Jul 8, 2013

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Judges query employment law changes
NZ City
Labour Minister Simon Bridges, a former Crown prosecutor, introduced the proposed changes to the ERA as part of broader changes to employment law in a bid for speedier resolutions and more private settlements before a binding written resolution.
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Leaders sceptical of labour law's int'l standard on amendment
Financial Express Bangladesh
A number of national and international-level labour leaders are in doubts about whether the proposed amendments to the labour law in Bangladesh would be of an internationally accepted standard one or not, in terms of the provisions of the International ...
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Committee formed to review Labour Law 2006
The government has constituted a special committee to review Labour Law 2006 without setting any timeframe to finalise its evaluation. In an order dated July 3, the 11-member committee, led by the Minister of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment ...
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Blind lawyer carves niche practicing employment discrimination law
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Choosing employment rights as his area of service was a natural fit, his fiancee said. "Paul really feels strongly about trying to level the playing field for employees, disabled or not," Ms. Miller said. "He wants people to be aware of their rights in ...
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France Enacts the Labor Law Reform Act
The National Law Review
On June 14, France's law for labor market reform (referred to as the "Law for the security of employment" or "Loi de Sécurisation de l'Emploi") was enacted. This reform comes on the heels of a nationwide agreement entered into on January 11, 2013 ...
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Labor Law: Affirmative action and employers
Richmond Times Dispatch
The US Supreme Court recently ruled on an important case involving affirmative action in school admissions. This decision, and the rhetoric around the analysis by the court, could leave employers wondering about the current laws around affirmative ...
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Vague contract wording no benefit to employers
Canadian HR Reporter (blog)
Without a specific termination clause, an employer could be on the hook not only for the employment standards minimums, but also common law notice, which can be a lot more based on factors such as the employee's age, length of service, position and the ...
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Summary: Amendments to Environmental Protection Law Overhauled, Contract ...
Economic Observer
Currently the regulations state that companies should not hire more than 10 percent of the total number of employees through such outsourcing labor firms, which is consistent with the requirements included in the newly amended Labor Contract Law (劳动 ...
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Is Obesity a Disability?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The question is an important one in employment law. If it is, then obesity is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. That, in turn, means that obese people are afforded legal protection against discrimination based on their weight, and a sharp ...
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Faces and places : Law firm recognized for growth
Macon Telegraph (blog)
... awoolen@macon.com. National labor and employment law firm Constangy, Brooks & Smith LLP, with an office in Macon, was selected to the National Law Journal 350, the publication's ranking of the nation's largest law firms in terms of attorney head count.
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Estrada junks calls to amend Kasambahay law
Business Mirror
Estrada wondered aloud why the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) wanted the law amended when it was consulted on the measure and had supported its passage. "First of all, there's no need to amend it right now. Let's give the Kasambahay ...
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San Jose minimum wage increases to $10 per hour
Business Management Daily
by The HR Specialist: California Employment Law on July 7, 2013 6:00pm in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources. The San Jose Minimum Wage Ordinance, which took effect on March 11, raised the minimum wage for "covered employees" to $10 ...
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State Can Secretly Track Employees Using GPS
Lawyers.com Blog (blog)
The New York Court of Appeals on June 27 held that while the state's round-the-clock surveillance of an employee, via a GPS device attached to his car, was unreasonable, using GPS to track employees during business hours is perfectly legit. Ironically ...
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Employment attorney: delay helps, but federal health insurance rules remain ...
WFIR News Talk Radio
A Roanoke attorney who specializes in employment law says companies should not delay preparing for the Affordable Care Act, even if a key provision in it is now postponed for a year. Many companies will be required to provide health insurance coverage ...
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The Promising Era For Unionization In Turkey
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
Individual labor law regulates the relationship between the employee and the employer, the legal framework of its establishment and termination. Collective labor law, on the other hand, is concerned with the relationship between employee, employer and ...
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Business Forum: A heads-up for HR on gay marriage laws
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Employers in that situation may choose to cover all same-sex married couples in their benefits, or may possibly exclude same-sex married couples based on the law of the state where the employee lives. Federal agencies will provide further guidance in ...
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Streamlined ERA process raises 'substantial risk of error'
New Zealand Herald
Employment law practitioners and their clients typically aren't confident in oral decisions, and a short period to allow for a written judgment "enhances confidence in the process, and reduces appeals," the submission said. Labour Minister Simon ...
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Failing to pay workers on time may cost you a big penalty
Business Management Daily
by The HR Specialist: Minnesota Employment Law on July 7, 2013 12:00pm in Compensation and Benefits,Firing,Human Resources. In Minnesota, employees are supposed to be paid promptly and receive an accounting of their time worked. Failure to ...
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Document all internal bias complaints to head off possible retaliation lawsuits
Business Management Daily
by The HR Specialist: Pennsylvania Employment Law on July 8, 2013 8:00am in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources. Employees who go to HR or the EEOC with a discrimination complaint engage in what's called protected activity. Even if their ...
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Substance abuse poses workplace challenge
It is important for employers to take a proactive approach to substance abuse to safeguard their businesses and reduce legal risk. There is also clearly a need to balance the rights of the impaired employee with the best interests of the company and ...
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Dishonouring a cheque is a criminal offence
Khaleej Times
It is assumed that your employment is governed by the provisions of the Federal Law No 8 of 1980 on Labour Regulations (the Labour Law). According to various provisions of the Labour Law, the quantum of end-of-service benefits for an employee may vary, ...
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Firing for Drinking at Middle-School Dance Not Malicious; Workers Can't Sue ...
Bloomberg Law
The court decided that Harrison's discharge of the three city employees could not be considered "malicious" under state law. Under Section 2744.03(A)(6), the court said, an employee of a political subdivision is entitled to immunity from liability for ...
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How Will Fisher Impact Employers?
National Review Online (blog)
There's a good discussion here by an employment-law expert of the Supreme Court's decision in Fisher v. University of Texas and the issue of employment discrimination. The bottom line: "the law simply abhors preferences, quotas and hiring less ...
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Switzerland Unveils Alternative To 'Lex USA'
"As was the case in the urgent federal act, the personal rights of potentially affected employees and third parties must be taken into account by the obligation to provide information and the right to information. For current and former employees ...
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For Millions of Workers, Getting Sick Doesn't Pay
Supporters of such a law point to studies showing positive results from such regulations. A report on San Francisco's program said employment rose in the city after the law's implementation faster than in neighboring areas without the law. San ...
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Immigration, Opportunity and the American Ideal
Immigration reform is primarily about respect -- for the dignity of human beings and for the rule of law. Reform should legalize work, reduce incentives for illegal employment, and raise the prospects for advancement of millions of people who lack ...
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The ENDA is Near: The Top Five Religious Right Claims About the Employment ...
People For the American Way (press release)
Because ENDA is common-sense civil rights legislation that would expand federal employment protections against discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity, the Right cannot gain much traction by opposing ENDA on its merits. Instead ...
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Finally Some Good News About Obamacare
Southern Political Report
With the law stipulating that a full time employee is counted as working a 30 hour week as opposed to the general business practice of 35, many businesses have been hiring more part time workers. Small businesses wanting to expand but attempting to ...
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UPEI Professor Wins Again at Human Rights Hearing
Oye! Times
The Panel, in their decision, reduced the award by 10% to partially allow the claim by UPEI lawyer Murray Murphy that Nilsson did not look for enough substitute employment after his forced retirement. UPEI's mandatory retirement policy was held to be ...
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UWL decides to stage protest against TMA Rawal Town
International News Network
"Legislations has been already done in Punjab Assembly in this regard to provide employment to the children of late employees in TMA, it is completely according to law" representatives of the UWL said this while talking to media. "17 applications for ...
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Withers, Baker & McKenzie, Milbank: Business of Law
"Ellen and Sean will add a new dimension to our existing tax and employment teams, and the advice we provide our clients," Baker & McKenzie national managing Partner Chris Freeland said in a statement. Baker & McKenzie has more than 4,000 lawyers at ...
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Broughton seeks Board of Education vote to remove Yennie
Kingsport Times News
BLOUNTVILLE — Sullivan County Board of Education member Todd Broughton has requested a BOE vote on terminating Director of Schools Jubal Yennie's employment if he declines to resign. But because of Tennessee law and the board's normal review ...
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SMBs hit in pocket by payroll changes
According to the Forum of Private Business (FPB), the average SMB is shelling out 8.5 per cent more on compliance costs, such as tax and employment laws, than in 2011. The FPB fingered the recent introduction of HMRC's real-time information (RTI ...
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Westville native named CAO for Kings County
NG News
MacEwan has expertise in the areas of financial administration, including budget preparation and revenue forecasting; contract review and negotiations, labour law, employment law, tendering, human rights issues, occupational health and safety, workers ...
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On the Docket Pittsburgh: 7/8/13
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Jeffrey R. Hunt, in business and corporate law, counsels clients regarding general corporate matters, including formation and operational issues, shareholder matters, employment issues, mergers and acquisitions, and creditors rights. Brian T. Lindauer ...
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The Evaporating Trust in American Legal Education
By mrick101
Many were shocked to learn that law schools were not upfront with what they knew about post-graduation employment outcomes. The focus of early conversations, accordingly, was shedding light on how the American Bar Association's ...
Law Review Bulletin

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Safety & Labor Law Posters | Safety Services Company
With our efficient and affordable labor law poster service, you can cover both your Federal and State requirements for one low annual fee.
Employment Law Outlook - Summer 2013 - Willcox & Savage, P.C.
Employment LAw Archives | KGS Law
First of all employers of 15 or more employees should already be well aware that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act gives employees the right to sue if they ...

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