Jun 28, 2013

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NAACP, law enforcement officials discuss study on racial profiling
Live 5 News
"You don't want me to stand up here and tell you that there's no bias going on in law enforcement across the country, and I'm not going to do that, and I don't want you to stand up and say all the police officers across the country are ill-willed and ...
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Same-Sex Couples Still More Likely to be Poor, Study Finds
EDGE Boston
Gay and lesbian couples are more likely to live in poverty than straight couples, even after the recession, according to a new study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. The findings come four years after the institute put out an ...
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Study: Philadelphia Tax Delinquency Exceeds Median Of Other Cities
KYW Newsradio
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In the wake of Philadelphia's new property tax code, Actual Value Initiative (or AVI) becoming law, the Pew Charitable Trusts released a study analyzing Philadelphia's property tax delinquency. It also includes how much the city ...
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GOP Senators Press Sebelius To Back Away From Helping Nonprofit
Kaiser Health News
Meanwhile, the head of the House Republican Study Committee urged the NBA and the NFL not to promote the health care law. The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire: GOP Senators To Sebelius: Stop Helping Nonprofit A group of 28 Republican ...
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Oregon lawmakers may approve study of single-payer health care: Oregon ...
(As an aside, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., played a big role in getting that provision into law.) So he said it makes sense to study an array of options, not just single-payer. Other study goals in the bill including looking at giving consumers a choice ...
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Bill that would study 75-mph highways dies in NC House
News & Observer
The N.C. House didn't want a law allowing posted speeds of 75 miles per hour on some highways. And as it turns out, even studying higher speeds was too much for most members. The House rejected in a 44-64 vote a bill that would have had the state ...
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Trading True Diversity for an Easy 'Race-Neutral' High?
The National Law Journal
President T.S. Painter found him fully qualified to study at U.T., "save and except for the fact that he is a negro." He deserved more. He deserved consideration of his whole background and character, including his burning desire to study law to ...
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Timber bill could pollute drinking water, study warns
Mail Tribune
An environmental group warns that a substantial portion of the drinking water for some 1.5 million Oregonians could be at risk if a proposed bill to create a timber trust on federal forestlands in Western Oregon becomes law. The computerized study by ...
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'No economic basis' for GOP push to curb US reimbursement of enviro legal fees ...
Environment & Energy Publishing
Advertisement. Republican efforts to reform the law allowing environmental groups to recoup legal fees if they win lawsuits against regulatory agencies are misguided and unnecessary, according to a new study from the influential Environmental Law ...
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Cyber security risks on the rise, study reveals
Khaleej Times
In 2012, a new legislation came into force in the UAE codifying the full range of cyber crimes that can be committed and the resulting penalties. The UAE is the first country in the Middle East to implement such a wide-ranging cyber crime law. The law ...
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Stanford law, medical students and undergraduate alumni win Soros Fellowships
Stanford Report
Stanford law, medical students and undergraduate alumni win Soros Fellowships. Each Soros Fellow receives tuition and living expenses that can total as much as $90,000 over two academic years. Soros Fellows can study in any degree-granting program in ...
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Study: Venture-backed companies with immigrant founders contribute to economy
Washington Post
Daniel Costa, director of immigration law and policy research at the Economic Policy Institute, called the connection between expanding the H-1B visa program and entrepreneurship "dubious." "Everyone can agree that policy needs to facilitate attracting ...
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Minnesota likely to avoid states' budget shock from ACA's 'welcome mat' effect
Minnesota Public Radio
State spending on Medicaid programs could rise substantially, even for states that have opted out of the federal health care law's Medicaid expansion, according to a University of Minnesota study. U of M researchers say several factors will encourage ...
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Research provides fresh insights into Egyptian protests and citizen dissent ...
Institute of Development Studies
In her paper Politically Motivated Sexual Assault and the Law in Violent Transitions: A Case Study from Egypt, IDS Fellow Mariz Tadros explains how this form of sexual violence differs from socially motivated sexual harassment and the different ...
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GOP Study Committee Leader Urges NBA, NFL To Not Promote ACA
California Healthline
The partnerships with major sports leagues are part of the Obama administration's strategy to get young, healthy individuals to enroll in the law's health insurance exchanges. Observers note that the participation of healthy young people is key to the ...
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Tuface Idibia To Study Law | IbakaTv Blog
Iconic musician, Tuface idibia a.k.a 2baba in a recent interview, spoke about his intention of still going back to school to study law. When asked if he still nurtures  ...

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