Jun 26, 2013

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Immigration law not created equally according to study
There have also been instances where women fall victim to stereotypical gender-based roles, according to the study. This was the case with Elena, a Mexican woman with a college degree and years of work experience who was successful as a banker in her ...
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Ala. Secretary of Law Enforcement finishes probe into roadside surveys
The Republic
MONTOMGERY, Alabama — State officials have completed a probe of traffic stops in Bibb and St. Clair counties in which drivers were asked to provide anonymous blood, breath and saliva samples as part of a study. Alabama Secretary of Law Enforcement, ...
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The Study That Explains Why We Still Need the Voting Rights Act
National Journal
The Study That Explains Why We Still Need the Voting Rights Act. A landmark study cited by Justice Ginsburg is a powerful defense of the law as an instrument for correcting actual cases of discrimination, not just preventing future cases. Tweet ...
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Draft law for waste management okayed
Oman Tribune
Al Ma'awali said the Shura Council will conclude its regular sessions after few days and said its agenda included reports and studies to be discussed and approved, besides the draft law for regularising and privatising the waste management sector.
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Berri sets dates for general session of Parliament
The Daily Star
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri Wednesday scheduled three consecutive legislative sessions for next week to study and approve draft laws put on Parliament's agenda. The sessions – to be held July 1 to July 3 – will be the first since lawmakers extended ...
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Ways to Study the US Supreme Court With The Times
New York Times (blog)
How do the justices interpret the law and the Constitution? What does it mean for a Supreme Court justice to interpret the Constitution "loosely" or "strictly"? Toward which do you think a justice should tend? Why? What is meant by the term "activist ...
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In Keystone boost, US study sees no added risk from Canada oil
But the National Research Council report, an eagerly awaited study that U.S. regulators were ordered to conduct by a 2011 pipeline safety law, said the oil mix flowing through U.S. pipelines for 30 years was no different in wear and tear on pipelines ...
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Obama administration pushes new public health research agenda on gun control
Fox News
Among other things, the NRA argued, the steep drop in American violent crime —about a 46 percent decline between 1994 and 2011— deserves study in the context of the spread of "right-to carry" laws permitting citizens to bear firearms in public. The ...
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Pope sets up Pontifical Commission to study IOR reform
Vatican Radio
These include two US natives, Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon and Monsignor Peter Bryan Wells, of the Vatican Secretariat of State. Presenting the Secretariat of State communique to journalists Wednesday, Holy See press office Director, ...
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Washington, DC Law Firm Finkelstein Thompson LLP Investigates Vanda ...
Fort Mills Times
The design of Vanda's primary Phase III study changed numerous times, including a complete replacement of the primary endpoint just one month before study results were announced. The replacement primary endpoint installed to assess Tasimelteon's ...
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Supreme Court bans Saturday shopping in Tel Aviv
Judge Rubinstein said that he hoped that "an enforcement solution would be found to uphold the law, honor the Sabbath, and the residents of Tel Aviv." The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality said in response, "Tel Aviv-Jaffa will continue to be a free city. We ...
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David Chambers, " Satisfaction in the Practice of Law: Findings from ...
By John Steele
Article. (Does anyone know why Michigan stopped surveying its grads?) Abstract: For forty years beginning in the late 1960s, the University of Michigan Law School conducted annual surveys of its alumni. The project included fifty successive ...
Legal Ethics Forum

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I Will Definitely Go Back To School To Study Law – Tuface Idibia ...
SUI: You once told me that you would like to go back to school to study law, do you still have plans to do that? Tuface: Yes, I want to do that. I can't say when ...
TWL: Help me study (law Q&A)
The bar exams are at the end of July and I'm already in full swing in my study program. But, I thought it would be a fun exercise (potentially) if I got random ...

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