in 2012 and January 2013 from complications relating to the fungus that causes valley fever and more inmates would die if the court waited any longer. ... Rehabilitation, told U.S. District ...
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Marshall Law
The Claremont Institute
Those who study John Marshall's career have an understandable tendency to focus on his opinions as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in cases such as Marbury v. Madison (1803), McCulloch v. Maryland (1819), and Gibbons v. Ogden (1824). Presiding ...
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Gender is on the agenda for Durham University students in law review
Journal Live
The experiment saw the students study 16 judgments from the Court of Appeal – half made by men, half by women. Anything identifying the gender of the judges was removed and the students were asked to decide which judgments were written by women ...
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The unspoken stigma of workplace flexibility
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Many times these policies are on the books, but informally everyone knows you are penalized for using them," said Joan C. Williams, founding director of the Center for Work-Life Law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law ...
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Yahoo! Answers - Is studying Law in the Philippines hard?
Before the advent of gadgets, lawyers needed to memorize provisions of the law. Nowadays, a bright lawyer will use technology which has become ...
Motorcycle Injuries Rise After Helmet Laws Weakened: Study
The average medical claim from a motorcycle crash rose by more than one-fifth last year in Michigan after the state stopped requiring all riders to wear he.
GMOs: A New Study, A New Law, and a Common Sense Plea for ...
The subject of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is not one I discuss often here on The Lunch Tray. I find the topic daunting and rather than wade into a ...

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