Jul 14, 2013

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Avoiding the Funk...Overcoming Job Search Fatigue-Syndrome
The National Law Review
So while the tips in this blog can be useful anytime the career funk sets in, this blog is for those persistent, noble, red-eyed, weary warriors of the legal job search who have had to weather weeks, months and, in some instances, at least a year of ...
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Engineers, law degree holders join police force
Business Standard
Gupta and 10 other highly qualified people, including a woman, are ready to take up the challenges of a police officer's job after leaving their comfortable and lucrative careers in fields like engineering, law and business management. They are all in ...
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Five career education scams to avoid
U-T San Diego
Federal and state law enforcement and regulatory agencies are strengthening efforts to address consumer-related fraud, including career education scams targeting vulnerable populations, such as the unemployed. "The schemes we are combating are as ...
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Ten Facts About Gerald Ford
Ford's law career didn't last long. Less than a year after he hung out his shingle, Pearl Harbor was attacked. The young lawyer joined the U.S. Navy and served in the Pacific Theater, where he narrowly escaped death during a typhoon that capsized other ...
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Employers take to social media for recruiting
Grand Forks Herald
... the Minnesota State Patrol decided to go beyond the traditional help wanted ad. The law enforcement agency flooded social media with calls for candidates. By: Brandi Jewett, Grand Forks Herald ... Digital approaches such as this are being used by ...
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Many students debate the value of unpaid internships
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"I have heard employers say that they just love their unpaid interns because they see them as free employees," said Charles Lamberton, president of the Pittsburgh-based Lamberton law firm who represents plaintiffs in employment disputes and other civil ...
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Resignation the preferred path for some officers
Canton Repository
There's a saying that termination is the death penalty of employment law. For that reason, some public employers ask embattled law enforcement officers to resign so they have a second chance in the profession. In exchange, municipalities are spared the ...
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No Six-Figure Pay, but Making a Difference
New York Times
Mr. Yang said that this generation of graduates was starting to look at alternative career paths, having witnessed many traditional industries, like finance and law, contracting over the last few years. "These are young people who have come of age in ...
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Dearborn Student Trains With Michigan State Police
Between wake-up at 5 a.m. and lights-out at 10 p.m., the students learned about traffic and criminal law, defensive tactics, firearms and marksmanship fundamentals, first-aid, water safety, narcotics, search and seizure, patrol tactics, law enforcement ...
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Prosecutor: Career loss punishment enough for Clarksburg police officers
Charleston Gazette
Both resigned Monday after making a deal with federal prosecutors never to serve as law enforcement officials again. On April 2, Clarksburg police were called to Clarksburg City Councilman Sam "Zeke" Lopez's home, where his wife claimed Lopez pinned ...
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What's next for George Zimmerman?
It's doubtful that Zimmerman would be able to return to his pursuit of a career in law enforcement. He was enrolled in Seminole State College at the time of the February 26, 2012, shooting. Zimmerman — who is married but has no children — may choose ...
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State Senate recognizes contributions of 'Slick' Seal
The Daily News
Ben Nevers, highlights Seal's law enforcement career, beginning with his 1950 appointment by Gov. Earl K. Long to serve as the first marshal in the village of Varnado. His career continued from 1954 to 1979, when he worked with the Louisiana Department ...
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Creighton denies her political career is over
Irish Times
The qualified barrister also dismissed speculation that she would pursue a career in law. "I really loved the Law Library but I'm just not sure that I want to go back rather than go forward." Sat, Jul 13, 2013, 12:16. First published: Sat, Jul 13, 2013 ...
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