Jul 22, 2013

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California Labor Law Taking the Heat
Tulare County, CA: The intent with most labor law statutes, including California labor law, is to protect the rights and safety of workers regardless of task. To violate those statutes and guidelines is an affront to the law and serves to put innocent ...
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Revised Bangladesh labour law 'falls short' of international standards – UN agency
UN News Centre
"The ILO calls on the Government of Bangladesh to take the further steps necessary to fulfil its obligations under ratified conventions, as well as its commitments on labour law reform made at the Organization's International Labour Conference in June ...
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Labor Law: Discussing Travon Martin and George Zimmerman at work
Richmond Times Dispatch
Every so often a case, news story, or political situation comes along that polarizes us. Frequently, the divide is along racial, gender, religion or national lines. Regardless, this polarization creates the potential for substantial conflict at work ...
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Bill advances that would apply Israeli labor law beyond Green Line
Israel Hayom
Ministerial Committee for Legislation passes bill extending Women's Employment Law to Judea and Samaria • Law regulates maternity leave, overnight shifts, pension issues • If passed in Knesset, it would apply to Palestinian women employed by Israelis.
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Woolies workers win
Harlow Star
It is a well documented process of employment law that redundancy is a fair reason for dismissal. Employers are frequently reminded that where a need arises to made redundancies that they are obliged to follow a fair and process to ensure that they do ...
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bLAWgazine: Employees need to know their rights – so do employers
Huron News Now
Quinn_pp (1)new Quinn Ross is one of eight lawyers at The Ross Firm. Quinn practises in the areas of real estate, corporate/commercial law and estate law. He also has broad experience in criminal, administrative and civil litigation where he has ...
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Unions to fight labour law changes
Unions plan to hold stop-work meetings and are organising a national "day of action" in protest against the government's proposed labour law changes. Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly says the changes will humiliate workers and violate ...
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No plan now to bring EPZs under new labour law
Daily Star Online
The government has no immediate plan to bring the factories in export processing zones under the purview of the amended labour law, meaning workers in such zones will be barred from trade unionism for now. "The EPZs are being run as per the EPZ Act, ...
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Labour stands up for workers - Fenton
Today's new campaign from the Council of Trade Unions is just the beginning of the opposition to National's changes to employment law, says Darien Fenton, Labour spokesperson for labour Issues. "The Employment Relations Amendment Bill before ...
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Company failed to accommodate transgendered employee
Hamilton Spectator
When this matter ended up at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, it noted that the Ontario Human Rights Code protects workers from discrimination and harassment and requires substantively equal treatment of employees. It further noted that: "As is well ...
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Fairness at work: All employees deserve protection from bias
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Although federal law bans employment discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, age and disability, it does not prohibit bias due to sexual orientation or gender identity. Some states have laws that provide such protection, but Pennsylvania is ...
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Did Stronger Age Bias Laws Aid Older Workers?
AARP News (blog)
Researchers examined how older employees fared during and after the recession in states that had the toughest age discrimination laws — stronger, even, than federal law. It turns out that those tougher state laws only seemed to work in a normal ...
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Employment changes will hurt workers - CTU
Radio New Zealand
The Council of Trade Unions says a move by the Government to alter employment laws will drive wages down and strip workers of their rights. The council has launched a campaign in Auckland to protest against proposed changes to the Employment ...
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New Law Firm, Stuart Kane LLP, Established in Newport Beach
Marketwire (press release)
They're joined by seven other highly experienced attorneys: Josh Grushkin, Robert Wallace and Javier Gutierrez, who specialize in real estate law; Bruce May, who focuses on employment law and litigation; and Don Hamman, Peter Wucetich and Eve ...
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Dispatches From the Whistleblower Front: Five Common Pitfalls For Companies ...
Bloomberg Law
Dodd-Frank mandates that the rights and remedies available to whistleblowers and reporting employees may not be waived by "any agreement, policy form, or condition of employment."3 That statutory directive is reinforced by SEC Rule 21F-17(a) which ...
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Leave of absence questions: HR seeks help with FMLA
More than any other issue, our subscribers and HR people in general say that the Family and Medical Leave Act causes them problems. Is it because the law is so complex? Is it because some employees are prone to abuse it? A little of both, no doubt—and ...
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Home >&nbspUniversity of Texas At El Paso v. Ochoa
Texas Lawyer
The university did not exercise the requisite control over the plaintiff's employment so as to create an employment relationship with the plaintiff under the hybrid economic realities/common law control test. Because there is evidence in the record ...
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Life After Downton: Domestic Service In The Modern Era
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
Many of these domestic workers may not have written contracts, but this does not mean that the staff are not protected by employment law. If you employ domestic staff you need to be aware, among other things, of how the rules on working time and the ...
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Tim Lyons Paper to the 21st Labour Law Conference, Workplace Research ...
ACTU (press release)
The organisers have done the right thing by us with this topic, not least because it allows me, in front of such an informed audience, to eschew recitation of the ACTU view of the granular specifics of labour law as it stands. I can do that in my sleep ...
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Keeping Emotions Under Control is Vital When Dealing With Employment ...
PR Web (press release)
Understanding the emotions that are likely to be swirling during employment disputes is an important part of resolving them in the least damaging way possible, according to employment law expert Robert McCreath. McCreath made the comments in a new ...
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Thousands of submissions expected on Bill
Otago Daily Times
Dunedin businessman Grant McLauchlan is heartened by the support he has received nationally from businesspeople also opposed to planned changes to the Government's employment law. Earlier this month, Mr McLauchlan, the managing director of Crest ...
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Tea breaks under threat — CTU
3News NZ
The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) is launching a major campaign today opposing the Government's "massive" employment law changes, which it says will see workers' pay packets cut and tea breaks lost. The Employment Relations Amendment Bill, ...
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New Jersey Supreme Court Clarifies Employee "Protected Activity"
The National Law Review
United Parcel Service, Inc., providing guidance as to what employee conduct constitutes "protected activity" under the antiretaliation provisions of two key state laws—the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) and the Conscientious Employee ...
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Labour stands up for workers
Scoop.co.nz (press release)
Labour stands up for workers. Today's new campaign from the Council of Trade Unions is just the beginning of the opposition to National's changes to employment law, says Darien Fenton, Labour spokesperson for labour Issues. "The Employment Relations ...
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PLS Solicitors eye expansion
Greater Manchester-based law firm, PLS Solicitors, has announced plans to expand the firm with more employees and a new premises in South Manchester. The law firm, which was established in 2008 by Robert Thomas and Aashim Dhand, recently outgrew ...
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Union wins action for ZSL London Zoo catering workers
Workplace Law Network (subscription)
"Sometimes employers breach existing employment law for the sake of expediency, and this can have a dramatic effect on the contractual rights of the staff on whom they depend. Fortunately in this case a sensible view was taken, agreement reached all ...
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States push to provide some ex-felons a second chance
Four other states and 51 municipalities have already passed similar measures for hiring public employees, according to the National Employment Law Project. Ban the Box bills are now being considered in New Jersey and California, which passed an ...
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Mandatory EEOC survey sent to employers
Business Insurance
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Monday it has completed its mailing of an employment survey that all private employers with 100 or more workers, as well as certain smaller federal contractors, are required by federal law to fill out.
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Relations strained
But the union contends Riley's actions are illegal and filed an unfair labor practice complaint last week with the state Labor Relations Board, alleging he violated state labor law by failing to bargain in good faith. This is the third complaint filed ...
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Actually Useful Studies About The Value Of Going To Law School
Above the Law
Prospective law students are looking at a shifting market for legal employment, and they are dealing with skyrocketing tuition. Are there any studies that are looking at the economic value for them? In fact, there are… and while the outlook doesn't ...
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Misguided views erode rights of 'old' Australians
The Canberra Times
"We know statistically discrimination occurs mostly in employment - and employment is the key factor in protecting other human rights - a wage allows accommodation etc." Professor Rice is chairing the ACT Law Reform Advisory Council as it reviews the ...
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Gay rights groups change their focus
Morning Sentinel
It's also one of 20 states with anti-employment discrimination laws that encompass sexual orientation, according to Nolo, an online legal publishing company. "We had to get legal protections in place and do education to get legal protections put in ...
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Super Lawyers Recognizes 8 Dorsey Lawyers in Palo Alto
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com
The Palo Alto office includes specialists in multiple practice areas, including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, corporate law, fund formation, business and commercial litigation, labor and employment, life sciences and healthcare, medical ...
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TenantScreeningUSA.com Highly Recommends Landlords and Property ...
Watch List News (press release)
On June 11, 2013 the Equal Employment Opportunity Council took legal action against BMW and Dollar General for utilizing illegal background screening policies and, subsequently, denying employment to individuals based upon those actions.
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Defending the invisible: human rights and age discrimination
ABC Online
Relating to French law, I found the following age discrimination information: "Since January 1st of 2010, any company which has more than 50 employees or which belongs to a group of companies employing more than 50 employees, and which are not ...
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Wal-Mart's 'Invisible Army' of Lobbyists
Huffington Post
prevailing wage rates... health and other insurance costs and adoption of new or revised employment and labor laws and regulations; All of our suppliers must comply with applicable laws, including labor, safety and environmental laws... the ...
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Baker & McKenzie, Bracewell, Simpson: Business of Law
Axiom Law, which has 1,000 employees in 11 offices, isn't a legal process outsourcer, claims its founder and CEO Mark Harris. But it's also not a law firm, he says. Yet it's been solely responsible for the legal work on more than 10 M&A transactions ...
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Kuwait Law: The Labor Law Post - 2:48AM
By Fajer Ahmed
The majority of the emails I get are regarding employment rights or should I say the lack of. I completely understand why I am getting all these questions. I am personally tired of how every time I walk into a store and ask an employee how long ...

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Employment Law - De Cárdenas Law Group
EMPLOYMENT LAW. The De Cárdenas Law Group has extensive experience in counseling employers through the daily nuances of California labor and ...
What Is Employment Law? - Cool and Creative News
Employment law covers a wide range of legal topics and issues. It involves your ... As a worker in New York City, you are afforded many specific employee rights.

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