Jun 25, 2013

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Democrats weigh Republican study group proposal as way to expand Medicaid
Lewiston Sun Journal
Democratic leaders are weighing whether to give life to a bill that would appoint a study commission to spend the summer and fall determining how much it would cost Maine to expand Medicaid through the federal health care reform law, looking at how the ...
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Published study for pre-recorded testimonies
Liverpool John Moores University
LJMU Senior Law Lecturer Emma Davies' research on ways to protect the youngest and most vulnerable victims of crime through pre-recorded testimonies has been published in the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. Commissioned by the ...
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Study Finds Alzheimer's May Develop Late For Children of Long-Lived Parents
Law Firm Newswire (press release)
Bloomfield Hills, MI (Law Firm Newswire) June 25, 2013 – A new study has found that children of long-lived adults show a marked delay when developing dementia or other types of cognitive decline. The study examined the children of individuals with ...
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Lesbian couples' poverty woes are significant, study finds
Kitsap Sun
A higher percentage of lesbian couples live below the poverty rate than married heterosexual couples and even coupled gay men, according to a new study from the University of California, Los Angeles law school's Williams Institute. That, Pittsburgh ...
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Eversheds reveals whistleblowing survey results
Workplace Law Network (subscription)
The study of 135 employers discovered that 86% believe they have a clear and accessible policy regarding whistleblowing, however 40% of respondents believe the current whistleblowing law is not working. Commenting, Simon Rice-Birchall, Partner at ...
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Harm reduction programs more effective than police: study
VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Harm reduction and addiction treatments are proving more effective at getting people off drugs than law enforcement efforts. A new study from the Urban Health Research Initiative at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS ...
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University security staff members moonlight as college students
China Daily
Almost 20 years later, after completing a basic education at the university mainly through self-study, he has earned degrees in law and business management from Tsinghua University and a top Party school for the training of Chinese officials. He has ...
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Center for Auto Safety Dissatisfied With Chrysler's Jeep Recall
By Thomas Hedges, Center for Study of Responsive Law. The nonprofit group The Center for Auto Safety says that Chrysler's Jeep recall, which the car manufacturer finally agreed to June 18 after an ongoing battle with the National Highway Traffic Safety ...
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The Science Of Law
Science 2.0
Is it, then, a complete waste of time to study law? After all, even if I learned law parrot-fashion from a judge in his court I could not guarantee that any other judge would agree with what my tutor had to say. There is, as the saying goes, method in ...
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Study of Equine Abuse and Neglect Patterns Produces Surprising Findings
Sacramento Bee
This study follows on the heels of a peer reviewed paper in the Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agricultural, and Natural Resources Law by Holland (EWA) and Laura Allen (Animal Law Coalition). That paper documented enormous increases in the cost of horse ...
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Enough laws
Worcester Telegram
That campaign began in 2001, modeled on the results of a study by Suffolk University Law Professor David Yamada, and the first legislation was introduced in California in 2003. It is instructive to note that in the decade since, the idea has not been ...
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Keystone Gains as Study Shows Oil Sands Pose No Added Spill Risk
Congress directed the department to study transporting diluted bitumen in a 2012 pipeline safety law. "Dilbit" has been transported in the U.S. for 30 years, according to the report. The U.S. has about 55,000 miles (88,500 kilometers) of oil ...
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New research and new law remind drivers to pay attention to the road
Carroll County Times
Drivers who believe they are focused and safe on the road while using a hands-free headset to talk on the phone may want to reconsider their risk analysis, according to a study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety on June 12. The study ...
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Greenwald Blasts Critics, Dodd-Frank Under Attack, and More
Center for Auto Safety Dissatisfied With Chrysler's Jeep Recall By Thomas Hedges, Center for Study of Responsive Law ... Obama says he's working with other nations to ensure "the rule of law is observed." Although Obama didn't specify which countries ...
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FNC frustrated over UAE government's inaction on aid to jobless
Abu Dhabi: Members of the Federal National Council on Tuesday said they wanted the government to explain why a number of crucial reforms to social security laws passed by the House have not been implemented. Marwan Bin Galita, a member from Dubai, said ...
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This Study Said the South Is More Racist Than the North | Mother ...
By Nick Baumann
The key study on this subject is new. In May, Christopher Elmendorf and Douglas Spencer—law professors at the University of California-Davis and the University of Connecticut, respectively—released a paper arguing that the list of states ...
MoJo Blogs and Articles | Mother Jones
Georgetown Security Law Brief: Asia driving 'explosion' in global ...
By Georgetown CNSL
06/25/13: Reuters reports Asian powers are outpacing the United States to become the biggest spenders on defense by 2021 and are fuelling an "explosion" in the global arms trade, a study showed. The global arms trade jumped by 30 ...
Georgetown Security Law Brief

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INTERVIEW: I Want To Go Back To School To Study Law – Tuface ...
Tuface: The day I decided to go public was the day I gave my privacy away. People are going to say different stuff, even when it's not true.

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